Denver's Dangerous Theatre to Stage BRIDGES TO NOWHERE, 10/11-11/16

September 25
9:33 PM 2013

Denver's Dangerous Theatre presents Bridges to Nowhere, written by Jonathan Vick and directed by Winnie Wenglewick, featuring Scott Croushore, Winnie Wenglewick, Jessica Tatham and Ben Pelayo. The show runs October 11 - November 16, 2013, Fridays at 9:00 and Sundays at 3:00. Ticket Price: $10.00.

Playwright and author Jonathan Vick is a master at portraying the darker side of human nature with characters who are believable in a manner that is both comic genius and disturbing. "Bridges to Nowhere" is three scenes set on a pier on a lake. All the scenes look at the complicated mess family relationships can sometimes be. All look at how children are messed up by their parents in one way or another.

In "A Bridge to Nowhere is Just a Pier" Caleb and Adara, brother and sister, are brought back together after 11 years. It was Mom who separated them, and it was Mom who brought them back together. In "The Ghost of a Thousand Regrets" Uncle Patrick and his 13 year old niece Lindsey have a relationship that is, umm, nontraditional. Can you deny fate and destiny? Whose idea is this anyway? What to do with Lindsey's dad in the bloody laundry bag? In "Fish Food and Worm Shit" Connie May is a serial killer who makes no apologies and has no regrets. She was just taking out the trash. Silas is a forensic psychologist who wants to know all about her to learn about the female serial killer mind. Or does he? Is being a killer something you become, or is it in your blood? Is the history of the world really just the story of the psychopaths who came before?

WARNING: Adult content, violence, language and presentation of (consensual) illegal and/or immoral relationships.

Denver's Dangerous Theatre is located at 2620 W. 2nd Ave #1, Denver, CO 80219. Reservations: 720-233-4703 or Online ticketing: For more information, visit


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