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Roundabout to launch Cabaret National Tour in 2016
by Roundabout Theatre Company - December 18, 2014

I am thrilled to announce that in January of 2016, as part of Roundabout's 50th Anniversary Season, Sam Mendes and Rob Marshall's acclaimed production of Cabaret will launch a national tour. (more...)

BWW Blog: Patti Murin of Goodspeed's HOLIDAY INN - An Old-Fashioned Walk
by Patti Murin - December 17, 2014

"An Old-Fashioned Walk" or, I cheated on this title a little because I have a car Good day, friends! This week, I would like to take you through a week in my life at Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn, currently playing at the Goodspeed Opera House. I call this "An Old-Fashioned Walk" because a large majority of the company do not have vehicles up here, so they are old-fashioned walking everywhere. Also, since everything seems to be a 20 minute drive away, we old-fashioned walk to the theatre every day. And to 32 Main, the coffee shop up the hill. And to the liquor store across the street. Plus, I old-fashioned walk my dog, Milo, every single day, like 47 times a day, so my whole life seems to be old-fashioned walking. Thank goodness I have a FitBit to tell me if I'm old-fashioned walking enough every day! (more...)

From the Artistic Director about Into the Woods
by Roundabout Theatre Company - December 15, 2014

This week Into the Woods, a new production of the classic musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, this time re-invented by the team from Fiasco Theater begins previews at the Laura Pels Theatre. (more...)

BWW Exclusive: In Class with NTI - Droznin
by National Theater Institute - December 15, 2014

Today, Risk Again! takes you into the classroom with an introduction to Droznin. This technique, which provides the actor with strength, flexibility, and courage, has been a cornerstone of the National Theater Institute's movement training for the last 15 years (more...)

Interview with Music Director: Matt Castle
by Roundabout Theatre Company - December 15, 2014

Education Dramaturg Ted Sod interviews the Directors of Into the Woods. Ted Sod: Will you tell us where you were born and educated, and how you got involved in the theater as a music director? (more...)

Interview with Directors: Noah Brody and Ben Steinfeld
by Roundabout Theatre Company - December 12, 2014

Education Dramaturg Ted Sod interviews the Directors of Into the Woods. (more...)

Plays (and Players) Within Plays
by Roundabout Theatre Company - December 10, 2014

The Real Thing can be seen within a tradition of plays about theatre artists, and it uses the device of the 'play-within-a-play' to raise questions about the nature of 'reality.' What better way to explore the relationships between a playwright and the two actresses with whom he shares his life? (more...)

BWW Blog: Patti Murin of Goodspeed's HOLIDAY INN - Marching Along With Time
by Patti Murin - December 09, 2014

The other day, I was deleting pictures from my phone to make room for the Kim Kardashian game the new iPhone update, and I came across a photo from a local event that some of us attended back when we first arrived in Connecticut. My first thought was, 'What a cute baby!' (more on that later), and my second thought was, 'Wasn't that like seven years ago?' No. No it was not. It was a mere three months ago. (more...)

BWW Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at NTI - Company Project
by National Theater Institute - December 08, 2014

Company Project is a signature of the National Theater Institute's acclaimed theater intensive. As the capstone to 14 weeks of rigorous training at the two-time Tony Award-winning Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, students are prompted with thematic material and collaborate to write, compose, produce, score, direct, design, choreograph, and perform an original production in two weeks. Company Project provides students the opportunity to practice what they've learned at NTI; to work collaboratively as an ensemble; gain confidence in their skills; and astonish us with their talent, breadth of vision, and artistic bravery. (more...)

BWW Blog: Patti Murin of Goodspeed's HOLIDAY INN - Be Careful, It's My Heart
by Patti Murin - December 03, 2014

Obvious statement: relationships are hard. Like, real hard. But throw in some out-of-sync schedules, mix in a little 'gotta kiss some random person who is not my significant other cause it's my job', and finish it off with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of miles between the two of you, and it becomes near impossible. Hence, the long distance relationship is born. AKA the LDR, as us peeps in the business say. Or maybe only I do. Or maybe I just made that up because I type with three fingers and I'm already getting tired. (more...)

