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5:00 PM

Around the Horn (13x80) [ESPNEWS]

Season 13, Episode 80 (ESPN)

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (11x65) [CNN]

Season 11, Episode 65

The Ed Show (07x65) [msnbc]

Season 7, Episode 65

The Five (05x66) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 5, Episode 66

Olbermann (03x63) [ESPN 2]

Season 3, Episode 63

NASCAR America (02x53) [NBCSN]

Season 2, Episode 53

America's Pregame (02x64) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 2, Episode 64

With All Due Respect (02x65) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 2, Episode 65

5:30 PM

Pardon the Interruption (15x74) [ESPN]

Season 15, Episode 74

Pro Football Talk (04x65) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 65

Steven Universe (02x04) [Cartoon Network]

Say Uncle

You Herd ME with Colin Cowherd (02x60) [ESPN 2]

Season 2, Episode 60

6:00 PM

Around the Horn (13x81) [ESPN 2]

Season 13, Episode 81

Special Report with Bret Baier (18x66) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 18, Episode 66

Teen Titans Go! (02x37) [Cartoon Network]

Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp


Season 4, Episode 56


Season 3, Episode 30

NASCAR Race Hub (07x33) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 7, Episode 33

PoliticsNation (05x44) [msnbc]

Season 5, Episode 44

6:30 PM

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (46x92) [NBC]

Season 46, Episode 92

CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley (68x92) [CBS]

Season 68, Episode 92

ABC World News Tonight With David Muir (63x92) [ABC]

Season 63, Episode 92

NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu (04x09) [Cartoon Network]

The Greatest Fear of All

NHL Live (03x45) [NBCSN]

Season 3, Episode 45

7:00 PM

On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (14x66) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 14, Episode 66

Charlie Rose (24x65) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 24, Episode 65

E! News (25x103) [E!]

Season 25, Episode 103

NFL Total Access (13x31) [NFL NETWORK]

Season 13, Episode 31

Hardball with Chris Matthews (21x65) [msnbc]

Season 21, Episode 65

Erin Burnett OutFront (05x66) [CNN]

Season 5, Episode 66

7:30 PM

Regular Show (06x23) [Cartoon Network]

Garage Door

8:00 PM

Bones (10x12) [FOX]

The Teacher in the Books

Grey's Anatomy (11x18) [ABC]

When I Grow Up

Nancy Grace (11x53) [Headline News]

Season 11, Episode 53

WWE SmackDown! (17x14) [Syfy]

Main Event: Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the title (Fresno, CA)

The O'Reilly Factor (21x65) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 21, Episode 65

Anderson Cooper 360° (12x65) [CNN]

Season 12, Episode 65

Dateline NBC (24x29) [NBC]

Lethal Weapon

The Big Bang Theory (08x19) [CBS]

The Skywalker Incursion

The This Old House Hour (13x18) [PBS]

This Old House: Designer Details; Ask This Old House: Building a Basic Shelf

It Takes a Church (02x02) [Game Show Network]

Born Again Bad Boy

20/20 on ID (04x06) [Investigation Discovery]

Murder for Hire

Who Wore it Better? (03x03) [E!]

Season 3, Episode 3

All In With Chris Hayes (03x64) [msnbc]

Season 3, Episode 64

Life Below Zero°: Ice Breakers (01x07) [National Geographic Channel]

Return to the Wild

Income Property (07x01) [HGTV]

Rent Cheques for a Cause (on DIY)

8:30 PM

The Odd Couple (01x05) [CBS]

The Wedding Deception

Who Wore it Better? (03x04) [E!]

Season 3, Episode 4

9:00 PM

The First 48 (14x29) [A&E]

Bad Love

Art Mann Presents... (11x07) [AXStv]

The South By Southwest Music Fest.

How It's Made (24x03) [Science]

Grammy Awards, Bike Lights, Above-Ground Pools, and Foldable Solar Panels

The Rachel Maddow Show (08x64) [msnbc]

Season 8, Episode 64

Scandal (04x18) [ABC]

Honor Thy Father

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (04x06) [TLC]

So I Married My Ex-Babysitter...

Backstrom (01x09) [FOX]

Inescapable Truth

Dr. Drew On Call (05x53) [Headline News]

Season 5, Episode 53

L.A. Frock Stars (02x03) [Smithsonian CHANNEL]

Golden Age of Hollywood

The Blacklist (02x18) [NBC]

Vanessa Cruz

20/20 on OWN (03x12) [OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK]

Designing Women

The Kelly File (03x66) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 3, Episode 66

Party Down South (04x06) [Country Music Television]

Between a Hott Dogg and a Hard Place

Most Infamous (02x03) [Investigation Discovery]

Bloody Badge

Food Factory USA (02x05) [fyi,]

Viva Los Churros

Expedition Unknown (01x13) [travel CHANNEL]

