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5:00 PM

The Situation Room (10x55) [CNN]

Season 10, Episode 55

Steve Harvey (03x34) [Syndicated]

Steve helps a father play matchmaker for his daughter

The Real (02x29) [Syndicated]

Lisa Vanderpump

Inside Story (US) (02x47) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 2, Episode 47

Hot Bench (01x54) [Syndicated]

Misplaced Meth Pipe?; Flirtatious eBay Power Play?

NASCAR America (01x86) [NBCSN]

Season 1, Episode 86

College Soccer on Pac-12 Network (01x53) [Pac-12 Los Angeles]

Men's College Soccer - San Diego State Aztecs at Oregon State Beavers (LIVE)

5:30 PM

Pro Football Talk (03x211) [NBCSN]

Season 3, Episode 211 (LIVE)

6:00 PM

106 & Park (15x30) [BET]

Season 15, Episode 30

Teen Titans Go! (02x18) [Cartoon Network]

Serious Business

Rome (2012) (03x199) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Season 3, Episode 199 (LIVE)

PoliticsNation (04x211) [msnbc]

Season 4, Episode 211

Boogie Oogie (01x71) [Rede Globo]

Season 1, Episode 71

TMZ Live (04x29) [Syndicated]

Season 4, Episode 29

6:30 PM

NBC Nightly News (45x82) [NBC]

Season 45, Episode 82

CBS Evening News (67x70) [CBS]

Season 67, Episode 70

ABC World News (62x47) [ABC]

Season 62, Episode 47

Clarence (US) (01x22) [Cartoon Network]

Neighborhood Grill

Tailgate Fan (02x08) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Baylor vs West Virginia

6:45 PM

Steven Universe (01x30) [Cartoon Network]

Island Adventure

7:00 PM

Entertainment Tonight (33x34) [Syndicated]

Season 33, Episode 34

The Insider (US) (11x34) [Syndicated]

Season 11, Episode 34

Wheel of Fortune (US) (32x24) [Syndicated]

Great Outdoors

Charlie Rose (23x293) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 23, Episode 293

E! News (24x47) [E!]

October 23, 2014

Extra (21x40) [Syndicated]

Season 21, Episode 40

The Amazing World of Gumball (03x22) [Cartoon Network]

The Bros

PBS Newshour (40x04) [PBS]

Season 40, Episode 4

Real Money with Ali Velshi (02x49) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 2, Episode 49

Inside College Football (04x47) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Season 4, Episode 47

College Soccer on ABC (01x29) [SEC ESPN NETWORK]

Women’s College Soccer: Mississippi State Bulldogs at Auburn Tigers (LIVE)

7:30 PM

Jeopardy! (31x29) [Syndicated]

Season 31, Episode 29

TMZ (08x40) [Syndicated]

Season 8, Episode 40

Regular Show (06x03) [Cartoon Network]

Daddy Issues

8:00 PM

Grey's Anatomy (11x05) [ABC]

Bend and Break

Inside the Actors Studio (19x11) [Bravo]


The Biggest Loser (16x07) [NBC]

The Drop

The O'Reilly Factor (20x14) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 20, Episode 14

The This Old House Hour (13x04) [PBS]

Wood and Water; Ask This Old House: Practical Solutions for Drought

The Vampire Diaries (06x04) [CW]

Black Hole Sun

Instant Mom (02x04) [nickelodeon]

Children of the Candy Corn

Food Truck Face Off (01x05) [food network]

Charnow Park Chowdown

All American Amusement Parks (01x05) [GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY]

Florida's Animal Kingdom

With All Due Respect (01x14) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 1, Episode 14

8:25 PM

NFL Thursday Night Football (09x07) [NFL NETWORK]

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos

8:30 PM

Studio 1.0 (01x05) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Scooter Braun

9:00 PM

The First 48 (14x17) [A&E]

Red Brick / Last Kiss

Project Runway (13x14) [Lifetime]

Finale, Part 2

Pawn Star$ (09x11) [HISTORY]

Secret Admirer

Scandal (04x05) [ABC]

The Key

The Layover (S02-Special) [travel CHANNEL]

Extra Miles: Dublin

Yukon Men (S03-Special) [Discovery Channel]

Revealed: Stan's Gamble

Reign (02x04) [CW]

The Lamb and The Slaughter

Bad Judge (01x04) [NBC]

Knife to a Gunfight

Tom Green Live (03x19) [AXStv]

Aisha Tyler

20/20 on OWN (02x27) [OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK]

Murder Caught on Tape

PBR World Finals (01x11) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

2014 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals, Day #2 (LIVE)

Gracepoint (01x04) [FOX]

Season 1, Episode 4

Food Factory USA (01x09) [fyi,]

Wise up, Bud!

