THE WHO'S TOMMY - ZACH Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 9, 2014

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The Who's TOMMY - ECC Dancers
ZACH Theatre|Austin, TX

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Chorus

Monday, March 24, 2014
5:00 PMMale & Female Dancer Call

LOA ref. LORT - Minimum $360/wk

ZACH's Whisenhunt Studio
1510 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Inform parking attendant that you are here for Auditions, please.

All roles.

Please wear jazz shoes. You may be asked to stay after for a vocal audition. Vocal selections will be posted on the ZACH website for download. Prepare selected materials for the character you wish to audition for. Bring Resume/Photo to audition. NOTE: All actors will be considered for all roles.

Other Dates
1st Reh:June 2nd
Performance Dates:July 9th through August 24th
Shows runWednesday-Saturday evenings at7:30pm&Sundaymatinees at2:30pm, with potential forTuesday&Sundayevenings at7:30pm& Saturday matinees at2:30pm.

EPA Vocal auditions will be held onSat, March 22ndshould the chorus member not be available for theMondaydate. (See separate post)

Director: Dave Steakley
Musical Director: Allen Robertson
Choreographer: Robin Lewis

· Chorus rules are in effect.

· A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

PLEASE EMAIL FOR APPOINTMENT Please indicate which role you are interested in.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


Tommy, age 20’s, A pinball genius who is damaged. Tenor.

Captain Walker, (The White King) age: 35-50, Tommy's military father. Tenor.

Mrs. Walker, (The White Queen) age: 30-45, Tommy's devoted mother. Pop mezzo soprano.

Tommy, age 9-12: preadolescent *This role will be double cast

Cousin Kevin, (The Cheshire Cat) age: 20-30’s, Tommy's evil babysitting cousin. A young, loutish nuisance. Baritone.

Uncle Ernie, (The Mad Hatter) age: 30-55, Tommy's uncle. A lecherous bachelor. Tenor.

The Lover, (The Red King of Hearts aka The Pinball Wizard) age: 25-30, Mrs. Walker's lover, killed by Captain Walker. Tenor.

The Hawker, (Red Queen’s Playing Card) age: 20-50, A pimp. Baritone., soulful.

The Acid Queen (Red Queen of Hearts), age: 20-40, A drug dealer and prostitute. Soulful rocker.

The Specialist, (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum) age: 25-45, A very modern doctor who has new theories on how to cure Tommy. Baritone.

Sally Simpson, (A Unicorn) age: 18-28, A Tommy fan groupie. Soprano.

Ensemble Roles include:
Prostitutes (Living Flowers), Judge (The Caterpillar), Local Lads and Lasses, Bumpers, Flippers and Spinning Flags on a Pinball Machine.

Looking for dancers with gymnastic and specialty abilities. Ensemble candidates will be able to handle a variety of styles in dance from traditional Musical Theater, Contemporary, Ballet to Hip-Hop. Also looking for special skills in acrobatics, tap and Pointe work. Dancers should plan to wear Jazz shoes for the audition.

Please indicate in email what special dance/gymnastic/acrobatic training (if any) you have completed in as much detail as possible.

We are seeking both AEA and non AEA actors.

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