Now Playing Onstage in Casper - Week of 1/19/2014

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Now Playing Onstage in Casper - Week of 1/19/2014 GRAND DERANGEMENT
Grand Derangement is a group from the Saint Mary's Bay area of Southwestern Nova Scotia. The name Grand Derangement refers to the expulsion of the Acadians in 1755, but the name also alludes to the group wanting to rouse its audience. The music is exciting, the show is a visual feast, and the highly poetic songs, while insightful, defy the audience to sit still. The bow fires up the fiddle...the sparks fly. This award-winning group is very eclectic in its musical approach, drawing from such disparate musical inspiration as French chansonniers, folk, Celtic, rock, and Broadway. The rhythms are contagious, the dancers enthralling. Grand Derangement is ambitious in targeting an audience and has succeeded in acquiring an acclaimed international reputation. The group acts as an Acadian ambassador and its popularity in Europe and the United States is on the rise. The musicians are raising the profile of Acadians and Michel Thibault's songs are setting new standards for Acadian songwriting.
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Now Playing Onstage in Casper - Week of 1/19/2014 NEERAJ MEHTA
Neeraj Mehta is an active performer and educator, having presented concerts, clinics and master classes in North America and Europe. With interests in a wide variety of percussive styles, Dr. Mehta has performed and recorded with internationally recognized artists and ensembles across a broad spectrum of musical genres from Alan Abel and Anthony Orlando of the Philadelphia Orchestra to Clyde Stubblefield of the JAmes Brown Band. Dr. Mehta was a Fulbright Fellow to Denmark, where he studied with solo-percussionist Gert Mortensen at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Currently the principal timpanist and percussionist of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Mehta's orchestral work has included performances with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Madison Symphony Orchestra and the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. He is also deeply committed to the performance of new works for solo and contemporary chamber ensembles, and has worked with many internationally recognized composers.
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Now Playing Onstage in Casper - Week of 1/19/2014 THE HEIRESS
Stage III Community Theatre
The naive daughter of a doctor falls in love with a delightful fortune hunter, but her father sees through the young man's guise and forbids the marriage. She want to elope, but her beau fails to come for her, only to turn up later and propose once again.
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