This Is Your Brain On Cabaret (Like A German!) - Seven Questions with Hans

May 20
7:41 PM 2014

This Is Your Brain On Cabaret (Like A German!) - Seven Questions with Hans

He teaches Princesses to dance. He's been immortalised in Bobblehead form. He holds world records (Accordian! Madonna! 29.5 hours!). And he's performed to sold-out crowds all over - well, everywhere! Meet Hans, the international one-name Cabaret sensation.

Hans is bringing his latest work of art HANS: LIKE A GERMAN to Sydney in June (although, technically, he is German, to be clear), and no doubt the talented Matt Gilbertson will be right there, with him. He tends to follow Hans around most places - very star needs a sycophant, after-all.

BroadwayWorld chatted with Hans* about his relationship with Matt, his plans for a new world record, and whether he has ever been out-diva-ed.

Here are seven questions with Hans for a special edition of This Is Your Brain On Musical Theatre Cabaret:

1. How would you describe Matt? How would he describe you, Hans?

You know, Matt Gilbertson has always been jealous of me. Here I am, in the spotlight, with adoring fans around the globe, and there he is lurking in the background. He is the Antonia to my Nicole Kidman and really, he's just an embarrassment ... no wonder he can't get a girlfriend.

As for how he'd describe me? I'd hate to imagine. He'd probably be quite complimentary, because he's almost like that annoying boy at school always trying to hang out with the popular kids ... it's never going to happen!

2. You're far from home. What's the best thing about being an honorary Australian?

I am far away from Germany, but on the bright side, I am even closer to Kylie Minogue. The degrees of separation are getting smaller than Mary-Kate Olsen's waistline.

3. You've performed with, and interviewed a lot of stars. Who out-divas you?

I have interviewed some fabulous people - I've sung with Fergie, I've given modeling tips to Miranda Kerr, and dance lessons to Princess Mary ... it's safe to say no one can out diva this.

I mean to say - they've even made a Bobblehead doll in my likeness!

4. What's your theme song this year?

They tried to make me go to rehab and I said - Nein Nein Nein! Or Wrecking Ball sums up the year so far, I think.

5. Who would play you in the movie-of-the-week based on your life?

Probably Meryl Streep. I don't think there is a character she can't play. Or Beyonce - the similarities are uncanny.

6. What do you want the audience to feel when you are on stage?

I want the audience to feel like they're at a party! At a good party you sing, dance and sometimes you even meet some new friends - and that's exactly what happens at my show. It's a very "get to know you" kind of show. Sharing and caring.

7. What's the next world record on your list?

Longest time spent living in their early twenties. So far I think I've lived 16 years as a 21 year old.


*Editor's note: We also chatted with Matt Gilbertson. But his answers just weren't as funny.


8.30pm, Friday, June 6 and 6.30pm, Saturday, June 7

Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point, Sydney


This Is Your Brain On Cabaret (Like A German!) - Seven Questions with Hans

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