SIXTY MILES TO SILVER LAKE, HUSBAND FIXIN 101 and More Set for Theater LaB Houston's 2014 Spring Season

SIXTY MILES TO SILVER LAKE, HUSBAND FIXIN 101 and More Set for Theater LaB Houston's 2014 Spring Season

Theater LaB Houston concludes its 21st Season of staging the BEST in contemporary theater with the Regional Premieres of Dan LeFranc's family drama - Sixty Miles to Silver Lake and the World Premiere of a new musical created and performed by Houston favorites Julia Kay Laskowski and Patti Rabazza. Also scheduled an Exclusive Engagement - the return of Steven Fales' performing Prodigal Dad the final chapter in his Mormon Boy Trilogy.

The search for a new and intimate venue that complements TLH's home of twenty years at 1706 Alamo has been found at Obsidian Art Space (OAS) located at 3522 White Oak Blvd. Houston, Texas 77007. These productions will be staged at OAS.

The 2013-14 TLH Season Subscription Series concludes:

Regional Premiere

Sixty Miles to Silver Lake

by Dan LeFranc

directed by Linda Phenix with John Dunn and Jacob Perkel

A moving car. A father and son. The father drives. The son's face is pressed against the rolled up window.

A lifetime can pass in the sixty miles between a boy's soccer practice and his father's new apartment. In this moving play about family relationships, we see just how much time and space can exist between the pleather seats of a father's used car.

Time marches onward (and jumps backward) in this painfully honest play about the fragile relationship between a divorced dad and the son he picks up every Saturday after soccer practice and drives to his home for the weekend.

Sixty Miles to Silver Lake follows the relationship between one such soccer-playing kid and his father. The kid, Denny, lives with his mother during the week and his dad, Ky, on the weekends. Ky picks Denny up every Saturday after his morning soccer game, and on the sixty mile trip to Ky's home, the two spend a uniquely uninterrupted period of time together. What appears, initially, to be a play chronically just one of those car rides, LeFranc ingeniously spins into a composite of all of the car rides Ky and Denny have on the way to Silver Lake over dozens of years of their lives. With utmost subtlety, LeFranc reveals the way these two men change and grow during their years of soccer playing and chauffeuring, and the ins and outs of this example of the deep but delicate bond between father and son.

Press & Opening Night, Wednesday, March 26th 2014 at 8pm.

Thursday, March 27th at 8pm

Friday, March 28th at 8pm

Saturday, March 29th at 5pm and 8pm

Sunday, March 30th at 3pm

A World Premiere

Husband Fixin 101

Created and performed by Julia Kay Laskowski and Patti Rabazza

On the Piano - Daryl Banner

Directed and Choreographed by Michael Tapley

They're back!!! Mavis Applebee (Julia Kay Laskowski) and Myrtle M Gillicurdle (Patti Rabazza) are back by popular demand to solve (or possibly make worse) all of your problems in one blowout seminar, Husband Fixin 101, tackling life's big issues like picking up towels off the bathroom floor, back seat driving, that weird noise he makes when he eats and much, much more. Freud, Jung, Dr. Phil, STEP ASIDE!!! Watch and learn as these two hilarious and ingenious singing gals fix all your male relationship issues and help to transform lives!

This new original musical, written exclusively for Theater LaB Houston and featuring the return of Julia Kay Laskowski (Mavis) and Patti Rabaza (Myrtle) as the two dysfunctional "love advisors" who go so wrong with their special brand of therapeutic know-how follow up their previous TLH sold-out productions - Country Gravy & Other Obsessions and Home for the Dysfunctional Family Holidays. The girls are back with another musical of terrific singing, original music and outrageous comedy and adult entertainment!

Press & Opening Night, Wednesday, April 2nd 2014 at 8pm.

Thursday, April 3rd at 8pm

Friday, April 4th at 8pm

Saturday, April 5th at 5pm and 8pm

Sunday, April 6th at 3pm

This production is NOT part of the above season events.

The Regional Premiere of an exclusive Houston Engagement for 3 performances.

Opening Night, Friday, April 11th 2014 at 8pm and Saturday, April 12th at 4pm and 8pm.

Prodigal Dad

Written and Performed by Steven Fales

Regional Premiere

Steven Fales returns to perform the final chapter in his acclaimed Mormon Boy Trilogy - Prodigal Dad. Following his sold-out engagements in 2011 Confessions of a Mormon Boy and 2012 Missionary Position here at TLH, this final chapter follows Fales as he fights for his life and rights as a father in Utah and as he seeks answers from his Greco-Mormon heritage, he comes face to face with his own demons and his greatest nemesis, shattering family myths and secrets in an underworld where bipolar ghosts and mortals collide. Please note all three parts are their own separate theatrical production and do not have to be seen as a continuous trilogy.

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