BWW Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at NTI - Playwrights and Librettists Week
by National Theater Institute - December 01, 2014

For seven weeks, students of the National Theater Institute Semester and the National Music Theater Institute have been studying playwriting and book writing with Donna Di Novelli, paving the way for one of NTI's signature experiences: Playwrights & Librettists Week. This collaborative week supports and amplifies the voices of the next generation of American theater writers under the mentorship of professional playwrights, librettists, and composers. Scroll down for photos from this year's event! (more...)

BWW Blog: Ed Dixon of Pittsburgh Public Theater's L'HOTEL - Opening Night
by Ed Dixon - December 01, 2014

I woke up early and went to Starbucks. I did not, however, check the weather forecast before I did. It was seventeen degrees with a wind chill of zero. After the "balmy" weather that preceded it, downtown felt positively Arctic and the whole Polar Vortex thing from last year came flooding back. On my way home, my legs stopped working. Pittsburgh has the highest curbs in the country (maybe the world) and I found myself stepping off them like a toddler so as not to tumble like and octogenarian. We had a brief brush-up rehearsal and got ready for the first show of opening week. (more...)

BWW Blog: Meet Patti Murin of Goodspeed's HOLIDAY INN - Plenty to Be Thankful For
by Patti Murin - November 25, 2014

Greetings from the beautiful town of East Haddam, CT, home of the esteemed Goodspeed Opera House, where the world premiere of 'Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn' is currently running until December 28th! My name is Patti Murin, and I am delighted to bring you the first installment of 'Life in the Country', or 'Suburbs of Suburbs', or 'We Have So Much Free Time Up Here and This Is What I'm Doing With Mine' (more...)

BWW Exclusive: Advice from an NTI Alum - Matt Newton
by National Theater Institute - November 24, 2014

This week students are honing their acting skills on-camera with NTI alum Matt Newton (NTI Fall '97). Matt is the founder of MN Acting Studio NYC and currently the on-set acting coach for Season 5 of the hit CBS show BLUE BLOODS. As well as teaching Auditioning and Business of the Business for NTI, he is a contributor to BACKSTAGE and the author of the book 10 STEPS TO BREAKING INTO ACTING. Scroll down for photos of Newton working with NTI, plus an exclusive Q&A for Risk Again, in which he shares his NTI memories, what it's like returning to campus as a faculty member, and his advice for young actors! (more...)

BWW Blog: Ed Dixon of Pittsburgh Public Theater's L'HOTEL - Final Rehearsals
by Ed Dixon - November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 11 My lifelong friend, Jane Parham arrived in town for the invited dress rehearsaltomorrow and I had lunch with her at Sonoma Grill. Have I mentioned that Sonoma Grill is awesome? So is Jane. We had a marvelous time and then I took her to the theater to see the set. While we were standing there, Zach Moore ran a sound cue, Bizet's Symphony in C… loudly. Both Jane and I burst into tears. Got to introduce her to Ted Pappas who greeted her like an old friend. Good times. (more...)

Writers Writing About Writers
by Roundabout Theatre Company - November 18, 2014

To write a play in which the first scene was written by a character in the second scene, Stoppard's protaganist would necessarily have to be a playwright, a fact that left Stoppard in a state of dread. 'I didn't want to write a play about a playwright. That seemed to be the end of the rope: you write a play about someone who's trying to write a play.' (more...)

BWW Exclusive: Advancing Young Directors with NTI
by National Theater Institute - November 17, 2014

In order to best showcase the student's perspective and share what it means to spend 14 weeks 'studying away', Risk Again! asked alum Emma Miller (NTI-AD Spring '14) to write a letter to a prospective student sharing the impact NTI's Advanced Directing program had on her. (more...)

