O.G. Productions Present THE OGP HALLOWEEN SHOW, 10/18-11/3

October 10
7:39 PM 2012


O.G. Productions will present The OGP Halloween Show: The Cellar and Other Places You Shouldn't Go, 8 short plays scary, funny and, um, some we can't quite describe, hosted by Beelzabella, at 8:00, October 18-20, 26-27, and November 2-3, Fridays and Saturdays, opening Thursday October 18th at MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 227 N. 3rd St., Columbus, OH 43215. Tickets cost $10. For more information, call 614-595-7743, or visit Facebook.

O.G. Productions presents The OGP Halloween Show: The Cellar and Other Places You Shouldn't Go:

Thursday October 18 8pm
Friday October 19 8pm
Saturday October 20 8pm
Friday October 26 8pm
Saturday October 27 8pm
Friday November 2 8pm
Saturday November 3 8pm

From the producers of the wildly successful Cow Tipping and Other Love Stories comes The OGP Halloween Show: The Cellar and Other Places You Shouldn't Go The evening features a ghoulish collection of short plays to put you in the holiday spirit. And as always with OGP, Chaos is Guaranteed.

Featured shows:

Raising The Stakes by Andy Batt and Chris Lane

A vampire, a werewolf, and the invisible man get together for a night of cards. Just another Saturday night. Cast: Dracula: Erik Sternberger; Clyde: Chip Barr; Phil: Stephen Woosley. Directed by Jason Sudy.

Disarm System Now by Scott Tobin

Alarm systems going off make everyone a little anxious. Right?  Cast: Mister: Erik Sternberger. Directed by Stephen Woosley.

Don't Flinch by Christopher Lockheardt

Sometimes some good old male bonding time can help keep your mind off of things. Cast: First man: Chip Barr; Second man: Sean Reid; Mikey: Greg MCgill. Directed by Stephen Woosley.

I.D.G. by Scott Tobin

They say things skip a generation sometime. So it is in the Gee family. Cast: Ida Gee: Randi Morgan; Oh Gee: Laura Spires; Pamela Gee: Molly St. Cyr. Directed by Stephen Woosley.

Lost Dog by Andy Batt

There's a good reason for leash laws. Cast: Man: Pete Graybeal; Woman: Randi Morgan. Directed by Scott Tobin.

Memento Murray by Christopher Lockheardt

Dads should always leave something for their daughters to remember them by. Cast: Kayley: Shana Kramer; Dad: Erik Sternberger.

The People Vs. Vic Frankenstein by John Busser

Frankenstein is always misunderstood. So, is Frankenstein's Monster. Actually, this mob doesn't really understand much of anything. Cast: Victor: Pete Graybeal; Burgomeister: Erik Sternberger; Madelynne: Molly St. Cyr; Villager1: Stephen Woosley; Villager 2: Shana Kramer; Villager 3: Greg MCgill; Villager 4: Chip Barr; Carl: Leon Bird-Conliff; Monster: Sean Reid; Grandfather: Randi Morgan. Directed by Jason Sudy and Stephen Woosley.

The Cellar by Melisa Gawlowski

Two teens' plan to have a little creepy fun in an abandoned house takes a turn for the worse. Cast: Jenny: Shana Kramer; Roger: Leon Bird-Conliff; Sam: Stephen Woosley. Directed by Stephen Woosley Boo.

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