COWGIRLS - Horizon Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: March 7, 2014

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COWGIRLS - EPA by Appointment in GA

Horizon Theatre Company|Atlanta, GA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
2:30 AM to 10:30 PM
break TBD

Tier 6; $417/week approval pending

Horizon Theatre Company
1083 Austin Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

Actress/singer/musicians for 2014 season production of Cowgirls. Seeking a range of ethnic diversity.

Interested in seeing Equity actors who are new to Atlanta or who have Atlanta housing and are able to work as local jobbers.

see breakdown.

Sides given upon scheduling appointment and at audition

Bring any instruments you play & be prepared to demonstrate them.

Prepare an upbeat, country song to sing & another of your choice.

Prepare a comedic monologue if you have not been seen by the director before.

Bring picture/resume.

Other Dates
1st Rehearsal April 14, opens May 16, runs through June 29


Housing not available for out of town performers.

Co-Artistic/Producing Director Lisa Adler
music and lyrics by Mary Murfitt
book by Betsy Howie
directed by Heidi Cline-McKerley

· A monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Preferred contact:; If no email access, call 404-523-1477 x113. AEA members without appointments seen as time permits.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


Actress/singer/musicians for 2014 season production of Cowgirls. Seeking a range of ethnic diversity. Particularly interested in seeing Equity actors who are new to Atlanta or who have Atlanta housing and are able to work as local jobbers. Horizon does not have access to housing for out of town actors.

Beethoven meets Blue Grass in this hilarious musical. A trio of classical musicians wind up accidentally booked as the featured act for the grand re-opening of a once Opry-esque roadhouse. The Coghill Trio has been mistaken for the Cowgirl Trio! Can they abandon Handel for Hank Williams and become country music heroines in just 24 hours?

SYNPOSIS: Jo is in a pickle: she has 24 hours to save Hiram Hall, her father's country/western saloon in Rexford, Kansas, from foreclosure. Although the Hall has seen better days, she's determined to keep it open, but how? What will pack in the crowds? Mickey, Jo's hard-livin' wise-crackin' waitress has just been dyin' to get up on that stage and prove that she's got what it takes to make it as a singer, and Mo, Jo's cook/cashier, is right behind her. That's all well and good, but Jo has other plans: she wants cowgirls and she's booked the Cowgirl Trio, sure it will save the saloon.

But there is no Cowgirl Trio; a misunderstanding on the phone brings to Rexford the Coghill Trio: Rita, Lee and Mary Lou, classical musicians, currently on a reunion tour. Jo isn't looking for classical music but the Coghill Trio are looking for a legitimate booking (as Mary Lou says, "where are we playing next ... Monty Hall?"). These six women surely mix like oil and water: Jo could have had a brilliant career as a country singer herself, but she gave up her dream to run her daddy's business; Mickey needs one more chance to sing or all her dreams will slip away; Mo can't bear to think that Jo might lose the place and will do anything to help her keep it; Rita planned the current tour because she and her husband are about to have their first child and she's not sure she'll ever perform again; Lee, always searching, has begun to feel like she's never going to find what she's looking for, and feels they should give Hiram Hall a chance; Mary Lou, just about to bust from following rules all her life, can't stand the fact that this isn't a real booking, and feels her career is doomed. Fate must have brought these six women together and they side out - it's classical versus country. Can they meet in the middle?


Female, Late 40s. Singer. Instrument-skill appreciated, but not required. Owner of Hiram Hall. If fate hadn’t intervened she would have been the next Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton. As it is, she is the forceful owner of a Music Hall that has seen better days. She is potentially at the beginning of a brand new chapter in her life with the recent death of her father and subsequent inheritance of Hiram Hall.

Female, Late 20s-Mid 30s. Singer/Violinist/Mandolin. She is the most repressed, inflexible member of the trio. She’s been following rules for so long that she no longer knows the difference between what she wants to do and what she should do. Although she doesn’t realize it, her subconscious is trying to tell her it’s time to do what she wants.

Female, late 20s-Mid 30s. Singer/Pianist. The well-meaning, if somewhat confused, organizer of the summer tour of the Coghill Trio. Her role as wife and mother-to-be has a great deal to do with her confusion. She is seven months into a nine month deadline to figure out what she’s going to do with the rest of her life.

Female, Late 20s-Mid 30s. Singer/Cellist/Guitar. A great explorer of the spiritual frontier, she’s always looking for the order in the chaos. She is never without a personal mission and that is particularly true right now. All of this, however, does not preclude a good sense of humor.

Female, Late 20s. Singer/Guitar/possible Banjo. The “rode hard and put away wet” waitress at Hiram Hall. She’s younger and more spirited than she ought to be for the amount of life she’s lived. She doesn’t appear to be Nashville’s next sweetheart but that won’t stop her.

Female, 20s. Singer/Guitar/possible Banjo. She’s got a special knack for numbers, cooking, and finding the question in what everybody else thought was an answer. Sincere and big-hearted, she is Mickey’s greatest fan and Jo’s most loyal employee.

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