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BWW Blog: Kaci Pelias - Twitterin' in the Theatre
by Kaci Pelias - April 30, 2016

I wake up to sunlight streaming in my window and birds singing "Opening Up" from Waitress.  There's a delightfully positive mood in the air that signals that something amazing is about to happen.  I check my phone and… (more...)

BWW Blog: Jennifer Weber - Release Your Imagination: HARVEY Review
by Jennifer Weber - April 29, 2016

At a normal social gathering your sister is having you would thing you would be allowed to bring a guest. Now, what if that guest is an imaginary six-and-a-half-tall rabbit? Well that's the case in 'Harvey,' which is currently playing at Elgin Community College (ECC). Elwood P. Dowd (Nathan Mann) insist on having his rabbit Harvey at all of his sister's social gatherings, but when Elwood's sister Veta Louis Simon (Alissa Teadt) and her daughter Myrtle Mae (Karen Almanza) decide to have Elwood committed to a sanitarium (mental institution) some interruptions occur along the way.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Jeff Blumenkrantz - BRIGHT STAR Pre Show Rituals
by Jeff Blumenkrantz - April 29, 2016

This week, I put out a request for questions for me and the Bright Star cast.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Maty Cameron - Backstage at ANGRY PSYCHO PRINCESSES!
by Maty Cameron - April 29, 2016

Today, I am posting a video blog that will take you behind the scenes of Angry Psycho Princesses, which runs April 26 - May 1, 2016 at the Buchanan Center for Performing Arts on the University of Wyoming Campus. (more...)

BWW Blog: Chase Walker - What Are Your Theatre Traditions?
by Chase Walker - April 29, 2016

Check out my vlog post below, asking the question, 'What are your theatre traditions?' (more...)

BWW Blog: Lily Erb - I Was a Cow
by Lily Erb - April 28, 2016

There comes a time in every young actor's life where they're cast in a challenging role. Whether the part is physically demanding, musically difficult, or just a strange role to play, all actors have been there at some point or another. When most people recall their hardest roles, it's a fond experience. Maybe they were a lead dancer in Anything Goes, and they hadn't taken one tap lesson in their life. Maybe they were Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical, and they had to paint themselves green in between scenes. Maybe they were Cinderella in Into the Woods, and they had to fall flat on their face every other scene. What was my hardest role? I was the front end of a cow. (more...)

BWW Blog: Paisley Haddad - Anything Goes: 3 Reasons Why Schools Should Have an Improv Theatre Company
by Paisley Haddad - April 28, 2016

Hello Broadway World readers!! I'm dedicating my first blog post to the club that EVERY school should have. That's right, I'm talking about Improv theatre. Here are my three reasons on why schools should add an Improv Theatre Company into their list of clubs: (more...)

BWW Blog: Christopher Panella - How Musical Theatre Has Changed Me… 'For Good'
by Christopher Panella - April 28, 2016

Yes, that is a Wicked pun in the title, and yes, I did mean to make that pun. I don't think I have to explain the importance of musical theatre to a website of the biggest theatre geeks on the planet, but I do think I should explain the importance of musical theatre to me.  (more...)

BWW Blog: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF's Ben Rappaport- Keep It Fresh
by Ben Rappaport - April 27, 2016

The orchestra starts the waltz into 'Sunrise, Sunset'. Everyone is in place, Tevye sings, 'Is this the little girl I carried?' Nothing out of the ordinary, here. Then, four male ensemble members and the Rabbi slowly come up the upstage stairs from the trap, moving downstage center, where they slowly get into position with the chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy). One little problem, tonight. There's no chuppah (we later found out it had been broken). I look around the stage at my fellow cast members, who are all slowly registering this and getting that glint in the eye you get when you're about to crack up. Then, it hit me. Samantha Massell and I have a solo coming up in a second where we have to sing the lyric, 'Is there a canopy in store for me?' The irony of this is just too much for me and, no matter how hard I try, I sing this line with the stupidest grin on my face. I mean, you can't ignore it! I absolutely LIVE for moments like this. Happy accidents that keep things fresh, can breathe new life into the show, and remind us all that it's called a 'play' for a reason. It's supposed to be fun! (more...)

BWW Blog: Emma Mueller - A Little Bit of Spilled Paint
by Emma Mueller - April 27, 2016

It was Monday afternoon, and the dismissal bell had just rung. I tried to clear my head as I said goodbye to my friends who were going home to nap and study for the impending math final. But, my mind wasn't preoccupied with derivatives or integrals. Rather, it had shifted gears completely from student to director. As I walked into rehearsal, my brain was fully focused on the PAINT that was SPILLED ALL OVER THE STAGE AND THE FLOOR.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Clarissa Moon - A Journey INTO THE WOODS at West Orange High School  
by Clarissa Moon - April 27, 2016

A forest has sprung up in Winter Garden, FL as West Orange High School's production of Into the Woods approaches opening night. The fairy tale musical, written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, is being presented April 29-30 and May 5-8.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Amanda Bohlmann - Audition Anxiety
by Amanda Bohlmann - April 27, 2016

I think it is safe to say that all actors hate auditions. No matter how big or how small, there is nothing relaxing about standing in front of a table of people whose jobs are to sit there and judge you. Although auditions are not fun, it is something that we all have to endure in order to make it into shows (unless you're Idina Menzel and can just get roles thrown at you all the time. But sadly there is only one Idina).  (more...)

