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5:00 PM

Around the Horn (13x70) [ESPN]

Season 13, Episode 70 (ESPN)

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (11x62) [CNN]

Season 11, Episode 62

The Ed Show (07x62) [msnbc]

Season 7, Episode 62

The Five (05x63) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 5, Episode 63

Olbermann (03x60) [ESPN 2]

Season 3, Episode 60

NASCAR America (02x50) [NBCSN]

Season 2, Episode 50

America's Pregame (02x61) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 2, Episode 61

With All Due Respect (02x62) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 2, Episode 62

5:30 PM

Pardon the Interruption (15x71) [ESPN]

Season 15, Episode 71

You Herd ME with Colin Cowherd (02x57) [ESPN 2]

Season 2, Episode 57

6:00 PM

Around the Horn (13x71) [ESPN 2]

Season 13, Episode 71

Special Report with Bret Baier (18x63) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 18, Episode 63

Pro Football Talk (04x62) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 62

ESPN FC (03x27) [ESPN 2]

Season 3, Episode 27

NASCAR Race Hub (07x30) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 7, Episode 30

PoliticsNation (05x41) [msnbc]

Season 5, Episode 41

6:30 PM

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (46x89) [NBC]

Season 46, Episode 89

CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley (68x89) [CBS]

Season 68, Episode 89

ABC World News Tonight With David Muir (63x89) [ABC]

Season 63, Episode 89

NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu (04x06) [Cartoon Network]


7:00 PM

On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (14x63) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 14, Episode 63

Around the Horn (13x72) [ESPNEWS]

Season 13, Episode 72

Charlie Rose (24x62) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 24, Episode 62

E! News (25x97) [E!]

Season 25, Episode 97

NFL Total Access (13x28) [NFL NETWORK]

Season 13, Episode 28

Hardball with Chris Matthews (21x62) [msnbc]

Season 21, Episode 62

Erin Burnett OutFront (05x63) [CNN]

Season 5, Episode 63

7:30 PM

NHL Live (03x43) [NBCSN]

Season 3, Episode 43

WWE Monday Night RAW Pre-Show (02x04) [WWE Network]

Season 2, Episode 4

8:00 PM

Dancing With the Stars (20x03) [ABC]

Week #2 Results & Week #3 Performances

Nancy Grace (11x50) [Headline News]

Season 11, Episode 50

WWE Monday Night RAW (23x30) [USA Network]

WrestleMania 31 results from last night - Sap Center, San Jose, CA

Untold Stories of the E.R. (09x00) [Discovery Life Channel]

Extra Dose: Twist & Shout

The O'Reilly Factor (21x62) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 21, Episode 62

Anderson Cooper 360° (12x62) [CNN]

Season 12, Episode 62

Antiques Roadshow (US) (19x11) [PBS]

Birmingham (Hour One)

The Voice (US) (08x11) [NBC]

The Knockouts Premiere, Part 3

Love & Hip Hop: New York (05x15) [VH1]

Surprise, Surprise

2 Broke Girls (04x16) [CBS]

And the Zero Tolerance

Fast N' Loud (06x02) [Discovery Channel]

'71 Scat Pack Challenger Part I

Fox Sports 1 on 1 (03x04) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Joe Maddon

All In With Chris Hayes (03x61) [msnbc]

Season 3, Episode 61

The Golf Fix (07x11) [GOLF CHANNEL]

Season 7, Episode 11

John R. Wooden Awards (01x02) [ESPNU]

Wooden Award Finalists

8:30 PM

Mike & Molly (05x16) [CBS]

Cocktails and Calamine

Star vs. the Forces of Evil (01x03) [DiSNEY XD]


8:45 PM

Star vs. the Forces of Evil (01x04) [DiSNEY XD]

School Spirit

9:00 PM

American Dad! (11x12) [tbs]

The Shrink

Big Break (US) (23x10) [GOLF CHANNEL]

Final Four

The Rachel Maddow Show (08x61) [msnbc]

Season 8, Episode 61

RuPaul's Drag Race (07x05) [LOGO TV]

The DESPY Awards

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (05x03) [Investigation Discovery]

A Halloween Horror Story

Love It or List It (07x07) [HGTV]

Josmell & Carla (aka: A Couple Contemplates Turning Their Townhome into their Future Home or Finding

Swamp People (06x09) [HISTORY]

Outlaw & Disorder

Coast Guard Alaska (04x06) [Weather Channel]

Hook Line and Sinker

Shahs of Sunset (04x05) [Bravo]

It's Nuclear Now

The Following (03x06) [FOX]


Fast N' Loud (06x03) [Discovery Channel]

'71 Scat Pack Challenger Part II

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (02x13) [DiSNEY XD]

Mastermind of Disastermind / The Brawn Also Rises

Bates Motel (03x04) [A&E]


Black Ink Crew (03x10) [VH1]

Now It's Turned All the Way Up

Dr. Drew On Call (05x50) [Headline News]

Season 5, Episode 50

The Kelly File (03x63) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 3, Episode 63

Scorpion (01x20) [CBS]


Best of WEC (02x01) [FOX SPORTS 1]


Rock Legends (03x11) [AXStv]

The Smiths

Strange Inheritance (01x21) [FOX BUSINESS NETWORK]

Tractors Galore

Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies (01x01) [PBS]

Magic Bullets

The Big Picture With Kal Penn (01x01) [National Geographic Channel]

Crime, Inc.

