BWW Interviews: Dixie Longate, Charasmatic Star of DIXIE'S TUPPERWARE PARTY


MM: Cheers! Honey, it was a wonderful show. I loved it so much. It’s just so fun.

DL: Thank you.

MM: But you do not need any recognition – it’s your third time here. And I’m sure you’ll be back time and time again. I love this show – it’s immensely popular.

DL: I’ve gotta say, I love Denver audiences. Because everybody here is fun, they have a good time. They really know how to let their hair down when they come in the theatre. They really play. You go to some theatres around the country and the audiences don’t understand it as much; they’re a little quieter. They’re a little moodier. But everybody across the board in Denver always makes it happen happen.

MM: Well good. Do you find that ths is a good region for sales?

DL: You know, I do think it’s a good region for sales, as well. I also find that because the holidays are coming up, people are thinking, “Oh my gosh, it’s Black Friday – African American Friday comin’ up. I wanna make sure that I get stuff for all my friends for the holidays.” All that stuff. And that’s always good. The holidays are always nice. But I love when people come to the party and they’re like “I’ve never thought much about Tupperware before, but it’s the greatest thing on the planet.” They see it in the show, and they go “I need that. I never knew how amazing this stuff was, and I need that.” And so that always makes me happy when people leave with Tupperware brand product.

MM: Well, I’m testimony to that.

DL: No, you’re a Tuppermonial for that.

MM: So what did the organization think of you – I mean, you’re putting on a show, but it’s actually a real Tupperware party. I call it an event.

DL: Well I started selling Tupperware about 11 years ago and I started just doing regular Tupperware parties. It wasn’t even a thought of doing it as a show. But I did it for a couple years and I became one of their top sellers. And when I went to the Jubilee, I had so much fun, and everyone’s so neighborly, they just treat me so well, and I said “Well, I have this opportunity to maybe put this together and do it as a show, we should try it.” And because I had been with Tupperware long enough that my money was where my mouth was.

MM: You know your stuff. I’m amazed at that.

DL: Oh, hooker, I know my crap. It’s the best crap on the planet. So when I started, they were happy. They said “take it with our good graces,” and they said “just talk kindly about that product,” and I do. I mean, I love Tupperware so much. I always talk real kindly and neighborly about all the product. But it started as a little show in New York as part of a theatre festival, and then people got interested in it and I moved it off Broadway, and then I started the tour.

MM: And how long were you off Broadway?

DL: It was only supposed to be two months, and it ended up being three, and the only reason we didn’t go longer, which we could’ve, was that we had to close because the theatre I was in had another show comin’ in after it. So I had to close there, but they said “well, someday we’ll get you back in New York.” But then that started the tour, and after that, I’ve been on the road. I’m in my fifth year, which is crazy.

MM: That’s awesome.

DL: I know – I don’t even like people anymore. I just hate everybody. No – it’s fun. I love it, and every show’s different. We’re about to celebrate the 600th show this weekend – isn’t that crazy? – and, for me, I never get bored with it. I never get tired because every night is different. Every audience is different. There are always gonna be different people playing games, different questions to answer, different energy of the room. So that’s what I love about it. There’s always gonna be something that keeps me excited.

MM: Well, good. So what is your favorite piece of Tupperware to sell?

DL: I love the can opener, because that thing is amazing. I’ve never seen nothin’ like the can opener in my whole life. It just makes my jaw open like a junior prom date. I do love the wine bottle opener, because at a stop light, I can reach back, get my stash of wine, put it in my crotch, take the wine bottle, and open it before the light turns green.

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