Curse of the Golden Bell

Life Below Zero°: Ice Breakers (01x08) [National Geographic Channel]

No Mercy

Income Property (07x02) [HGTV]

Financial Catch Up (on DIY)

The Real Housewives of Melbourne (02x05) [Bravo]

The Janet Who Cried Wolf

9:30 PM

How It's Made (24x04) [Science]

Liquor Jugs, Deli Meats, NASCAR Engines

Pawn Star$ (09x52) [HISTORY]

Hot Wheel of Fortune

Mom (02x18) [CBS]

Dropped Soap and a Big Guy on a Throne

Food Factory USA (02x06) [fyi,]

Pasta Straight Up

Strange Inheritance: Unpacked (01x09) [FOX BUSINESS NETWORK]

Death Valley Thermometer

10:00 PM

Hannity (20x66) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 20, Episode 66

Archer (2009) (06x13) [FX]

Drastic Voyage: Part II

Ridiculousness (06x19) [MTV]

Prince Fielder

Impractical Jokers (04x10) [truTV]

The Dream Crusher

Mary Mary (04x05) [We tv]

I'm Gonna Kill Somebody!

Elementary (03x18) [CBS]

The View From Olympus

Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor (03x06) [TLC]

Manor Meltdown

Fortitude (01x11) [pivot]

Episode Eleven

Ice Cold Gold (03x05) [Animal Planet]

Golden Glacier

Life Below Zero° (05x01) [National Geographic Channel]

Beyond Survival

The Red Road (02x01) [SUNDANCE TV]


Beat Bobby Flay (04x05) [food network]

Raising the Bar

PRO Boxing (03x20) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Golden Boy Promotions: Raul Hidalgo vs. Julian Ramirez

Gotham Comedy Live (04x12) [AXStv]

Harland Williams

Allegiance (01x09) []

Clean Hands

American Crime (2015) (01x05) [ABC]

Episode Five

Dig (01x05) [USA Network]

Emma Wilson's Father

Party Down South (S04-Special) [Country Music Television]

Talk of Shame (6)

Olympus (Syfy) (01x01) [Syfy]

The Temple of Gaia

Did He Do It? (01x01) [Investigation Discovery]

Reputation of Evil

8 Minutes (01x01) [A&E]

Welcome to Houston

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (06x52) [msnbc]

Season 6, Episode 52

Lip Sync Battle (01x01) [SPIKE]

Jimmy Fallon vs. Dwayne Johnson

The Slap (US) (01x08) [NBC]


Vikings (03x07) [HISTORY]


Timber Kings (02x01) [Discovery Channel]

Old Dog, New Tricks

10:30 PM

Lip Sync Battle (01x02) [SPIKE]

Common vs. John Legend

11:00 PM

Around the Horn (13x82) [ESPNEWS]

Season 13, Episode 82

E! News (25x104) [E!]

Season 25, Episode 104

Conan (05x45) [tbs]

Aubrey Plaza, Ron Funches, Calexico

NHL Overtime (04x27) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 27

Chopped Canada (03x12) [food network]

Créme de la Crop

MOCKpocalypse (02x12) [AXStv]

Celebrity Bands

Match Made In Heaven (US) (01x09) [We tv]


11:30 PM

White Guy Talk Show (01x24) [fuse]

Season 1, Episode 24

11:35 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Live (13x52) [ABC]

Jason Statham, Jalen Rose, Brian Wilson

The Late Show with David Letterman (22x48) [CBS]

Kelly Ripa, Aasif Mandvi, Fat White Family

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (02x52) [NBC]

Michelle Obama, Matthew Morrison, Smashing Pumpkins

12:00 AM

The Wendy Williams Show (07x56) [Syndicated]

Don Lemon, Heather McDonald, Siggy Flicker & Trisha Yearwood

NBA Tonight (05x103) [ESPNEWS]

Season 5, Episode 103

12:35 AM

Nightline (35x66) [ABC]

Season 35, Episode 66

Late Night with Seth Meyers (02x44) [NBC]

Jesse Eisenberg, Rob Huebel, Years & Years

The Late Late Show with James Corden (01x07) [CBS]

Jeff Goldblum & Rick Schwartz

1:00 AM

Tavis Smiley (12x51) [PBS]

Scott Glenn, Cassandra Wilson

NHL Overtime (04x26) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 26

1:05 AM

The Real (03x64) [BET]

Terry Crews

1:30 AM

Dish Nation (04x66) [REELZ]

Season 4, Episode 66

Skiing & Snowboarding on NBC (02x19) [NBC]

USSA 36: Kelly Clark

1:35 AM

Last Call with Carson Daly (14x32) [NBC]

Christina Ricci, Above & Beyond, Alex Garland

2:00 AM

Decker (02x19) []

Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii - Episode 19

2:30 AM

Highly Questionable (05x27) [ESPNEWS]

Season 5, Episode 27

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