ETHEL SINGS - ESPIONAGE IN HIGH C - Undercover Productions c/o Perry Street Theatricals Auditions

Posted: March 13, 2014

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- Equity Principal Auditions
Undercover Productions c/o Perry Street Theatricals|New York, NY

Date of Audition:
3/24 and 3/25/2014

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions (2 days)

Monday, March 24, 2014 >>>>>>

9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Lunch 1 to 2


Tuesday, March 25, 2014 >>>>>>
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Lunch 1 to 2



Pearl Studios NYC "500"
500 Eighth Avenue
(35th/36th Streets) Studios 1210, 1211
New York, NY

Actors’ Equity Audition Center

165 West 46th Street, 16th Floor

New York, NY

Equity actors, men and women.

see breakdown.

Prepare 2 brief contemporary monologues (comedic / dramatic); audition time should be no more than 2 minutes total.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

Other Dates
1st reh: Week of 5/5/14
Performs: 5/31 - 7/12/14

Director: Will Pomerantz
Writer: Joan Beber
Casting: Pat McCorkle Casting

· EPA Rules are in effect.

· A monitor will be provided.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


A political activist, Ethel is determined to become a fine actress and singer. She becomes an even more dedicated mother. Loraine is a timeless inspirational black woman of many colors. She is all of us.

Ethel and her engineer husband, Julius Rosenberg, were executed in 1953. McCarthyism, witch hunts, perjury by witnesses (including Ethel’s own brother), and the two Rosenberg sons’ re-emergence as champions of their parents, continue to provoke debate. After over fifty years of silence, co-defendant Morton Sobell made worldwide headlines with his admission that he and Julius spied for Russia. Sobel also emphasized Ethel’s innocence. As he noted: “What was she guilty of? Of being Julius’s wife.”

The play (by Ethel’s distant cousin), encompasses this and much more (including major problems in our government today). Ethel was a talented singer who yearned for stardom. Could this dream and strong identification with Joan of Arc (whom she portrayed on stage) contribute to her untimely death at thirty seven?

1940: Ethel, fifteen, lives in poverty with her loving but passive father, bitter illiterate mother, and doltish brothers. Quitting school to help support them, she is caught up in the Young Communist League’s fight for decent working conditions and against fascism. Julius chooses communism for similar reasons; however his excessive need to save the world will be his undoing. Ethel’s love for Julius will be hers. Convinced that the Soviets are our allies, he recruits Ethel’s brother, David, to pass atomic secrets to them.

The Rosenbergs are arrested and tried and ultimately are executed.

Though based on fact, Ethel Sings challenges time and space featuring Ethel and Loraine in a virtuoso display of talent


Actors in the company may play various roles.

Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg
(15 - 37, female) is a petite, lively, and talented woman with dark hair. A political activist, passionate about becoming a fine actress and singer, she becomes an even more dedicated mother. Once she is in prison and sentenced to die, she shows amazing strength and courage. She turns to her writing to find meaning in the life she still has and to pass this on to her sons and the world. We see her growing up in the 30s and as she might be today.

Julius Rosenberg
(18- 35, male) is an intelligent, handsome man with light hair. He is idealistic, determined, but naive.

(female) is a timeless inspirational black woman (of many colors) who guides Ethel through her most difficult times. She is all of us.

Michael Rosenberg / Interrogator 1
(infant (played by an adult) – 50’s, male) acts out his frustration and anger, becoming unbearable at times, playing with matches and driving Ethel crazy. He is very protective of his little brother, Robby; Interrogator 1.

Robby Rosenberg / Interrogator 2 / Agent 1
(age 3 - 6 (played by an adult) / 40’s male), is sweet and highly perceptive angelic little boy. He is bewildered and unaware of his parent's troubles. He looks to Michael for protection since his parents are increasingly unable to look after him..

Manny Bloch / Agent 2
(60’s, male), Ethel and Julius attorney. No longer in his prime.

Tess, Ethel's mom
(45 - 60, female) is a pathetic old country Yiddish woman. Never having had a chance in life, she takes out her bitterness on Ethel, her only daughter. Like some women of her time, she favors her sons to an extreme. Hard headed like her daughter, the two are constantly at war. Mrs. G never ever seems to recover. She has little ability to cope. Faced with the worst kind of choice (the lives of her son, David, or daughter, Ethel) she chooses David.

Ethel's brother, David
(teenager - 30s, male) a stocky, slovenly, a man of limited ability and a narrow mind.

Ruth David's wife / Interrogator 3
(18 - 30s, female) is a sexy, selfish, and materialistic woman.

Roy Cohn / Agent 2
(20s - 40s, male) a man raised during the thirties- an extremely hard time for anyone who is gay and also Jewish.. A very bright and ambitious attorney, he is dominated by his overbearing mother and docile father. Determined to make a name for himself, he chooses to scapegoat the Rosenbergs. He and Judge Irving Kaufman make sure that Ethel and Julius are executed.

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