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5:00 PM

Around the Horn (13x190) [ESPN]

Season 13, Episode 190

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (11x104) [CNN]

Season 11, Episode 104

The Ed Show (07x103) [msnbc]

Season 7, Episode 103

The Five (05x105) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 5, Episode 105

Olbermann (03x112) [ESPN 2]

Season 3, Episode 112

NASCAR America (02x79) [NBCSN]

Season 2, Episode 79

America's Pregame (02x95) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 2, Episode 95

With All Due Respect (02x103) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 2, Episode 103

5:30 PM

Pardon the Interruption (15x141) [ESPN]

Season 15, Episode 141

Pro Football Talk (04x92) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 92

You Herd ME with Colin Cowherd (02x86) [ESPN 2]

Season 2, Episode 86

6:00 PM

Around the Horn (13x191) [ESPN 2]

Season 13, Episode 191

Special Report with Bret Baier (18x105) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 18, Episode 105


Season 3, Episode 75

NASCAR Race Hub (07x81) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 7, Episode 81

You Herd ME with Colin Cowherd (02x87) [ESPNU]

Season 2, Episode 87

PoliticsNation (05x82) [msnbc]

Season 5, Episode 82

6:30 PM

Pardon the Interruption (15x142) [ESPN 2]

Season 15, Episode 142

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (46x145) [NBC]

Season 46, Episode 145

CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley (68x147) [CBS]

Season 68, Episode 147

ABC World News Tonight With David Muir (63x147) [ABC]

Season 63, Episode 147

Olbermann (03x113) [ESPNEWS]

Season 3, Episode 113

7:00 PM

Entertainment Tonight (34x126) [Syndicated]

Season 34, Episode 126

On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (14x103) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 14, Episode 103

Wheel of Fortune (US) (32x178) [Syndicated]

Season 32, Episode 178

E! News (25x187) [E!]

Season 25, Episode 187

NFL Total Access (13x73) [NFL NETWORK]

Season 13, Episode 73

Hardball with Chris Matthews (21x103) [msnbc]

Season 21, Episode 103

Inside Edition (27x105) [Syndicated]

Season 27, Episode 105

Extra (22x126) [Syndicated]

Season 22, Episode 126

Erin Burnett OutFront (05x104) [CNN]

Season 5, Episode 104

NHL Live (03x85) [NBCSN]

Season 3, Episode 85

MLB Whiparound (02x38) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 2, Episode 38

SportsNation (07x117) [ESPNEWS]

Season 7, Episode 117

8:00 PM

Nancy Grace (11x83) [Headline News]

Season 11, Episode 83

The O'Reilly Factor (21x102) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 21, Episode 102

Anderson Cooper 360° (12x103) [CNN]

Season 12, Episode 103

Airplane Repo (03x02) [Discovery Channel]

Takeoff: Woman On a Mission

WWE NXT (09x22) [WWE Network]

Main event: NXT Champion Kevin Owens vs. Solomon Crowe

Masterchef (US) (06x03) [FOX]

100th Episode: You're The Apple Of My Pie (Top 22 Again)

Full Circle (2013) (02x10) [AUDIENCE NETWORK]

Bud and Jimmy

Young & Hungry (02x10) [ABC Family]

Young & Part Two

NBA Countdown (15x51) [ESPN]

Season 15, Episode 51

Rev Run's Sunday Suppers (01x15) [Cooking Channel]

Butter in the Gutter

48 Hours on ID (06x15) [Investigation Discovery]

Murder on His Mind

Id!otest (02x09) [Game Show Network]

Newlyweds vs. a dating couple

All In With Chris Hayes (03x102) [msnbc]

Season 3, Episode 102

Lucha Underground (01x29) [EL REY NETWORK]

Fight to the Death

500 Questions (01x06) [ABC]

Episode 6

Queens Of Drama (01x07) [Pop TV]

Asking for Trouble

GunnyTime With R. Lee Ermey (01x07) [Outdoor Channel]

Down Range Devastation

The Briefcase (01x01) [CBS]

Bronsons / Bergins

Amores con Trampa (01x27) [univision]

Season 1, Episode 27

8:30 PM

Unusually Thicke (02x05) [Pop TV]

Empty Nest

9:00 PM

The Rachel Maddow Show (08x102) [msnbc]

Season 8, Episode 102

American Pickers (07x19) [HISTORY]

The Big Bet

The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players (06x04) [NFL NETWORK]

The Top 100 Players of 2015: #70-61

Property Brothers (05x10) [HGTV]

Chase & Jessica (aka: Taking a Gamble on a Fixer-Upper)

iHeartRadio Music Festival (05x01) [NBC]

2015 iHEARTRADIO Country Music Festival

Dr. Drew (05x82) [Headline News]

Season 5, Episode 82

NASA's Unexplained Files (03x08) [Science]

Revenge of the Fireflies

The Kelly File (03x105) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 3, Episode 105

Best Bars in America (02x09) [Esquire NETWORK]


Swab Stories (01x05) [VH1]

Dude, Who's My Dad?

