June 6
5:44 PM 2014

BWW Interviews: COLIN MOCHRIE Talks TWO MAN GROUPCOLIN MOCHRIE costars in TWO MAN GROUP with Brad Sherwood. Just like a live version of the Emmy nominated, hit TV series, WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY?, this show becomes truly interactive as audience members are called to the stage to participate in the fun. Don't miss this one night event!

Presented by Blumenthal Performing Arts at Knight Theater at Levine Center for the Arts, June 13, 2014. Tickets are on sale at Blumenthal Performing Arts Box Office: 704-372-1000 and

Colin was at home getting ready to go on the road when I caught up with him to discuss the show and his life.

LAW: Where are you?

CM: I'm in Toronto, Canada. It's home to me.

LAW: You don't live in L.A.?

CM: Without insulting L.A., yeah.

LAW: How long have you been touring in this show?

CM: It's in its eleventh year. Drew [Carey] invited us to do a live show in Vegas. After that show, Brad [Sherwood] asked me if I would do this with him for two weeks. It's turned into eleven years.

LAW: When did you decide to take TWO MAN GROUP on the road?

CM: When Brad said, "Lets bring it on the road." We do about sixty shows a year.

LAW: Has the show been evolving since you started the tour?BWW Interviews: COLIN MOCHRIE Talks TWO MAN GROUP

CM: Yes. We have new material.

LAW: They say it runs two hours. As an improvisational show, how do you know when you've been on stage enough time?

CM: It's two hours at most. Sometimes, we go over depending on how self-indulgent we are. We feed off the audience. We have the most fun when we're not in our comfort zone. We do have a set list and we know what we're going to end on.

LAW: Tell me about your childhood.

CM: I was born in Scotland. It was a normal childhood. I was quiet and I read a lot of books. We moved to Vancouver and I was close to the sea. I was a good student and I wanted to be a marine biologist. Then on a dare, I performed in a school play (without hesitation) bye bye marine biology.


CM: I was performing with Second City and we got a chance as a group to audition. We were all so nice to each other. None of us tried to outshine the other. And none of us got a callback. Then I got an opportunity two years later to audition again. I didn't know any of the actors I was onstage with, so I said, "Screw this... I don't have to be nice to people I don't know." That's how I got it. WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? has had quite a life. It will not die.

LAW: What do you consider yourself, a comedian or an actor?

CM: Both.

LAW: What do you want to be doing when this tour is over?

CM: We'll keep doing this tour until it gets sad, but it keeps getting better.

LAW: What's your favorite restaurant?

CM: Amaya a great restaurant for Indian food. It's in Toronto.

LAW: What's your most memorable experience on the road?

CM: Getting the chance to do what I love fills me with happiness.

LAW: What was most torturous experience on the road?

CM: Travel,... running from one terminal to another. Can you hold on for a moment? (He leaves and comes back to the phone.)

LAW: Are you back?

CM: Yes.

LAW: What advice would you give a comic actor starting out?

CM: Don't be a comedian unless there is nothing else you want to do. It's a horrible business. And always perform. Do free shows if you have to. 'Keep working, that's where you'll find your weaknesses and your strengths.

LAW: What can the audience expect in your show?

CM: It won't make them smarter, but they'll have fun. They will have goofy, goofy fun.

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