BWW Previews: GAJAB KAHANI at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

BWW Previews: GAJAB KAHANI  at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Next time, a westerner asks an Indian if you still have elephants on your roads, don't be offended. Instead just say that our Indian elephants are now traversing the landscapes of Europe, albeit in a theatre format.

If you are wondering, what we re talking about, then well, this is the interesting plot of a soon to be showcased play titled Gajab Kahani. The play, which tells an emotionally scintillating story of an Indian elephant and his mahout travelling across Europe will be staged for a run of 10, shows May 20th onwards in Mumbai.

An incredible tale of humanity and perseverance, the play is based on the novel titled 'The Elephant's Journey,' by Nobel laureate late José de Sousa Saramago.

The story that is set in the year 1551 is about a riveting journey an Indian elephant and its mahout embark and travel through Europe.

Another striking thing about the play would be that it will shown in a black box format which allows the audiences a ringside view of the unfolding on the stage.

Says Aadyam artistic director Divya Bhatia, who's bringing the play on stage says, "The charm of Gajab Kahani's story is best experienced up close. The black box format shifts you from being a spectator (as the spectacle dissolves) to someone who can soak in the proceedings on stage, placing you firmly in the 'drama'. In a proscenium format, a good story will unfold in front of you; in the black box, the story grows on you."

Apart from marvellous theatrical experience the play also promises to be a well-drafted tale told in an endearing fashion. It uses the physical journey of the elephant as a metaphor for emotional phases in life.

The vibrancy of two different cultures is also brought about as an elephant traverses to Europe. Says director Mohit Takalkar, "It is a play about an Indian elephant in a foreign land. We didn't need to adapt it to Indian sensibilities; since the main character-the elephant-is from India, the audience can certainly relate to it. It is a story with warmth, with a great deal of humour and some level of insight into the workings of us human beings while personifying the literal elephant in the room."


Gajab Kahan


Aasakta Pune

Venue - G5A, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Dates - May 20th, Saturday - 7 PM (Invitee Show) / May 21st, Sunday - 4 PM & 7:30 PM

May 24th, Wednesday / May 25th, Thursday /May 26th, Friday - 7 PM

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