Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company Presents World Premiere of AND THE SUN STOOD STILL, 3/27-4/17

Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company Presents World Premiere of AND THE SUN STOOD STILL, 3/27-4/17

The Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company (BETC) is proud to present the world premiere production of "And the Sun Stood Still" by acclaimed writer and Pulitzer-finalist Dava Sobel, Mar 27- Apr 17. This production is the second world premiere presented by BETC in the company's eight-year history and marks the culmination of a multi-year development process between Sobel and the company that began with a workshop in 2012.

"And the Sun Stood Still" tells the story of the publication of Nicholas Copernicus' masterpiece, "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres". This pivotal work transformed the history of science and man's understanding of our place in the universe. "And the Sun Stood Still" reveals Nicolas Copernicus as a man struggling to reconcile the disparate desires of his loved ones and the constraints of his faith as he contemplates challenging the most fundamental beliefs of his time.

BETC Producing Ensemble Director, Stephen Weitz, directs the production. Weitz has been intimately involved in the play's development, working with Sobel at every step of the process. "This has been such a delightful project, working with Dava to bring the story of this amazing man to life," Weitz said.

"This production represents BETC's commitment to developing new work and engaging our community with some of the best theatre around. In particular, I'm excited about the opportunity to reach out the science and -technology community that is so much a part of life in Boulder."

For Sobel, seeing the play come to life on stage is the fulfillment of a 40-year long dream. Sobel said, "The idea to write a play about Copernicus occurred to me in February 1973. I remember the date because the five hundredth anniversary of his birth was being celebrated that month. Although I'd been a theater major in college, I'd never written a play. I considered the idea for a few weeks, then dropped it. But I never forgot it."

The play stars BETC Ensemble members Jim Hunt, Bob Buckley and Crystal Eisele, alongside returning guest artist Sam Sandoe, and BETC newcomer Benjamin Bonenfant. BETC is proud to welcome production support from Boulder's own Fiske Planetarium, The Ensemble Studio Theatre/ Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science & Technology Project.

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