BWW Reviews: Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!

October 15
6:12 PM 2012


The Denver Center Theatre Company presents a regional adaption of the classic the Alexandre Dumas classics, THE THREE MUSKETEERS playing now through October 21st. In this heroic adventure, young D’Artagnan comes to Paris with one goal in mind: to join the King’s Musketeers. Befriended by three legendary swordsmen, he is immediately put to the test, and along the way finds love, faces temptation and thwarts evil. Loaded with dazzling sword-play, intrigue and comedy, this adaptation of Dumas’ novel considers the cost of one hero’s journey.

This is a local and fantastic collaboration by Denver Center's dramaturg Douglas Langworthy with Linda Alper and Penny Metropulos, that took the original classic and transformed it into a delightful ball of energy. With so many characters in this show, it would be easy to get bogged down, but they thoughtfully kept everything light and the story flowed effortlessly. The subplots intertwined gorgeously together and kept the audience engaged. This show was absolutely fun to watch with a huge cast, and constant action, melodrama, mystery, intrigue and comedy occurring onstage. Form long hair, feathered caps, flowy garments and long swords, this very talented cast completely transported you into the story and the audience loved each and every moment.

Ben Rosenbaum as D’ Artagnan was dynamic and carried the story along in a most melodramatic and wonderful way. His compatriots, Jamison Jones as Athos, Mike Ryan as Porthos, and Martin Yurek as Aramis, were also exceptional bringing out the drama and humor in each of their characters and their machismo chemistry with each other was just fun to watch. I must also mention that this is our Musketeers debut at the Denver Center and and impressive one at that. Sofia Jean Gomez and D'Artagnan's love, Constance was also exceptional in her role and her husband, M. Bonacieux (whimsically played by Larry Paulsen) was absolutely hilarious. Richard Liccardo as D'Artagnan's manservant Planchet was quite sarcastic in this role and was a nice contrast to his dramatic master. The Cardinal Richelieu (played by Denver Center veteran John Hutton) and Count de Rochefort (played by Denver Center veteran Sam Gregory) were quite menacing and sinister in their roles and offered dramatic twists and turns throughout the show.The most sinister of them all was the Countess de Winter (mischievously played by Katie MacNichol) who had the best subplot of them all and was deliciously wicked to watch. Sarah Nealis as Queen Anne was lovely and rich in her performance and her inteaction with The Duke of Buckingham (marvelously played by J. Paul Boehmer) were tender and offered a softer side to this action packed show. The real scene stealer of the show was Charles Pasternak as King Louis. His hilarious interpretation reminded me of a gay Bobcat Wildcat and he was just so over the top and had the audience in stitches every time he was onstage. His ball was just a fun-filled scene filled with drama, comedy and dance and I loved his contrast from that flamer role to the more subdued role of John Felton. Jeanne Paulsen was also quite good in the role of Madame de Cocquenard and for a smaller role, she was fantastically funny.
First I have to talk about those wonderful costumes, designed by B. Modern in a most spectacular  debut at the Denver Center. From flowy garments, to rich fabrics and textiles, to vibrant colors, and oh so many feathers, B. Modern really stole the show with those fabulous looks for each and every character. I know that we will be seeing a lot more of this talented designer! The set by designer Tom Buderwitz was sensational; filled with so many nooks and crannies in those multiple levels and really was something to behold. I must say I loved that gorgeous mosaic tile, stone work and brick work that encompassed the set. I appreciated that not only was there constant movement from the cast, but also the set seemed to be literally coming out of the woodwork at times. The lighting by designer Charles R. MacLeod and sound by Craig Breitenbach further enhanced the set and I loved all of the special effects. Music Composition by Rodolfo Ortega was lovely and had a great French Renaissance flair to it and the live singing was a special surprise to us all. I must also commend Gregory Hoffman for the fight direction and those many sword fights absolutely thrilled the audience. Director Art Manke had his work cut out for him with such a huge cast, but he covered every base and there was never a dull moment onstage. I must also mention that I did take note that he addressed every aspect of the stage and the actors played every angle. Job very well done!
The most alarming aspect of this awesome show is the audience, or lack there of. I realize that with three shows going on simultaneously at the Denver Center, it is hard to pick one (especially when they are all exceptional), so don't because that is when you take advantage of the bouny of discounts and special offers that the Denver Center provides! So get off the couch, DVR that football game or new TV show and experience the excitement that is THE THREE MUSKETEERS!!! The Denver Center presents THE THREE MUSKETEERS, engaging audiences now through October 21 on the Stage Theatre at the Denver Center. For tickets or more information, contact the Denver Center box office by calling 303-893-4100 or visiting
PHOTO CREDIT: Jennifer M. Koskinen

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!
Ben Rosenbaum (D'Artagnan), Martin Yurek (Aramis), Mike Ryan (Porthos) and Jamison Jones (Athos)

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!
Charles Pasternak as King Louis, Sarah Healis as Queen Anne, and John Hutton as Cardinal Richelieu

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!
Sam Gregory as Count de Rochefort and Katie MacNichol the Countess de Winter

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!
Ben Rosenbaum as D'Artagnan and Sofia Jean Gomez as Constance

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!
The Musketeers with Ben Rosenbaum (center)

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!
Charles Pasternak as King Louis

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!
Jeanne Paulsen as Madame de Cocquenard and Mike Ryan as Porthos

BWW Reviews:  Denver Center's THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Energetic Enjoyment!

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