World Premiere of VIRAL INFECTION Comes to Obsidian Arts Space, 2/7-2/23

World Premiere of VIRAL INFECTION Comes to Obsidian Arts Space, 2/7-2/23

When one of the richest men in the world contracts a strange virus that causes him to slip in and out of consciousness, everyone goes to great lengths to find the cure - including calling in two ofthe worst doctors in the world. This over-the-top, absurdist comedy will leave you in stitches as the mayhem spills over the stage...and eventually, beyond...

For reservations:
Ticket Prices: $15/$12 for students with a valid ID at the door
Purchase tickets online by going to or our

Don't stay at home alone on Valentine's Day! Come see the insanity that is Viral Infection -
complete with pre and post show treats, wine and other little surprises!

Cone Man Running Productions seeks to challenge the playwrights, directors and actors while
enticing audiences with not only traditional theatre productions, but with unique and innovative
theatrical projects like the Spontaneous Smattering and the Pass and Go.

They sincerely hope you join them in their journey as they continue to try to keep ahead of the
cone man and not look back!

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