Amy Stevenson Introduces Talent To Dallas Cabaret Audiences

November 22
11:52 PM 2006
Dallas Entertainer Amy Stevenson is doing a great thing for the community:  she is introducing local talent to cabaret audiences.  On Monday, November 20, under her guidance, three performers made their cabaret debut at Phases:  vocalists Sara Shelby-Martin, Jason Huff and Matt Brewer (who performed together), and Patty Breckenridge.

Of the four, Miss Shelby-Martin seemed the most comfortable in a cabaret.  She had a free and easy way while she bantered with the audience.  Her highlighting of the comic lyrics in "Miss Byrd" and "The Alto's Lament" was superb.  Mr. Huff and Mr. Brewer were drowned out by the cheering audience when they sang "For Good" from the reigning Broadway hit Wicked.  Miss Breckenridge does not just sing a ballad, she caresses it, as she demonstrated in her haunting rendition of "My Funny Valentine."

Accompanying them on the piano was the irrepressible Mark Mullino.  As his fingers glide effortlessly across the keys, beautiful music responded.  Whether playing backup for the singers or a musical interlude between lyrics, it was an outright pleasure to be in the company of Mr. Mullino's expertise.

Miss Stevenson is conducting "Mama's Party" every Monday evening at Phases for newcomers to cabaret, and has already lined up talent to appear through the end of January.  Some of the future "Mama's Party" entertainers include:

  • Stephanie Hall
  • Jacob Villarreal
  • Christopher Deaton
  • Willy Welch
  • Jodi Wright
  • Paul J Williams

For more information on "Mama's Party," please visit the Phases website.



Photo 1:  Amy Stevenson

Photo 2:  Sara Shelby-Martin

Photo 3:  Jason Huff

Photo 4:  Matt Brewer

Photo 5:  Patty Breckenridge

Photo 6:  Mark Mullino



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