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Affordable Voice Lessons for Dancers and Actors Looking to Sing

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DATE POSTED: 7/31/2012
PHONE #: 646-201-9239
ADDRESS: Brooklyn, NY 11215

Listing Information: With over 17 years of professional performance experience and a lifetime of training with some of the countries top instructors, I'm eager to pass on all my musical knowledge to my own students.

I believe that the first and most important rule in learning to sing is to be confident and comfortable. By providing a calming and nurturing environment, I help the student to achieve this first goal right away. The second goal is to build the proper foundation. I teach a healthy approach to singing and believe that, with strong technique, one can learn to sing nearly any genre in a healthy way. To find out more about my teaching style use the listed e-mail address.

Rates and accommodations:
I teach in my Brooklyn home studio. Private lessons are $60/hr. Skype lessons are also possible. Lessons in Manhattan studio are also possible.