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5:00 PM

The Situation Room (10x15) [CNN]

Season 10, Episode 15

NASCAR Race Hub (06x127) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 6, Episode 127 (LIVE)

Inside Story (US) (02x07) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 2, Episode 7

NASCAR America (01x54) [NBCSN]

Season 1, Episode 54

5:30 PM

Pro Football Talk (03x171) [NBCSN]

Season 3, Episode 171 (LIVE)

6:00 PM

106 and Park (14x226) [BET]

Season 14, Episode 226

Special Report with Bret Baier (17x154) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 17, Episode 154

Teen Titans Go! (02x10) [Cartoon Network]

Slumber Party

RWBY (02x06) []

Season 2, Episode 6

NRA News Cam & Co (02x178) [SPORTSMAN CHANNEL]

Season 2, Episode 178

College Football on SEC Network (01x01) [SEC ESPN NETWORK]

Texas A&M at South Carolina

Real News (03x259) [Blaze]

Season 3, Episode 259

America's Pregame (01x99) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 1, Episode 99 (LIVE)

PoliticsNation (04x171) [msnbc]

Season 4, Episode 171

6:30 PM

NBC Nightly News (45x26) [NBC]

Season 45, Episode 26

CBS Evening News (67x14) [CBS]

Season 67, Episode 14

ABC World News (61x362) [ABC]

Season 61, Episode 362

Steven Universe (01x21) [Cartoon Network]

Joking Victim

Summer Youth Olympic Games (01x31) [UNIVERSAL SPORTS NETWORK]

2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies from Nanjing, China (LIVE)

7:00 PM

Entertainment Tonight (32x297) [Syndicated]

Season 32, Episode 297

The Insider (US) (10x310) [Syndicated]

Season 10, Episode 310

On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (13x144) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 13, Episode 144

E! News (23x308) [E!]

Season 23, Episode 308

ABC Saturday Night College Football (09x02) [ESPNU]

Wake Forest at Louisiana-Monroe

Lou Dobbs Tonight (32x259) [FOX BUSINESS NETWORK]

Season 32, Episode 259

Hardball with Chris Matthews (20x259) [msnbc]

Season 20, Episode 259

Extra (20x286) [Syndicated]

Season 20, Episode 286

NFL Thursday Night Football (S09-Special) [NFL NETWORK]

Preseason: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles (LIVE)

The Amazing World of Gumball (03x14) [Cartoon Network]

The Move

PBS Newshour (39x362) [PBS]

Season 39, Episode 362

Erin Burnett OutFront (03x259) [CNN]

Season 3, Episode 259

Real Money with Ali Velshi (01x268) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 1, Episode 268

Inside College Football (04x18) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Season 4, Episode 18

Big Ten Conference Football (02x01) [Big Ten Network]

Eastern Illinois at Minnesota


Season 1, Episode 11

7:30 PM

NBC Sunday Night Football (S09-Special) [NBC]

Preseason: Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LIVE)

Uncle Grandpa (02x03) [Cartoon Network]


Pac-12 College Football (03x01) [Pac-12 Network]

Idaho State at Utah

8:00 PM

Nancy Grace (10x137) [Headline News]

Season 10, Episode 137

The O'Reilly Factor (19x171) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 19, Episode 171

Anderson Cooper 360° (11x259) [CNN]

Season 11, Episode 259

Charlie Rose (23x258) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 23, Episode 258

ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime (16x01) [ESPN]

2014 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic: Boise State vs. Ole Miss* (Neutral field game)

Defiance (02x12) [Syfy]

All Things Must Pass


Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo at New Mexico State

College Football on CBS (S03-Special) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Tulane at Tulsa

truTV Top Funniest (02x14) [truTV]


The Quest (2014) (01x05) [ABC]

Under Siege

Alicia Menendez Tonight (01x219) [Fusion]

Season 1, Episode 219

Best of WWE Monday Night Raw (01x24) [WWE Network]

Stephanie McMahon & Test plan to tie the knot

All In With Chris Hayes (02x171) [msnbc]

Season 2, Episode 171

Bagged (01x03) [MYXTV]

Season 1, Episode 3

Longhorn Weekly with Charlie Strong (01x01) [LONGHORN NETWORK]


Eat St. (05x09) [Cooking Channel]

Buon Appetito!

8:30 PM

Camp Stew (01x09) [SPORTSMAN CHANNEL]

Lion, Gator, and Bears, Oh My!

Bagged (01x04) [MYXTV]

Season 1, Episode 4

9:00 PM

Big Brother (US) (16x29) [CBS]

Episode #29 - Live Eviction #10 & HoH Comp #11 - Day #66

Project Runway (13x06) [Lifetime]

It's a Nice Day for a Rock Wedding

Great Performances (42x03) [PBS]

Rejoice with Itzhak Perlman and Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot

The Rachel Maddow Show (07x172) [msnbc]

Season 7, Episode 172

Braxton Family Values (04x03) [We tv]

Jamaican Me Crazy

The Layover (S02-Special) [travel CHANNEL]

Extra Miles: Atlanta

Doomsday Preppers (04x06) [National Geographic Channel]

There Will Be Chaos

Defiance (02x13) [Syfy]

I Almost Prayed

Dr. Drew On Call (04x137) [Headline News]

Season 4, Episode 137

Gypsy Sisters (03x02) [TLC]

Bottoms up in the Big Easy

The Quest (2014) (01x06) [ABC]

A Traitor in Sanctum

America Tonight (2013) (01x268) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 1, Episode 268

Tom Green Live (03x11) [AXStv]

