The National Centre for the Performing Arts Announces Summer Plays and Workshops

The National Centre for the Performing Arts Announces Summer Plays and Workshops

The vacations are just around the corner and parents don't have to fret about keeping their children occupied any more, as The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) Mumbai, India's premier arts and culture institution provides the perfect solution. NCPA Summer Fiesta - the inventive festival to keep the kids engaged and enthused, now in its fifth edition, starts on 2nd May 2014 and goes on till 1st June 2014.

Summer is a great time for kids to indulge in recreational activities that stimulate their mind and body, keeping them mentally engaged and physically active. Over the years, children have enjoyed a series of plays and films picked for them, as well as a range of engaging workshops in acting, theatre, creative writing, music, dance, origami and a lot more.

This year the Fiesta brings in an eclectic selection of 33 workshops and a fine repertoire of 12 plays for children aged between 4-18 years. The programme will embrace a brand new variety of diverse art forms such as martial arts, music, creative writing and creating comics apart from core focus on theatre and dance.

For the first time at NCPA summer fiesta, Shiamak Davar's group comes on board with three fantastic dance workshops for children of all ages. To make the fiesta special, a grand finale on June 1 in which hand-picked participants from various workshops will display their handiwork, perform short plays and bring the month-long festival to a close with a dance show choreographed by Shiamak Davar's group.

Ms. Deepa Gahlot, Head - Programming (Theatre and Film), NCPA said "The kids hold a very special place for all of us here at NCPA as we are dependent on them to keep the arts alive. Like every year we are happy to announce Summer Fiesta 2014. Attending The Summer Fiesta is a wonderful opportunity for kids to keep their minds and bodies occupied. Kids get to learn about performing arts, take on new responsibilities, gain independence, and develop essential social skills and new relationships. We encourage parents to enroll their little ones so the child can benefit from the experience."

As a preview to the upcoming fiesta, NCPA hosted the Summer Fiesta Extravaganza on 11th April. It was an open event for parents and children alike, to catch a glimpse of what is in store this season. Theatre groups performedsnippets of the plays they are staging during this festival and workshop conductors presented a demo of their art. All this was tied up with a grand cutting of the scrumptious Summer Fiesta 2014 cake!

Some workshops being offered include Fun with Shakespeare, Acting Shmacting, Stage Fright, Kalaripayattu, Shiamak Dance Workshop, Create your own Comics, and Explore Indian Music. Some plays include Little Red Riding Hood: English Play, Hansel and Gretel: English Play, and Rang Rangila Gittu Girgit: Hindi Play.

To register for workshops contact 662238034/ 9920899458.

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