America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa (01x04) [WORLD]

Native American Boomtown

Donut Showdown (02x16) [Cooking Channel]

Masquerade Ball

9:30 PM

Pawn Star$ (09x12) [HISTORY]

Hidden Treasure

Impractical Jokers (03x30) [truTV]


A To Z (01x04) [NBC]

D is for Debbie

Food Factory USA (01x10) [fyi,]

Beam Me Up, Jimmy

10:00 PM

House Hunters (54x69) [HGTV]

Football Fans Search for Passing Space in Alabama

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (09x04) [travel CHANNEL]

Asia Files - Volume 4

Parenthood (2010) (06x05) [NBC]

The Scale of Affection is Fluid

Monsters Inside Me (05x03) [Animal Planet]

A Menace In My Own Backyard

Ridiculousness (05x16) [MTV]

100th Episode Special

Tamar & Vince (03x01) [We tv]

Tour De Tamar

Breaking Amish (03x06) [TLC]

Out With the Old

TakePart Live (03x108) [pivot]

Mario Lopez

Beat Bobby Flay (02x13) [food network]

Orange is the New Beat

How To Get Away With Murder (01x05) [ABC]

We're Not Friends

Gotham Comedy Live (03x32) [AXStv]

Dave Coulier

The Shatner Project (01x01) [diy network]

The Kitchen (Pilot)

Inside Homicide (01x04) [Investigation Discovery]

Ten Dollar Homicide

Midnight Feast (01x02) [fyi,]

Retro Feast

Dead Again (01x04) [A&E]

Innocence Lost

Surgeon Oz (01x01) [OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK]

Desperate Utterance (Pilot)

10:30 PM

House Hunters International (36x150) [HGTV]

Seeking Happiness In The Baltics

Snack-Off (01x17) [MTV]

MealBreakers & Donuts

Carnival Eats (01x10) [Cooking Channel]

Indiana State Fair / Old Canal Days

College Soccer on Pac-12 Network (01x54) [Pac-12 Los Angeles]

Men's College Soccer - San Diego State Aztecs at Oregon State Beavers (LIVE)

Surgeon Oz (01x02) [OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK]

One Shot

Project Runway: Threads (01x01) [Lifetime]

Red Carpet (Pilot)

11:00 PM

Watch What Happens: Live (11x174) [Bravo]

Alan Cumming & Victor Garber

Conan (04x153) [tbs]

Neil Patrick Harris, Damian Lillard, Kiesza

Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors (01x04) [REELZ]

Road Trip

11:30 PM

LPGA Tour Golf on GOLF Channel (01x91) [GOLF CHANNEL]

LPGA Golf 2014 Blue Bay LPGA, Second Round from Hainan Island, China (LIVE)

11:35 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Live (12x207) [ABC]

Taylor Swift, Alfred Enoch

11:55 PM

Tavis Smiley (11x193) [PBS]

Annie Lennox, Part 1

12:00 AM

Newsreaders (02x01) [Cartoon Network]

F-Dancing, Are You Decent?

Live From E! (01x61) [E!]

Season 1, Episode 61

12:30 AM

Access Hollywood (18x39) [Syndicated]

Season 18, Episode 39

12:35 AM

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (11x34) [CBS]

Shailene Woodley, Jack McGee

1:00 AM

ABC World News Now (23x212) [ABC]

Season 23, Episode 212

1:30 AM

Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen (09x29) [Syndicated]

Season 9, Episode 29

2:00 AM

Up To The Minute (23x211) [CBS]

Season 23, Episode 211

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