JEST and Israel Musicals Present THE KING AND I, 5/12-21

April 30
11:11 AM 2013
JEST and Israel Musicals Present THE KING AND I, 5/12-21

It's a clash of Titans when the headstrong English schoolteacher takes on the headstrong autocratic King of Siam. Meet the children who changed an empire. Meet the young lovers who can only "kiss in a shadow".

Take a heartwarming musical journey to 1860s Siam.

The King and I features folk star Sandy Cash (see as Anna, Zvi Goldfeld as The King, 13 talented kids as the Royal Princes and Princesses, and with special appearance by soprano Shani Wahrman as Tuptim. Also features Malka Abrahams as Lady Thiang, Marvin Meital as the Kralahome, and Alon Aviv as Lun Tha.

The live musical ensemble is conducted by Amy Bart. Assaf Berznitsky choreographed and Yisrael Lutnick directed the performance. This landmark JEST-Israel Musicals collaboration was co-produced by Rachel Keene.

Tickets are 120 NIS on show days, 100 NIS seniors and advanced sale (book now!) and 75 NIS for children/full time students and soldiers.
You can call 077-450-6012 for tickets, or you can book them yourself online at .

May 12th, 8PM, Gerard Behar Ctr, Jerusalem:
May 13th, 6PM, Gerard Behar Ctr, Jerusalem:
May 16th, 5:30PM, Heichal Hatarbut, Modiin:, or call 08-973-7333.
May 20th, 8PM, Gerard Behar Ctr, Jerusalem:
May 21st, 5:00PM, Gerard Behar Ctr, Jerusalem:
May 21st, 8:30PM, Gerard Behar Ctr, Jerusalem:

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