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  • Latest Tweets

    3/9 @ 9:20 AM
    SpikeTV - There's a first time for everything, including Albert shaking his very first cocktail on last night's @BarRescue. http://t.co/qFucRZc1a7
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    3/9 @ 9:01 PM
    SpikeTV - West Coast, it's a difficult journey down memory lane for the coaches on a new #CoachingBad, starting now.
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    3/9 @ 8:01 PM
    SpikeTV - West Coast, it's time for an all new @BarRescue, starting now!
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    3/8 @ 6:59 PM
    SpikeTV - "There are a lot of things broken, but we're on our way to putting them back together." - @raylewis #CoachingBad
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    3/8 @ 6:49 PM
    SpikeTV - This exercise shows us that anger can hurt all types of relationships if you let it. To repair them, you have to listen. #CoachingBad
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    3/8 @ 6:27 PM
    SpikeTV - Domestic violence can mark your past and shape your future, but we've witnessed bravery and strength from Summer. #NoMore #CoachingBad
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    3/8 @ 6:08 PM
    SpikeTV - "We have a responsibility to do what? Do right. Go higher." - Chuck Pagano #CoachingBad http://t.co/kPICrZ9KLu
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    3/8 @ 6:07 PM
    SpikeTV - The coaches have decided Tyson gets to stay. That's a testament to growth right there. #CoachingBad
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    3/8 @ 6:02 PM
    SpikeTV - A very special guest coach stops by an all-new #CoachingBad, starting now. http://t.co/nYvixiIOoO
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    3/8 @ 5:40 PM
    SpikeTV - The hurricane drinks look tasty, but we have a feeling the storm brewing between @jontaffer and Albert isn't going to be pretty. #BarRescue
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    3/8 @ 5:34 PM
    SpikeTV - Albert, owner of Sand Bar has never shaken a cocktail glass in his life. IN HIS LIFE. And yes, this is really happening on @BarRescue!
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    3/8 @ 5:02 PM
    SpikeTV - "All work and no play" has been flipped around by the bar owner on tonight's new @BarRescue, starting now!
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    3/8 @ 3:00 PM
    SpikeTV - In order to move forward, sometimes you have to look back at the past. #CoachingBad is new tonight at 10/9c. http://t.co/Lhz9K9X3vA
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    3/8 @ 12:50 PM
    SpikeTV - We're honored to have Chuck Pagano of the @Colts join us tonight on a new episode of #CoachingBad at 10/9c. https://t.co/bRv1CRWhsN
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    3/8 @ 11:00 AM
    SpikeTV - This is supposed to be lobster meat, so tonight's new @BarRescue is going to be another gross one. Come prepared. http://t.co/rH1i3f7g1P
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    3/8 @ 9:03 AM
    SpikeTV - Coach Tyson hid his past from @raylewis, @Dr_Conte and the coaches. Will he get to stay in therapy? #CoachingBad http://t.co/EQOtrbQNWk
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    3/8 @ 6:57 AM
    SpikeTV - Fajitas that set of the smoke alarm? @jontaffer's visit to the kitchen is going to be awesome: http://t.co/WMjMkCBfpU http://t.co/vrD2yOxSmw
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    3/7 @ 2:02 PM
    SpikeTV - One of the most inspiring coaches in the @nfl, Chuck Pagano joins #CoachingBad tomorrow to lend a helping hand. http://t.co/uttbVZV3kc
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    3/7 @ 11:03 AM
    SpikeTV - Tomorrow, @raylewis and @Dr_Conte help the coaches look to their pasts to better inform their future: http://t.co/KOgZdn8x2d #CoachingBad
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    3/7 @ 8:40 AM
    SpikeTV - We get that fantasy football is important, but more crucial than your bar? Priorities, dude: http://t.co/WMjMkCBfpU http://t.co/CkLSMpfyof
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