Jim Parsons returns to Studio 54 for one-night-only!
by Roundabout Theatre Company - November 14, 2014


Desert Island Disc Listening Station
by Roundabout Theatre Company - November 12, 2014

In The Real Thing, playwright Henry (Ewan McGregor) struggles to name the songs he'd take if he were stranded on a desert island. (more...)

BWW Blog: Ed Dixon of Pittsburgh Public Theater's L'HOTEL - Getting Closer
by Ed Dixon - November 11, 2014

Tuesday, November 4 Started the day REALLY early with packing. They're moving me to housing right next to the theater. The Pennsylvanian is a lovely place but it's a HIKE and the weather is about to turn cold, so I'm really glad to be getting closer to work. After the move we did some trouble areas of the play and tightened the up considerably. Then I did an interview with Bill O'Driscoll from the City Paper. Forgot to mention, I did interviews with Sharon of the Post-Gazette and Alice Carter from the Tribune last week. Both were very enjoyable. We did a run through in the afternoon and it was the first time the first act had come together. The show is an ensemble piece so almost the entire cast is onstage all the time. This means everyone has to be on their toes ALL THE TIME or cues will be missed. This was the first time everyone kept the ball in the air for the entire first act. The second act wasn't as fortunate… one step at a time. (more...)

BWW Exclusive: 14 Hours at the National Theater Institute
by National Theater Institute - November 10, 2014

Today, Risk Again! takes a look at that 'singular schedule' in the photo gallery below! Last Tuesday at NTI featured 19 classes and 11 faculty members, all master teachers or industry professionals, who come to the O'Neill every week and share their talents with the students of the NTI Semester, NTI-Advanced Directing, and National Music Theater Institute. (more...)

Casting announced for Little Children Dream of God
by Roundabout Theatre Company - November 07, 2014

I am so pleased to announce that casting for the world premiere of Jeff Augustin's Little Children Dream of God, directed by Giovanna Sardelli, is complete. The play will feature Gilbert Cruz (Manuel), Dashiell Eaves (Trevor), Carl Hendrick Louis (Toussaint and Man), Maurice Jones (Joel), Crystal Lucas-Perry (Madison), Chris Myers (Vishal), Deirdre O'Connell (Carolyn), and Carra Patterson (Sula). (more...)

BWW Blog: Ed Dixon of Pittsburgh Public Theater's L'HOTEL - Third Week
by Ed Dixon - November 04, 2014

Tuesday, October 28 We started the new week with the top of act two. We sat around and read it. We've started doing this in comfy chairs in a circle rather than around a table and it's very intimate. Then we started at the top. Everyone's on stage from the beginning and it's so marvelous to see how at this point, everyone is really inside the characters so it goes really quickly in a kind of short hand. We got all the way up to the "eleven o'clock number" moment of the second act and quit there. (more...)

BWW Blog: Molly Garner of BIG FISH - One Final Note
by Molly Garner - November 03, 2014

Big Fish officially opens this Saturday, November 1st. I'm surprised to find myself both happy and sad. I'm thrilled that we're opening, of course. The show is terrific, and I can't wait for audiences to see it. Very few people know Big Fish, so we get to perform for people who have no preconceptions of the show. They have a wonderful surprise awaiting them. (more...)

BWW Exclusive: NTI Alumni Company - The Debate Society
by National Theater Institute - November 03, 2014

These are just some of the ways NTI students have responded to working with our alumni company, The Debate Society. The Debate Society is an Obie Award winning, Brooklyn based company that creates new plays through the collaboration of Hannah Bos (writer/performer/NTI Fall '98), Paul Thureen (writer/performer/ NTI Fall '98/ MATS '00), and Oliver Butler (director/developer). The company specializes unexpected stories set in supremely intricate, vividly theatrical worlds. (more...)