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6:30 PM

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (46x123) [NBC]

Season 46, Episode 123

CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley (68x123) [CBS]

Season 68, Episode 123

ABC World News Tonight With David Muir (63x123) [ABC]

Season 63, Episode 123

NHL Live (03x67) [NBCSN]

Season 3, Episode 67

Talk to Al Jazeera (03x20) [Al Jazeera America]

B-52s' Kate Pierson

7:00 PM

America's Funniest Home Videos (25x21) [ABC]

Season 25, Episode 21

60 Minutes (US) (47x32) [CBS]


NFL Total Access (13x55) [NFL NETWORK]

Draft Recap

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (S07-Special) [Bravo]

Atlanta Social: Reunion Part 1

Fox Report (19x36) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 19, Episode 36

River Monsters (S07-Special) [Animal Planet]

Jeremy's Favorite Moments 3

ESPN Specials (01x20) [ESPN 2]

Draft Grades

The Nile (01x01) [NAT GEO WILD]

River of Kings

7:30 PM

Bob's Burgers (05x18) [FOX]

Eat, Spray, Linda

8:00 PM

The Simpsons (26x20) [FOX]

Let's Go Fly a Coot

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (07x24) [Bravo]

Reunion Part 2

River Monsters (S07-Special) [Animal Planet]

Jeremy's Favorite Moments 4

Once Upon a Time (04x21) [ABC]


Austin & Ally (04x07) [DiSNEY CHANNEL]

Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds

Flea Market Flip (04x14) [GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY]

Peace, Love and Flipping

Aerial America (06x02) [Smithsonian CHANNEL]


Guy's Grocery Games (05x02) [food network]

Flavortown Throwdown

Madam Secretary (01x22) [CBS]

There But For The Grace Of God

48 Hours on ID (06x10) [Investigation Discovery]

Raging Son

Lakefront Bargain Hunt (01x19) [HGTV]

Home Sweet Home Lake Martin, Alabama

Legends & Lies: The Real West (01x05) [FOX NEWS channel]

Davy Crockett

The Nile (01x02) [NAT GEO WILD]

Heart of Darkness

8:30 PM

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (02x21) [FOX]

Det. Dave Majors

Liv & Maddie (02x18) [DiSNEY CHANNEL]


Lakefront Bargain Hunt (01x20) [HGTV]

Kickin' Back on Lake Keowee, SC

9:00 PM

Family Guy (13x17) [FOX]

Fighting Irish

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (10x08) [E!]

Buggy Boo

Nurse Jackie (07x04) [SHOWTIME]

Nice Ladies

River Monsters (07x06) [Animal Planet]

Amazon Apocalypse

The Good Wife (06x21) [CBS]

Don't Fail

Game of Thrones (05x04) [HBO]

The Sons Of The Harpy

Long Island Medium (07x14) [TLC]

Theresa Loves Moms

Wicked Tuna (04x11) [National Geographic Channel]

Three’s A Charm

Snapped: Killer Couples (05x02) [oxygen]

Christina Marcum And Jason Singleton

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown (05x02) [CNN]


Naked and Afraid: Uncensored (03x02) [Discovery Channel]

Rumble in the Jungle

Secrets and Lies (ABC) (01x10) [ABC]

The Lie

Myth Hunters (03x11) [AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL]

The Search for Machu Picchu

A. D. The Bible Continues (01x05) [NBC]

The First Martyr

Poker Night in America (02x17) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Poker Night in America - # 17 - 2015: Heavy Metal Thunder

BrainStormers (01x08) [Weather Channel]

Wood Powered Truck and Rocket Stove

Breaking Borders (01x08) [travel CHANNEL]

Gorillas and Growth in Rwanda

Spring Baking Championship (01x02) [food network]

Sweet and Tart

Boomtowners (01x02) [Smithsonian CHANNEL]

The Bakken Drag Race

The Nile (01x03) [NAT GEO WILD]

Paradise Found: Monkey Business

9:05 PM

Mr. Selfridge (03x06) [PBS]

Series 3, Episode 6

9:30 PM

Happyish (01x02) [SHOWTIME]

Starring Marc Chagall, Abuela and Adolf Hitler

The Last Man On Earth (01x13) [FOX]

Screw The Moon

Blood, Sweat & Heels (02x06) [Bravo]

For Love or Family

Garbage Time With Katie Nolan (01x08) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 1, Episode 8

10:00 PM

Intervention (15x07) [A&E]

Mindie / Katherine

No Reservations (09x30) [travel CHANNEL]

Whole Roasted Piggie

Mad Men (07x12) [amc]

Lost Horizon

Revenge (04x22) [ABC]


Silicon Valley (02x04) [HBO]

The Lady

Penny Dreadful (02x01) [SHOWTIME]

Fresh Hell

Ice Cold Gold (03x10) [Animal Planet]

Fight for Gold

The Royals (E) (01x08) [E!]

The Great Man Down

Naked And Afraid (04x03) [Discovery Channel]

Mayan Sacrifice

Salem (02x05) [WGN america]

The Wine Dark Sea

Cutthroat Kitchen (07x18) [food network]

Evilicious: 20,000 Leagues Under the Prep Table

Battle Creek (01x09) [CBS]

Gingerbread Man

American Odyssey (01x05) [NBC]

Beat Feet

Ghost Asylum (02x05) [Destination America]

St. Albans Sanatorium

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (01x05) [Lifetime]

Cold Storage

Hoarding: Behind Closed Doors (01x13) [Discovery Life Channel]

Helen, Jack and Yvonne

Destination Wild (01x10) [NAT GEO WILD]

Beneath the Okavango

Outback Nation (01x03) [fyi,]

Welcome to the Jungle

High Profits (01x03) [CNN]

Caitlin's Law

Forbidden History (01x02) [AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL]

The Third Secret of Fatima

Wolf Hall (01x05) [PBS]


10:06 PM

The Raft (01x05) [National Geographic Channel]

Don’t Surrender

10:30 PM

Veep (04x04) [HBO]


11:00 PM

NASCAR Victory Lane (03x10) [FOX SPORTS 1]


NHL Overtime (04x49) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 49

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (02x12) [HBO]

Season 2, Episode 12

11:30 PM

China, IL (03x05) [Cartoon Network]


Fashion Queens (03x23) [Bravo]

Season 3, Episode 23

ESPN FC (03x55) [ESPN 2]

Season 3, Episode 55

1:00 AM

Sword Art Online II (US) (01x06) [Adult Swim]

Showdown in the Wilderness

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