THE TASTE OF IT - Ballybeg Theater Company Auditions

Posted: March 11, 2014

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THE TASTE OF IT - Submit for NY Appointment

Ballybeg Theater Company |New York, NY

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ATTN: TASTE OF IT - NYC Appt Submission

NYC auditions held 4/9, 10 & 11, by appointment only.

Mail picture and resume.

Please do not contact Ballybeg. No phone calls, please.

approval peding; $800 flat fee

Actors: 1 man, 2 women for:

ROSS: African-American Malem early-mid 20s
SHEILA: Caucasian Female, early-mid 20s
OLDER SHEILA: Caucasian Female, 50s-60s

see breakdown for more info.

Other Dates

1st REH: 5/6/14. Opens: approx. 6/7. Closes: 6/29/14

Director: Alex Levy
Writer: John Adams
Casting: Judy Bowman, CSA




Boston 1973. Communes, street theatre, racial protests, the last days of Vietnam.
The backdrop for a brilliant young dancer named Ross --and Sheila, a whip smart driven director with a gift for language. They come together -- carving out a place apart – for themselves and each other. Hauling the groceries through fall rains, wrapping each other up in freezing apartments, fighting for the art, fighting to hold on…The collision of their heat, their dreams, their personal divides is raw, immediate and explosive – a memory of that time when someone was the answer. Wanting them made you shake. The cut’s so deep there’s still a sting to it. THE TASTE OF IT: a romance


African-American Male. (early-mid 20s) Seeking an actor to play a dancer. We must believe he’s very talented. Authentic, charismatic, passionate, driven, masculine,& handsome. Falls in love with Sheila, who makes him feel safe. Later, he realizes they come from very different worlds. He can be moody, defensive, proud, & cruel. A big fish in a small pond…anxious about what the future holds. Totally devoted to dance and creativity, above all else, to a fault. Actor will have modern dance sequences to learn. Actor must be comfortable in his body, appears in great shape, a dance background a plus. Starts as a senior in college, and ages one year.

Caucasian Female. (early-mid 20s) An aspiring writer/director. Admires Ross’s talent immediately and wants to be in his world. A spitfire. Whip smart, creative, talented, & competitive but also scared, insecure and confused. From a privileged background, unlike Ross.Wants to be equally talented, highly verbal, and is in search of her identity. Starts as a senior in college, and ages a year.

Caucasian Female. (50s-60s) Still a spitfire and appears put-together…ballsy & funny. Has a lot of regret and damage underneath. Has been successful, has had men in her life, but is suddenly aware of what’s been missing since she lost Ross. Trying to be honest with herself as she looks back on her youth.

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