BWW Reviews: DIE ROTEN PUNKTE: KUNST ROCK (ART ROCK) at Duke Energy Theater

August 1
11:40 PM 2012

Die Roten PunkteDIE ROTEN PUNKTE: KUNST ROCK (ART ROCK) playing now until August 5 2012, presented by Blumenthal Performing Arts at the Duke Energy Theater, 345 North College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202. Tickets are on sale at the Blumenthal box office: 704-372-1000.

If you want to have a fun diversion this week, you must see DIE ROTEN PUNKTE (The Red Dots). I laughed my "you-know-what" off. Otto and Astrid Rot are hilarious and have patter as tight as Burns and Allen, in their co-dependent "questionable" brother and sister relationship. Their sharp personas and commitment to their roles reveal they are very seasoned comedians. Don’t let their clown-like, buffoonery fool you. They are also great musicians. Their music is retro 80s and simple rock, but it frames their act with catchy songs including "Ich Bin Nicht Ein Rototer (I am a Lion)".

Astrid Die Roten PunkteIrreverent in yellow, turquoise and blue eye shadow with red tipped false eye-lashes and torn tights, Astrid plays on a child-sized drum set which makes her frame appear larger, as she jumps on her drum stool.  Her experienced, bawdy, world-weary, alcohol addicted attitude is in bright contrast to Otto, the "somewhat" innocent. He draws you in, as he plays his child-sized guitars and keytar. His comical persona has a hint of a young Howie Mandel, although Otto is an original with whiteface, cherry red lipstick and a "questionable" German accent. He has the emotional depth of killer, when he is displeased with his sister’s flirtatious attention on a male audience member. He has a deep passion for his train set and for his banana. Otto sings and Astrid harmonizes, “My banana has a home,” in the song "Banana Home".

The Duke Energy tOtto and Astrid Die Roten Punkteheater is small, so you feel close, uncomfortably close. Astrid and Otto pull you in closer to become part of their intimate dysfunctional family. Don’t dare go to the bathroom in the middle of their show, or they might stop the performance and talk about you. They might even wait to resume playing until you get back, if you’re not gone too long.

Although, the premise of two orphaned siblings from Berlin is fiction, Otto and Astrid’s commitment is sincere. The show has heart and it’s very entertaining! They won “Best Production (Cabaret)”, 2008 Green room Awards and “Best Production”, 2008 Monteal Fringe Festival. 'Guaranteed to make you laugh! Don't miss this one!

Otto and Astrid Die Roten Punkte






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