NCPA Mumbai to Host ANANDA - HINDI NATYA UTSAV 2013, May 3-5


In Mumbai, Hindi theatre has evolved and developed some of the best talents found in the arts- from the socially relevant theatre of PrithviRaj Kapoor and the Indian People's Theatre Association (IPTA) and the memorable writings of Mohan Rakesh and Dharmvir Bharti, to the experimental works of Satyadev Dubey and Sunil Shanbag. Over the last 35 years, groups like Ank, Yatri, Ekjute, Ansh, Aaranya, Aarambh, have been working consistently to nurture Hindi theatre in the face of overpowering odds; namely Bollywood, satellite television and other mediums of popular culture. In light of all this, The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) Mumbai, India's premiere arts and culture institution will host the third edition of its annual theatre festival Ananda - Hindi Natya Utsav 2013 from May 3 to 5.

With Ananda, a word which denotes happiness, the NCPA continues its efforts in service of the promotion of the performing arts. This year, the festival presents a selection of new, fresh and unique in form, style and content.

Opening with a play from Hyderabad - Quli-Dilon Ka Shahzaada, Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation, presents love-legend of the founder of Hyderabad, Poet-Prince Quli Qutub Shah and his danseuse, beloved Bhagmati in an interesting structure, choreographed shadow play, live qawwali with nazms and verses written by Prince Quli Qutub Shah himself in Urdu-Persian, period sets and costumes. Nadira Babbar's (Ekjute Productions) Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan is about a bunch of young people who come to Mumbai to try their fortune in films and Ank's Mitro Marjani, a fiery dramatization of Krishna Sobti's classic novel, directed by Devendra Ankur forms the fine trilogy of plays. Featuring three very different themes, from a timeless love story from Indian history to Mumbai, the city of dreams to a story of a revolutionary Punjabi woman, Ananda is indeed, as the name suggests a reason for joy, a taste of pleasure.

Ms. Deepa Gahlot, Head - Programming (Theatre and Film), NCPA, says, "The festival is a platform for original works. The idea is to be a catalyst and start something new for our audiences in keeping with the NCPA's role as a prime theatre destination in the city."

Quli-Dilon Ka Shahzaada

Experimental Theatre

May 3, 5 & 7 pm

Production: Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation, Hyderabad.

Conceived & Directed by: Mohammad Ali Baig

Designed by: M. S. Sathyu

Music Composed by: Kaarthik Illaiyaraja

Cast: Mohammad Ali Baig, Noor and live Qawwals of the traditional Warsi and Gwalior gharanas.

Based on the love-legend of the founder of Hyderabad, Poet-Prince Quli Qutub Shah and his danseuse beloved Bhagmati, this heritage production is a tale of two artistes, from diverse origins and cultures and how their feelings for each other transform and gave birth to a city and a distinct identity to its people. A tale of pure, unconditional love for each other and for their riyaaya (people in their kingdom). These characters, though historical, could be two individuals of today... timeless, universal. Their love, like theatre, transcends barriers and boundaries-- geographical, religious and cultural. The production has an interesting structure; a dialogue between Quli and Bhagmati, choreographed shadow play, live qawwali with nazms and verses written by Prince Quli Qutub Shah himself in Urdu/Persian, period sets and costumes.

Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan

Experimental Theatre

May 4, 7 pm

Production: Ekjute

Written & Directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar

Cast: Hanif Patni, Mithilesh Singh, Rajeev Singh, Neha Sheikh, Manav Pande, Manali Rodhan and others

Two young people come to Mumbai to try their fortune in films, and go through the highs and lows, comedy and tragedy, dreams and nightmares of all those who embark on a journey without knowing where it will lead.

Mitro Marjani

Experimental Theatre

May 5, 7 pm

Cast: Preeta Mathur Thakur, Aman Gupta, Satyajit Sharma, Vijay Kumar, Atul Mathur, Anju Jatley, Rashi Singh, Rohit Choudhary, Keeya Khanna, Kanika Dang, Madhu Shrivastav

Shattering the image of the revolutionary and ideal-upholding women characters of great literature, Mitro is our controversial heroine of true Punjabi soil, embodied with love, grit, passion & fertility, unafraid to air her carnal desires in the face of conventional religion & society......yet...desperately seeking a...fulfillment.

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