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DATE POSTED: 1/10/2012
PHONE #: 646-519-2451
ADDRESS: 170 East 91st Street
Suite 1W
New York, NY 10128

Listing Information: WPRNY is a New York Video Company providing professional business video services to assist with public relations, training, internal communications, and live online broadcasting. Video for Business in the NYC area is our single focus. Our mission is to provide effective, elite & exceptional quality video at lower costs with easy, upfront pricing. Call now for a free no-obligation quote: 646-519-2451
Our staff of experienced producers, editors, and manhattan videographers provide video services to CNN NY, American Express, News LTD, Chiat/Day/TBWA, MetroUS, Time, AOL Broadband, Entertainment Weekly and many, many more. So that's the quality of video production that you can expect from WPRNY.

Based in New York, we distinguish ourselves by providing service for common business needs. We're a video production company that uses modern equipment and efficient workflows to produce quality professional results at a fair reasonable price.

Use us to create customer testimonial videos, product demonstrations, corporate communications, internal communications, online advertising videos, PR and corporate responsibility videos, and event broadcasting. Learn more about some of the many ways that businesses use video to increase sales, reduce expenses.