Forbidden History (02x06) [AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL]

The Genius of Nikola Tesla

9:30 PM

Comedy Central Roast (S01-Special) [Comedy Central]

The Roast of Justin Bieber Pre-Show

NBA Coast to Coast (06x07) [ESPN 2]

Season 6, Episode 7

Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations (01x12) [travel CHANNEL]


Strange Inheritance (01x22) [FOX BUSINESS NETWORK]

Custer's Last Stand

The Big Picture With Kal Penn (01x02) [National Geographic Channel]

Treasure Hunt

10:00 PM

Hannity (20x63) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 20, Episode 63

Castle (2009) (07x19) [ABC]

Habeas Corpse

Comedy Central Roast (01x14) [Comedy Central]

Roast of Justin Bieber

NCIS: Los Angeles (06x19) [CBS]

Blaze of Glory

Teen Mom (06x02) [MTV]

To Be A Family

Hardcore Pawn (09x12) [truTV]

Three Ring Circus Part 1

Yard Crashers (13x01) [diy network]

Mid Century Modern Makeover

Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? (05x15) [TLC]

A Deadly Secret

Southern Charm (02x03) [Bravo]

Raising the Roof

The Night Shift (02x07) [NBC]

Need to Know

Fatal Attraction (03x12) [TV one]

Dangerous Addiction

Street Genius (02x01) [National Geographic Channel]

Shattering Conclusions

Better Call Saul (01x09) [amc]


The Returned (US) (01x04) [A&E]


Appalachian Outlaws (02x09) [HISTORY]

Battle at Wolf Creek

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (06x49) [msnbc]

Season 6, Episode 49

Poker Night in America (02x13) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Poker Night in America - # 13 - 2015

Misfit Garage (02x02) [Discovery Channel]

Flipped for a '69 Chevy Shortbed, Part II

Vanity Fair Confidential (01x11) [Investigation Discovery]

The White House Boys

Unwrapped 2.0 (01x09) [Cooking Channel]

Candy Critters

Food Fortunes (01x04) [food network]

Flavorful Futures

Hotel Amazon (01x04) [travel CHANNEL]

Quest for Fuel

Buying Islands (01x01) [Destination America]

Season 1, Episode 1

10:30 PM

Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? (05x16) [TLC]

Evil Beauty

Street Genius (02x02) [National Geographic Channel]

Falling, Floating & Feasting

Premier League Review Show (02x11) [NBCSN]

Season 2, Episode 11

11:00 PM

E! News (25x98) [E!]

Season 25, Episode 98

Teen Mom (S06-Special) [MTV]

A Closer Look (1)

Conan (05x42) [tbs]

Will Forte, Justin Willman, Mac DeMarco

NHL Overtime (04x25) [NBCSN]

Season 4, Episode 25

11:06 PM

WWE Beyond the Ring (02x17) [WWE Network]

Ooohh Yeeaah!: Randy "Macho Man" Savage

11:30 PM

True Life (17x06) [MTV]

I'm Being Slut Shammed

White Guy Talk Show (01x21) [fuse]

Season 1, Episode 21

11:35 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Live (13x49) [ABC]

Vin Diesel, Van Halen

The Late Show with David Letterman (22x45) [CBS]

Neil Patrick Harris, Charlie Cox, the Suffers

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (02x49) [NBC]

Helen Mirren, Oscar Isaac, Wale

12:00 AM

The Wendy Williams Show (07x53) [Syndicated]

Bobbi Brown & Nancy Redd

12:30 AM

Esther Extraordinaire (01x10) [ion LIFE]

Enzo Astonie (aka Sofa So Good)

12:35 AM

Nightline (35x63) [ABC]

Season 35, Episode 63

Late Night with Seth Meyers (02x41) [NBC]

Nathan Lane, Borns

The Late Late Show with James Corden (01x04) [CBS]

Bob Odenkirk, Claire Danes & David Beckham

1:00 AM

Tavis Smiley (12x48) [PBS]

Judge Damon Keith

1:30 AM

Dish Nation (04x63) [REELZ]

Season 4, Episode 63

1:35 AM

Last Call with Carson Daly (14x29) [NBC]

Becki Newton, Hundred Waters, Jay Larson

2:00 AM

Decker (02x16) []

Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii - Episode 16

BWW Interview: How Elle McLemore's 'New' Movie AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID Prepared Her for BRING IT ON: THE MUSICALBWW Interview: How Elle McLemore's 'New' Movie Prepared Her for BRING IT ON Mysterious THE REPUBLIC Could Change How Florida Thinks About Theatre
Mysterious THE REPUBLIC Could Change How Florida Thinks About Theatre

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