Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles Announces New Organization to Merge Intimate and Mid-Size Theaters

Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles Announces New Organization to Merge Intimate and Mid-Size Theaters

The Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles (TPLLA) announced today an official merger of the organization between the Intimate Theatres (99 seats or less) and Midsize Theatres (100 - 699 seats) with the expectation that the LORT/CLO/Large Size theatres will be joining the newly formed organization shortly. Although each membership group has unique variables, there is common ground. In an effort to formalize an organization to serve as an umbrella for these common issues and concerns, a new 501(c)(6) is being formed. At present the Midsized and Intimate theatres are working together actively to move this forward. The LORT, CLO, and Larger theatres have expressed support and will be on board once the umbrella organization is in place. Two sub-committees for the umbrella organization have already been formed in Marketing & Communications, and Vision & Branding, with a goal of unifying all constituents around a strategic plan that reflects the League's mission.

Comments Michael Seel, Board Chair of TPLLA-Intimate, "It has been a long process, but for the first time in Los Angeles history, we are thrilled to be able to announce that a Producer's league has emerged that encompasses not just our thriving 99-seat and under community, but the entire theatrical landscape of Los Angeles theatre." Comments Trent Steelman, Leadership Board Chair of TPLLA-Midsize, "It is an exciting time for our community and thanks to the perseverance and hard work that each entity has done to get this League up and running, the Midsize theatres look forward to engaging with and finding ways to celebrate and improve our ever-changing and growing theatrical community in many common areas."

The Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles is comprised of distinct memberships that include, but are not limited to, theatrical producers from Intimate, Midsize, and LORT/CLO/Large theatres. Each group may have its own rules and by-laws to regulate its operation. The League is headed by a Producer's Board with equal representation from each membership.

For more information, photos or press interviews, please contact David Elzer/DEMAND PR at 818/508-1754 or at

The Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles (TPLLA) is a membership organization comprised of theatrical producers working within the Greater Los Angeles area. The League is entrusted with representing theatrical producers to facilitate the betterment of theatre and strengthen the brand identity of Greater Los Angeles theatre.

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