BWW Blog: Samantha Tirrell - Backbeard's Birthday Fight
by Samantha Tirrell - April 27, 2016

According to page 136, paragraph four, subsection C of the Pirate Handbook, on a pirate's "older-than-ninth birthday," his trusty crew must grant him a fight! That is exactly what happened this week at the Theatre Institute at Sage in our staging of Backbeard's own birthday fight, an exciting 10-pirate quarrel with the hairiest pirate who ever lived at the center of it all.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Jeff Blumenkrantz - BRIGHT STAR Cast Recording
by Jeff Blumenkrantz - April 26, 2016

Our Bright Star original cast recording (OCR) comes out this week! (more...)

BWW Blog: Micah Young - I Got The Horse Right Here
by Micah Young - April 26, 2016

If you rush the process, any process, your liable to miss a step or two along the way, and end up with a less than stellar product.  If it takes 30 minutes to bake a cake, but you want it done in 10, it's not going to be a very good cake.  Likewise trying to get results too quickly, without respecting the time of the process is putting the cart before the horse.   (more...)

BWW Blog: Annalise Prentiss - Color-Conscious Casting
by Annalise Prentiss - April 26, 2016

Let's be real. I want to score tickets to Lin Manuel Miranda's new hit musical Hamilton. So, imagine my dismay when I am waiting in line to enter the theatre doors of another musical in New York when all of a sudden, some lady begins to talk about how confusing Hamilton was. 'I don't understand. Why are they all black? The presidents weren't black.' This brought to my attention how blind certain people can be to color-conscious casting. Recently, Hamilton posted online that they were seeking 'non-white' performers to fill the spots of characters in Hamilton. This notice sent up almost immediate conflict because of the term 'non-white'. Lawyerly responses stated, 'The New York City Human Rights Law forbids discrimination in hiring based on race.' In other words, there can be no limitations or restrictions in the hiring process based on what someone looks like physically. (more...)

BWW Blog: Nanjibah Khan - The Theatre is Magic
by Nanjibah Khan - April 26, 2016

Theatre was something I knew I was interested in ever since I was little. I joined the drama club in fifth grade, but I was a shy little flower back then. I didn't think I was good enough to continue theatre when I reached the sixth grade. But when I saw the performances my school put on, I was amazed. The costumes, the dancing, the singing. I was drawn to it. So the next school year right after that, I knew I had to join them. I couldn't stand and watch anymore. I wanted to be on stage. I wanted to wear the costumes and dance with the ensemble and sing my heart out. I had to be a part of what I was tragically missing!  (more...)

BWW Blog: Dearna Doglione - Through My Father's Eyes
by Dearna Doglione - April 26, 2016

As I take a seat at the back of the theatre, the cast of Through My Father's Eyes start practicing their songs. Peseta conducts with a flavour and style ingrained within him, powerfully finding the light and shade, making every word of the beautiful language understandable to those who can't speak it. When they make it to the peak, there is such strength in their passion for the song that it almost brings me to tears. But the true power is within the quiet moments; the palpable fragility, that makes you listen so closely and feel so deeply. (more...)

BWW Blog: Sarah Osman - Upperclassmen Actors' Showcase (Junior Year)
by Sarah Osman - April 26, 2016

"Nevermore". Blackout … Lights up. Bows. Appreciative gestures to the tech crew. Company bow. The end. (more...)

BWW Blog: Meet Liz Shivener of GHOST at Fulton Theatre
by Liz Shivener - April 25, 2016

Hello Broadway world! (more...)

BWW Blog: Micah Young - Great Expectations
by Micah Young - April 25, 2016

Everyone who aspires, aspires greatly.  That is a matter of perspective, but for the individual, their goals are great to them.  Who doesn't think of their goals, and not make them the greatest goals possible?  For each person there are the expectations they create for themselves, but sometimes the expectations are in fact detrimental to obtaining the goal. (more...)

BWW Blog: Samantha Tirrell - The Music of BACKBEARD
by Samantha Tirrell - April 25, 2016

We've just finished our first week of music rehearsals for Backbeard at the Theatre Institute at Sage! Because Backbeard has been workshopped with our department a couple of times now, most of the cast is already very familiar with the music, so the trajectory of our music rehearsals was naturally a bit different than it would have been if we were rehearsing a licensed show. The familiarity that the cast has with the material already allows for the polishing of the music earlier in the rehearsal process than is standard, and this musical stability will assist with the fluidity of rehearsal once staging begins.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Meet Texas High School Student, Kaci Pelias
by Kaci Pelias - April 25, 2016

Hey there fellow theatre fans!  My name is Kaci, and I welcome you to my little blog series focusing on theatre communities and acting from a Texas perspective.  I am a high school student currently working on Hamilton. (more...)

BWW Blog: Nanjibah Khan - A New Musical On the Rise
by Nanjibah Khan - April 25, 2016

In the performing arts world, new talent is always sought. With thousands and thousands of young student performers, it's sort of hard for many kids to seize an opportunity for themselves. And when one small audition finally crosses a kid's path, it's even more difficult to compete with the loads of others just like them, hoping for a start to their dream career. Luckily for Parkway Middle School of the Arts, an opportunity came riding their way, and boy, did they take it.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Christopher Panella - FLHS Stageplayers Travel to OZ and the Jungle of Nool, Never Missing a Beat
by Christopher Panella - April 25, 2016

It has been quite a stellar theatre season for the Ft. Lauderdale High School Stageplayers, who took creativity to a new level with two of the most vibrant musicals available. FLHS Drama has put itself on the map in the past in the ever-growing South Florida theatre community; the Stageplayers received the Southeast Regional High School Theatre Honors Program Award in 2015. Despite the accolade, FLHS Drama refused to take a breather. The club buckled itself into the driver's seat of South Florida high school theatre, speeding to new intersections of artistry and charisma.  (more...)