BWW Interviews: Ann Hampton Callaway on Barbra Streisand, Upcoming Projects and More

If you were not in theater, what job do you think that you would be doing in a parrallel universe?

Well I would probably do more writing, either be a writer, or therapist, or journalist, like my father. He was an incredible interviewer-moderator-reporter, and he gave me my insatiable curiosity, and I love phography, that probably would be something. The thing with me is t try to use all my talents in my life, and whether or not I'd make money at anything else besides music and songwriting and performing, that remains to be seen. I probably have a few children's books I'm interesting in writing and I'm also a poet, but you see you don't make any money selling poetry. I'm very glad that I've been able to make my calling into a livelihood.

Any projects in the works like a new CD?

I do have a record label that wants to record the Streisand songbook, and we're just in the beginning stages of setting that up. And I also have a new show that I will be premiering on Tuesday that I'm very excited about. It's called, "Bridges,' and it's sort of my response to our country at this time when I think we're such a divided nation. I'm using great songs from the jazz, Brazilian, standard world that really are songs that show how we come together and what things keep us coming together, and sort of celebrate the possibilities that we have as a country to get over our differences. I think that music is such a great tool for that. I'm hoping that that show will be recorded, too, in time. I'm still holding out, though, that the Streisand Songbook, I really wish we can work out something with an orchestra to record the show, because the orchestration is so beautiful.

Will we be seeing you back on Broadway again any time soon?

You can ask the producers of Broadway! It's interesting, I have some meetings with people about writing a Broadway musical, and in the next few months we will be exploring that. Who knows? If I write a great show, maybe it's something I can be in.

Any ideas for the Broadway musical?

Not something that I'm able to talk about at this's top secret, but there's actually a fabulous movie that I'm being approached about. If I feel that the composer is somebody I want to work with, then that looks like a great thing on the horizon. One thing I wanted to mention about the upcoming show on Saturday, one of the most enjoyable things in my performances is creating an improvisation on the spot. And I usually involve my trio on stage, and the orchestra ultimately, and usually I get the audience singing along. We're going to write a Streisand-esque song on the spot with no preparation. The audience is going to call out words and phrases, and I'm going to compose something that sounds Sreisand-esque, with the hopes that it's something we can send to her for her next CD! It's a lot of fun.

Again - thank you so much for speaking with me and BroadwayWorld today!!! You are absolutely wonderful and I look to seeing you perform with our fabulous symphony!

Have a happy new year! If I have the pleasure of singing for you on Saturday, please come. I'll be signing autographs and saying hi to people after the show in the lobby, so stop by and say hi.

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