INTO THE WOODS - 3-D Theatricals Auditions

Posted: February 27, 2014

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3-D Theatricals|Orange County, CA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Monday, March 10, 2014
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Lunch break1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Sign in begins at9:00 AM

LOA to COST-minimum salary pending

La Mirada Rehearsal Hall
15519 Phoebe
La Mirada, CA 90638

Actors for Into the Woods. Please see breakdown for full details.

Please prepare a Sondheim piece or something with a complex melody line, that also shows off your range and acting ability. Bring sheet music in correct key. A score will be provided if singing from the show. Please bring headshot and resume. Accompanist will be provided.

Other Dates
Open callWednesday 3/12/145p-11p at 3DT Rehearsal Hall
Callbacks will occurMarch 17th and 18th.
First Rehearsal Non-union:4/6/14AEA:4/14/14

The show will be playing at the Plummer Auditorium in Fullerton from5/02/14 to 5/18/14.

Exec Producer/Artistic Director/Director: TJ Dawson
Musical Director/Conductor: Julie Lamoureux
Casting/Audition Coordinator: Amber Snead
Assistant Director: Rufus Bonds, Jr.

· EPA Rules are in effect.

· A monitor will be provided.

EPA rules will be in effect. Sign up begins at9:00 AM

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


Equity contracts will be considered for the following roles: Narrator/Mysterious Man, Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf, Jack, Rapunzel’s Prince, Steward, Cinderella’s Father, Witch, Baker’s Wife, Little Red, Jack’s Mother, Rapunzel, Florinda, Lucinda, Cinderella’s Mother/Granny/Giant.

Please note: We are looking for extremely strong actors who sing and are strong musicians. By musicians we mean have a strong ability to hold their own part and have no problem learning incredibly difficult music note for note, and rhythm for rhythm.

Please also note: We are using the original Broadway costumes, so we are not seeking nontraditional sizes for most of these roles. Some roles we will consider different sizes, but most must fit the existing wardrobe.

The roles of Baker, Cinderella, and Step-Mother have been cast.

WITCH: Age 35-45. (Mezzo-Belter, F3-G5) Any ethnicity. Must be gorgeous. Preferably someone with exotic features or someone with a sultry look; just needs to be a different kind of beautiful. She must have an incredibly intense and commanding presence as well as a great sense of comedy. Looking for an actress of great depth that can tap into what it's like to be an overbearing mother who can't let go of her own child for fear of the outside world. Should be in good physical shape: this requires a lot of running around, etc.

BAKER’S WIFE: Age 35-40. (Mezzo-Sop, G3-F5). Preferably seeking someone taller (5’8” or taller), but will consider all heights. Must be an incredible and honest actress of great depth whom is also gifted with her own unique sense of comedy; she has a very dry and understated sense of humor. She is the every woman desperate to start a family and willing to go to great lengths to do so. Should be in good physical shape; this requires a lot of running around, etc.

LITTLE RED: To play 16. (Mezzo-Belter, Bb3- F5). Will consider older to play younger. No one looking under 16 will be considered. Caucasian. She has an incredibly dry sense of humor, is feisty, blunt, etc. She must be an incredible actor with a powerful belt. She needs to not only be great with comedy, but a great dramatic actress. For those familiar with the original and the revival, we are going in the direction of the original. She should have a round face/layer of baby fat and on the boxy side. A typical teenage girl going through her awkward phase.

JACK’S MOTHER: Age 55-65. (Mezzo-Sop, Bb3-F#5). Any ethnicity. Seeking a brilliant and fearless character actress. She is an overbearing single parent clinging to her son trying to keep him a young boy, when he is clearly grown up. Must have brilliant comedic timing. Looking for that mom that's on the verge/at her wits end.

RAPUNZEL: Seeking ages 18-30 To play teens/early 20's. (Sop. C4-A#5) Will not be considering anyone under 18 for this role. She must have a stunning and effortless soprano voice. Must be a beautiful character actress of great depth. She goes from carefree beautiful young girl to tormented soul having had pretty extreme things happen to her. She has a nervous breakdown, suffers from postpartum depression, suicidal, etc. She must have a brilliant and honest sense of comedy and be an incredible dramatic actor. Blood curdling screams that don't hurt your voice are a huge plus.

