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The Manager's Perspective

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DATE POSTED: 7/3/2012
PHONE #: 3476236494
ADDRESS: New York, NY 10031

Listing Information: The Manager's Perspective is a 4 week hybrid TV/FILM/Musical Theatre workshop designed to inspire, educate and energize Actors of all kinds to achieve the success they desire.

Started by talent manager's Mike Cruz & Harold Lewter from Cyd LeVin & Associates who's clients have appeared on Broadway/National Tours/Regional Theatre stages as well as in many popular TV shows and Films.

Join us as we take you through a 4 week Audition Prep BootCamp for TV/FILM & Musical Theatre that is sure to revitalize and get you pumped about your next audition.

You’ll work with us to learn what it takes to not only score the callback or producer session, but to book the job as well.

Week 1: The Business – In this session, you’ll have a Q&A with Mike & Harold about the business and what it takes to get representation, maintain your relationship and how to promote yourself when you don’t have representation. We’ll also discuss tools, tricks and other tips to help you make a splash in the entertainment industry and maximize your potential.

Week 2: The On-Camera Audition – Students will be given material from a TV/Film project to prepare and bring in for this class. In a fun and informative evening, each student will get up and work on their material in front of the class and learn the skills needed to not only get called back, but to also book the job.

Week 3: The Musical Audition – In this class students will prepare 2 32 bar cuts from their book and then work on it in front of the class with Mike & Harold. We’ll work on song preparation, styling, audition technique and a plethora of other fun tidbits to make your audition pop and get you the callback!

Week 4: Put It To Work! – Students will take what they learned in the previous 3 works and put it to work in front of a Casting Director. After a fun Q & A with the casting director, students will have a private session with the Casting Director and Mike & Harold, where they will perform their sides from Week 2 and one of their 32bar cuts from Week 3. At the end each student will get written feedback as well as a copy of their tv/film audition.