BWW Interviews: Isabel Rose Talks New Album and Upcoming Concerts

Noted cabaret singer Isabel Rose is ready to begin the process of delivering her new album, TROUBLE IN PARADISE, to the world. The album features her take on classic songs such as "Got a Lot of Livin' To Do," "Trouble In Paradise," and "Love Will Keep Us Together." For the album she worked with acclaimed music producer Bob Rock, who is best known for producing such acts as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Bryan Adams, and Michael Bublé. To promote the new album, Isabel Rose will be performing in Los Angeles at The Mint on September 26, 2013 and in New York City at The Cutting Room on October 16, 2013. Before she kicks off this venture, she took a few moments out of her busy schedule to chat with me about her career, the new album, and the upcoming concerts.

BWW: How did you get started performing?

Isabel Rose: I was one of those kids who really loved to sing and dance. I watched a lot of movies as a child. We watched one of those MGM style movie musicals every Friday night of my childhood. It was before DVDs and everything, and it was before even Betamax. My dad was a college professor, so we had a movie camera and a movie screen. Not a movie camera like we think of today, like an iPhone that records, but a projector. So, my father would come home on Fridays with these big canisters, and they would contain movies like That's Entertainment, Gigi, Singin' in the Rain, Guys and Dolls, or Can Can. You name it, I saw it. During the reel changes, I would then entertain our guests. We had guests every Friday, and I would reenact the musical numbers. That's how it all started for me.

BWW: Musically, who would you say was/is your biggest inspiration?

Isabel Rose: I mean have a handful of women who I adore, and many of them personality singers. (Pauses) Well, Ella Fitzgerald just has a glorious voice. She's untouchable. Then, Judy Garland was a very big influence for me. No, I'm not a gay man. (Laughs) Certainly watching her young had a big impact on me. Eartha Kitt introduced me to the idea of naughty subtext, and outrageous performers, like Charo, introduced me to fun. Kay Thompson - she wrote the book Eloise - was a big role in the movie Funny Face. She played a role that was fictionalized version of Diana Vreeland. She was very charismatic. It's not that her voice was so beautiful, but you couldn't stop watching her. I researched her, and she was the highest paid cabaret performer of the 60s. She was the first woman to earn a million dollars, and so I began to become really inspired by fun, personality-driven female performers. They're the people who continue to inspire me. (Pauses) You can cut that down to thirty seconds. You can just say Ella, Bette, Babs, Charo!

BWW: Earlier this year you performed at 54 BELOW, a cabaret venue typically used by Broadway stars and those hoping to make a break on Broadway. What was it like performing in that acclaimed venue?

Isabel Rose: It wasn't different from performing in many of the venues I perform in. I've played the Blue Note, Catalina's in LA, Joe's Pub, and a lot of different venues. I think it's exciting to perform at exciting venues. The people are thrilled to be in thrilling spaces, so, more than anything, it's how that audience feels being there. I'm doing my show. Even if I'm doing my show in a dungeon, I'm going to try to do the same thing that I would at 54 BELOW. (Laughs) My goal is the same no matter the venue, and that is to have a really fun time.

BWW: As 54 BELOW is so Broadway centric, can we expect to see you on Broadway in the future?

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