re: cleveland palace seating question

cleveland palace seating question
Posted: 8/28/09 at 11:27am
hi-- never been to this theater-- and was looking for season tickets for the broadway series. Best I think I can find is row H in mezzanine which is 5 rows back from the boxes. Does anyone know what the quality of these seats are??? any input appreciated---- thanks---tom
If you are in the center sections, you'll be fine. You lose facial expressions and the like at that distance, but the view of the stage on the whole is really quite good. On the sides, you can lose the edges of the stage. The Palace is a great theatre. I have the Broadway package and love each minute of it (except the shows at the State Theatre...).
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I agree with everything log says. My season tickets are in Row G of the mezzanine and you do lose the expressions, but you can see everything that is going on. This is a great season to become a subscriber. I'm looking forward to the shows. Every now and then they have a season where some of the shows are painful to watch. (ie. Legends)

Have you checked out the Great Lakes Theatre Festival? The Hannah is a great space.
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What is great about the seats is the sound quality, the sound just bellows beautifully!

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