Filthy Riches (02x04) [National Geographic Channel]

Monster Storm

My Crazy Ex (01x09) [lifetime movie network]

Deranged, Changed and Arranged

Junkyard Empire (01x07) [VELOCITY]

Junkyard Treasure

Sing It On (01x03) [Pop TV]

Northeast Quarterfinals

Little Women: LA: Terra’s Little Family (S01-Special) [Lifetime]

Terra's Little Family Up Close & Personal

Tierra de Reyes (01x119) [TELEMUNDO]

Capítulo 119

Man Finds Food (01x11) [travel CHANNEL]

Shaken, Not Stirred

Bullseye (2015) (01x01) [FOX]

Bullseye Buggy Jump

Mansions and Murders (01x06) [Investigation Discovery]

Love Thy Neighbor

Lie Detectors (01x20) [Game Show Network]

Olivia Wilde & Rebel Wilson

Tia Mowry at Home (01x05) [Cooking Channel]

A Slam Dunk of a Day

9:30 PM

Mystery Diners (09x02) [food network]

Sneakiest Schemes

Walk of Shame Shuttle (01x11) [VH1]

Season 1, Episode 11

Lie Detectors (01x21) [Game Show Network]

Real and fake Drake quotes

10:00 PM

House Hunters (55x58) [HGTV]

Looking for a Log Cabin Vacation Home in Lake Tahoe

The Ultimate Fighter (21x06) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Fight Through the Pain

Hannity (20x104) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 20, Episode 104

Desperate Landscapes (12x08) [diy network]

Bringing Beauty Back to a Historic Home

Hot In Cleveland (06x22) [TVland]

Hot in Cleveland: Hot Damn!

Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (06x05) [Science]

Are Aliens Inside Us?

The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players (S06-Special) [NFL NETWORK]

The Top 100 Players of 2015 Reactions: #70-61

Million Dollar Listing: New York (04x07) [Bravo]

I Love You, Puffer Munkin

Celebrity Wife Swap (US) (04x02) [ABC]

Hines Ward / Verne Troyer

TLC Specials (S01-Special) [TLC]

My Extraordinary Family

Brew Dogs (03x09) [Esquire NETWORK]


America Tonight (03x64) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 3, Episode 64

Fake Off (02x04) [truTV]

Moments in History

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (06x83) [msnbc]

Season 6, Episode 83

Mail Order Murder (02x01) [Investigation Discovery]

The Courthouse Killing

Little Women: NY (01x10) [Lifetime]

The Big Question

Impress Me (01x12) [Pop TV]

A Golden Opportunity

The Prancing Elites Project (01x06) [oxygen]

Prance On The Water

SuperKarts! USA (01x05) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

SKUSA, Race 2 from Glendale

Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business (01x03) [CNBC]

Boiling Point

Air Pressure (01x02) [Discovery Channel]

A Long Way From Home

Ripper Street (03x05) [BBC America]

Heavy Boots

Yukon Gold (02x04) [National Geographic Channel]

What Doesn't Kill You...

10:30 PM

House Hunters International (37x68) [HGTV]

Road Trip to Puerto Penasco

The Soul Man (04x11) [TVland]


Big Time In Hollywood, FL (01x10) [Comedy Central]

Art Imitates Death

Freak Out (01x12) [ABC Family]

Yoga Freaks Me Out!

Mail Order Murder (02x02) [Investigation Discovery]

The Deadly Marriage Scam

Impress Me (01x13) [Pop TV]

Night of a Million Impressions

Ali Velshi on Target (01x13) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 1, Episode 13

11:00 PM

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (20x109) [Comedy Central]

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Around the Horn (13x192) [ESPNEWS]

Season 13, Episode 192

E! News (25x188) [E!]

Season 25, Episode 188

Watch What Happens: Live (12x95) [Bravo]

Dermot Mulroney & Jerry Ferrara

The Soul Man (04x12) [TVland]

Busting Boyce

I Hate My Yard (03x08) [diy network]

Concrete Overload

NHL Overtime (04x68) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 68

MTV2's Joking Off (01x12) [MTV2]

Host DeRay Davis, Mike E. Winfield, Stephen Guarino

11:30 PM

Pardon the Interruption (15x143) [ESPNEWS]

Season 15, Episode 143

Instant Mom (02x15) [TVland]

Don't Worry, Be Maggie

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (01x62) [Comedy Central]

Constance Zimmer & Jermaine Fowler

12:00 AM

@Midnight (03x69) [Comedy Central]

Doug Benson, Natasha Leggero & Tom Lennon

SportsNation (07x118) [ESPNEWS]

Season 7, Episode 118

12:30 AM

Access Hollywood (19x126) [Syndicated]

Season 19, Episode 126

12:37 AM

Nightline (35x105) [ABC]

Season 35, Episode 105

1:00 AM

Tavis Smiley (12x90) [PBS]

Deepak Chopra, Michael Kelly

The Real (03x98) [BET]


NBA Tonight (05x160) [ESPN 2]

Season 5, Episode 160

1:30 AM

Dish Nation (04x105) [REELZ]

Season 4, Episode 105

2:00 AM

OK!TV (03x105) [REELZ]

Season 3, Episode 105

2:30 AM

Highly Questionable (05x104) [ESPNEWS]

Season 5, Episode 104


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