WHY THE LONG FACEBOOK? Set for Chicago Sketchfest, 1/10

December 17
2:34 PM 2012

WHY THE LONG FACEBOOK? Set for Chicago Sketchfest, 1/10

POKE! LIKE! Add WHY THE LONG FACEBOOK? to your events January 10th at 10pm at Stage 773 (1225 West Belmont Avenue) in Sketchfest. Sketchfest runs all week, find tickets at www.stage773.com.

Facebook is a mysterious realm where one can only "like" things, and something as obvious as a "dislike" button doesn't even exist. It is a land of staunch political views, farms, and pokes intertwined among friendship subscriptions. DARK HUMOUR PRODUCTIONS' first sketch comedy show, WHY THE LONG FACEBOOK? explores this optimistic & narcissistic virtual world. Why is bullying, sexism, reality TV, and the pursuit of the American Dream no longer discussed face to face, but on Facebook? Whether we're helping ghosts meet girls or teaching children that books are not simply tossed aside first generation iPads, Dark Humour Productions finds the funny in desperate times, and then filters it through happy glitter before posting it as our status update.

WHY THE LONG FACEBOOK? is produced by DARK HUMOUR PRODUCTIONS, founded by Erin Lane, Brian Bush, John Gilmour, Rachel Himmel, Alex Farrington, Gabe Caruso and Katie Frank. DARK HUMOUR PRODUCTIONS is a new company created by veteran Chicago writers, actors, producers, and some brand new, and incredibly talented, faces to the Chicago theatre scene. We hope to combine our experience with fresh ideas in order to create work that transcends age, class, and color.


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