A FOO FABLE - Rattlestick Playwrights Theater Auditions

Posted: January 29, 2014

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A FOO FABLE - Equity Principal Auditions

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater|New York, NY

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions
Friday, March 7th 2014
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
lunch 1 to 2

pending; $278/week

Actors' Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street
16th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Equity actors: 6 men, 5 women.

A FOO FABLE relates the adventures of FOO JONNY a young lad in search of meaning. It follows his quest as he moves from place to place encountering soldiers, seers, salesmen, devils, angels, and lovers.

see breakdown

Please prepare a contemporary dramatic monologue.
Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

Other Dates
First Rehearsal: March 31st, 2014
First Performance: April 30th, 2014
Opening Night: May 15th, 2014
Closing Night: June 28th, 2014


Written by: David Van Asselt
Directed by: Daniel Talbott

· EPA Rules are in effect.

· A monitor will be provided.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


A FOO FABLE relates the adventures of FOO JONNY a young lad in search of meaning. The play follows his quest as he moves from place to place encountering soldiers, seers, salesmen, devils, angels, and lovers.


Begins as a light-hearted, naive solider in the village of Foo. Falls in love with Foo Chandra, but wants to explore the world and discover the meaning of man before settling in the village. However, under the split guidance of Angela and Luke, Jonny’s decisions, and life, are easily influenced. He becomes increasing weathered while experiencing both the beauty and horrors of life.

Young woman, whose family is killed by Chuckles and witnessed by Foo Jonny. Chandra does not hold anything against Jonny. She looks at his positive traits, accepting Jonny for who he is. Has simplistic, childlike outlook on life throughout most of the play.

Luke is the devil. Takes on a variety different characters. He and Angela battle over Jonny’s soul. Luke influences bad behavior in Foo Jonny in hopes of winning his soul. Manipulative and sarcastic.

Angela is the angel. She believes some humans are genuinely good. Claims that Jonny’s soul has potential. She influences good and honest behavior. Supportive. Wants Jonny to make honest choices.

Overly confident young man involved in corporate business. He is powerful due his job and connections. Aware of the influence he possesses. Immediately attracted to Foo Chandra, who initially rejects him. However, she still inadvertently holds power over his decisions.

Singer. Loving girl. Cares about Foo Jonny seeing the good in him. Naive. Trusts what she is told. Materialistic. Believes money is key to a happy life.

Father of Foo Chandra. Was missing for years after Jonny saved Foo Chandra. Initially a good, caring, inspired man. However after his family is killed, he sees the world as a negative place. Extremely weathered in later half of the play.

MOTHER: Mother of Foo Chandra. Caring, protective, and nervous./FOO WANT: Politician. Innocent. Believes in the power of voting and democracy. Fears the government taking her wealth. Strongly influenced by Hallie./MERCY: Bag lady. Tender and guiding nature. Helps those with lost souls.

CHUCKLES: Military leader. Powerful. Sarcastic. Supports the government. Kills Foo Chandra’s family./ROCKY FUG: Corporate businessman. Viewed as a crook, but extremely powerful./YOUNG MAN: Believes in hard work. Views bums as lazy.

CHERRY WORMS: Prostitute. Blunt./HALLIE: Political figure. Supporter of private affairs and business. Powerful, influential, and evil. Persuasive./AUNT: Aunt of Foo Chandra. Demanding./ WOMAN: Rude. Selfish.

COLLIN: Loves Foo Chandra and wants to impress her. Foolish and trusting./SENATOR FOURHIRE: Politician. Not overly intelligent, but appears official and intelligent in front of people. Works with Rocky Fug. Adds to the corruption caused by relationship between government and business in the State./UNCLE: Uncle of Foo Chandra. Demanding. Disrespectful. Easily persuaded by money./ BILL: Money hungry. Greedy. Works for Rocky Fug.

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