CINDERELLA’S MOTHER/GRANNY/GIANT: Age 45-55. (Sop, G3-F5). Note: The voice of the Giant MIGHT be voiced over by a celebrity and not a part of this track. Seeking an extremely versatile actress. Cinderella's Mother must be angelic, ethereal, mysterious, beautiful and have a gorgeous soprano voice. Granny must be a strong character actress brilliant with comedy, has a strong commanding presence and rough around the edges. Think Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies. The Giant is a woman trying to avenge the murder of her husband and wreaks havoc on the kingdom.

LUCINDA/FLORINDA: Age 21-35. (Mezzo-Sop, C4-F5). Caucasian. These women are the Disney villains you love to hate; complete divas. The must be gorgeous; Lucinda is preferably tall (5’8” or taller), but will consider all heights. We are looking at types, especially due to costuming, like the originals; between size 2 and size 6, maybe a small 8. They must be excellent with comedy. They are sexy, sultry, spoiled and entitled brats. Must be excellent with holding their own harmony.

SNOW WHITE/SLEEPING BEAUTY/PIT SINGERS: 18-25. Caucasian. Must fit dress sizes between 0 and 4. Seeking two beautiful princess type girls that are excellent singers and move well; they must be graceful. One of them is a body double for the Witch in the transformation scene, so she must be great with physicality, etc. Will also play various other characters such as the Three Little Pigs.

NARRATOR/MYSTERIOUS MAN: Age 55-65. (Baritone, G2-E4). Caucasian. He does not need to be an excellent singer, but must sing on pitch. He must be in great physical shape. Narrator needs to simply be an excellent story teller and have a natural presence. Think of a grandfather type reading his grand kids a bedtime story. Mysterious Man must be able to pretty physical. He's constantly changing costumes and running all over the place. It's a very active part. Seeking a character actor that is wonderful with both comedy and drama. He is the Baker's father that was presumed dead, but really ran away from his family and problems and now trying to make things right.

NARRATOR: POSSIBLY seeking a 10 year old boy to play this role; or looks 10. Must be an incredible and dynamic young actor who sings on pitch and is a brilliant story teller. This is not set in stone, but we are exploring this as an option as a possibility.

JACK: Age 18-25. (Tenor, A2-G4). Caucasian. Jack is the ultimate sheltered, naive, wide-eyed innocent “child”. His mother clings to him and is desperate to keep him a child, but he is clearly no longer a child. Like any young boy/man he seeks adventure, loves exploring and wants to make his mother proud, but always seems to be making the wrong choices. On top of all this, the “lights are not all on”. Seeking an honest and great actor. Willing to look outside the box on type here. All shapes and sizes, heights, etc.

CINDERELLA'S PRINCE/WOLF: Age 30's. (Baritone, Bb2-Gb4). Caucasian. Preferably an actor that is 6’ or taller, but will consider actors below 6’, but no shorter 5’10. Seeking an incredibly handsome comedic actor. There is a specific style of comedy the prince’s have and we are going in this same traditional vein for these roles, but looking for someone that will make it their own. Must be agile and in great shape. He is “charming, not sincere”.

RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE: Age 25-35. (Baritone, C#3-E4). Caucasian. Preferably an actor that is 5’10” or taller. Seeking an incredibly handsome and comedic actor. There is a specific style of comedy the prince’s have and we are going in this same traditional vein for these roles, but looking for someone that will make it their own. Must be agile and in great shape. He genuinely wants his marriage to work and is in love with Rapunzel, but eventually strays because she goes insane.

STEWARD: Age 30-50's. Any ethnicity. Seeking an incredibly funny actor. He takes much pride in his job and is one of those people that is always trying to impress, but when it comes down to it, he is out for himself.

CINDERELLA'S FATHER: 55-65. Caucasian. Seeking an incredibly funny and honest actor. This must be a fantastic character actor that can make a meal out of a tic tac. He is a alcoholic due to his wife and step-daughters and sadly has allowed his flesh and blood, Cinderella, to become a slave in his own home.

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