Jeffrey Johnson to Bring 'EDIE BEALE LIVE' to 54 Below, 12/30

Jeffrey Johnson to Bring 'EDIE BEALE LIVE' to 54 Below, 12/30

Eccentric, energetic "Little" Edie continues her affair with the Big Apple!

Little Edie" Beale, of GREY GARDENS fame, performed a cabaret act at Reno Sweeney Nightclub in New York City over the week between Christmas and New Years in 1978;

THIS is that act...

Jeffrey Johnson will be bringing his critically acclaimed one-man show, Edie Beale LIVE at Reno Sweeney, back to NYC for one night only at the acclaimed 54 BELOW.

The show is a true to life recreation of the now cult icon, "Little" Edie Beale's, one week appearance at the Reno Sweeney Nightclub in New York City during the Christmas/New Years week in 1978. The show was conceived and written by Gerald Duval and with the help of Mr. Johnson, together they molded the show into its final form. Duval, who managed, wrote and produced "Little" Edie's cabaret for Reno Sweeney recreates the essence of those magical nights at the New York City nightclub using dialogue, songs, and text from the historic event.

"Little Edie showed me authentic eccentricity and how that kind of truth and behavior is often wrongly described as madness," Duval said. "Watching her on that stage was like witnessing every single time a butterfly emerges from a cocoon -- beautiful, fragile, and a little scary -- but in the end, God's absolute miracle of the natural."

Mr. Johnson has performed the show to critical acclaim in Washington, D.C., at the famous Joe's Pub in New York City (where he opened for Sandra Bernhard), the Razz Room in San Francisco as well as Show at Barre in Los Angeles. AlBert Maysles, the director of the original Grey Gardens documentary, called Mr. Johnson's performance as "Little" Edie, "Pure perfection!". Sandra Bernhard called his performance "Flawless!". Alber Maysles filmed Jeffrey's performance and has placed it next to Grey Gardens in the Maysles' Grey Garden's Archives.

Edie Beale LIVE at Reno Sweeney will feature in addition to Mr. Johnson, Jefferson Farber as Gerald and Zack Ford as David, the pianist. The show is schedule for the 9:30PM slot on Dec 30th. Tickets information and purchase can be found through a link on the 54 Below website: or by calling them at: (866) 468-7619

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