Larry King

The Kelly File (02x171) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 2, Episode 171

Hollywood Scandals (02x08) [REELZ]

Lindsay Lohan

Dating Naked (01x07) [VH1]

AJ and Liddy

Rush (2014) (01x07) [USA Network]

Because I Got High

Handsome Devils (01x08) [Investigation Discovery]

Desert Rat

Bite This with Nadia G (01x07) [Cooking Channel]


Game Plan with Charlie Strong (S01-Special) [LONGHORN NETWORK]

Game Plan with Charlie Strong

Food Factory (CA) (03x25) [fyi,]

Six Into Eight

Welcome To Sweden (01x08) [NBC]

Separate Lives / Saknad

9:15 PM

College Football on SEC Network (01x02) [SEC ESPN NETWORK]

Temple at Vanderbilt

9:30 PM

Food Factory USA (01x02) [fyi,]

Got Your Goat

Welcome To Sweden (01x09) [NBC]

Home / Återförening

10:00 PM

Hannity (19x171) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 19, Episode 171

NFL Thursday Night Football (S09-Special) [NFL NETWORK]

Preseason: Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders (LIVE)

Love That Girl! (04x29) [TV one]

Temp Tation

Ridiculousness (05x08) [MTV]

Chanel and Sterling XII

CFB on FOX (03x01) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Rutgers vs. Washington State* (Neutral field game)

Chuck's Eat the Street (03x08) [Cooking Channel]

Music City Meals

Gypsy Sisters (03x03) [TLC]

Off to the Races... Again!

Garfunkel & Oates (01x04) [IFC]

Road Warriors

How It's Made: Dream Cars (02x04) [Science]

Caterham Seven

Beat Bobby Flay (02x05) [food network]

Out of the Pan and Into the Fire

Consider This (02x181) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 2, Episode 181

Gotham Comedy Live (03x24) [AXStv]

Greg Proops

20/20 on OWN (02x19) [OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK]

In Search of the Truth

Party Down South (02x13) [Country Music Television]

Out With a Bang

SWV Reunited (02x03) [We tv]

Lelee's Blues

Married (01x07) [FX]

Waffles & Pizza

Candidly Nicole (01x07) [VH1]

How to Say Yes

Satisfaction (US) (01x07) [USA Network]

...Through Terms and Conditions

Celebrity Damage Control (01x08) [REELZ]

Tiger Woods

The Feed (2014) (01x03) [fyi,]

Food for a Fight & Food that Delights

Mecum Dealmakers (01x05) [NBCSN]


The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (05x137) [msnbc]

Season 5, Episode 137

The World's Wildest Commercials (01x01) [ABC]

Episode 1

Survive the Tribe (02x02) [National Geographic Channel]

Arctic Endurance

10:05 PM

Major League Baseball on MLB Network (06x136) [MLB NETWORK]

Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels

10:30 PM

House Hunters (54x31) [HGTV]

Let Me See Bhutan

Project Runway (S13-Special) [Lifetime]

The Klum of Doom (Enhanced Version)

Pac-12 College Football (03x02) [Pac-12 Network]

Weber State at Arizona State

LeAnn & Eddie (01x07) [VH1]

Elephant in the Room

You're the Worst (2014) (01x07) [FX]

Equally Dead Inside

Snack-Off (01x09) [MTV]

Hangover Helper and Toaster Pastries

Undone with @AmandadeCadenet (01x06) [Lifetime]

Season 1, Episode 6 (LIVE)

11:00 PM

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (19x145) [Comedy Central]

Todd Glass

Olbermann (02x04) [ESPN 2]

Season 2, Episode 4

Nightly Business Report (36x264) [WORLD]

Season 36, Episode 264

Party Down South (S02-Special) [Country Music Television]

The After Party

Black Jesus (01x04) [Adult Swim]

I Gave at the Playground

Morgan Spurlock's Seven Deadly Sins (01x04) [SHOWTIME]


My Big Family Renovation (01x07) [HGTV]

Retreat for Mom and Dad

American Rehab: Charleston (01x01) [diy network]

Country Victorian Porch (Pilot)

11:30 PM

The Colbert Report (10x145) [Comedy Central]


Inside College Football (04x19) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Season 4, Episode 19

My Big Family Renovation (01x08) [HGTV]

Backyard Haven

11:35 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Live (12x174) [ABC]

Aaron Paul, Ed Sheeran

The Late Show with David Letterman (21x180) [CBS]

Mike Myers, Bonnie McFarlane, John Fullbright

12:00 AM

UEFA Champions League on FOX (02x66) [FOX SOCCER plus]

UEFA Champions League Play-Off Game #10, 2nd Leg: PFC Ludogorets 1945 (BUL) vs. FC Steaua Bucuresti

@Midnight (02x105) [Comedy Central]

Drew Carey | Brendon Walsh | Blaine Capatch

Red Oaks (01x01) [Amazon Prime Instant Video]


The Cosmopolitans (01x01) [Amazon Prime Instant Video]


12:30 AM

Access Hollywood (17x337) [Syndicated]

Season 17, Episode 337

The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (01x05) [Comedy Central]

The One with the TV Host Perks

12:35 AM

Nightline (34x244) [ABC]

Season 34, Episode 244

1:00 AM

Big Brother After Dark (09x64) [TVGN]

Season 9, Episode 64

ABC World News Now (23x172) [ABC]

Season 23, Episode 172

2:00 AM

Up To The Minute (23x172) [CBS]

Season 23, Episode 172

3:00 AM

Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld (07x282) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 7, Episode 282

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