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5:00 PM

The Situation Room (10x27) [CNN]

Season 10, Episode 27

Steve Harvey (03x06) [Syndicated]

Steve Harvey Debuts Ask Steve Anonymous!

N.F.L. Monday QB (03x02) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Week #2 (LIVE)

The Real (02x01) [Syndicated]

The Game

NASCAR Race Hub (06x136) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 6, Episode 136 (LIVE)

Inside Story (US) (02x19) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 2, Episode 19

Hot Bench (01x01) [Syndicated]

Service Dog Tearjerker

Flip My Food with Chef Jeff (01x06) [Syndicated]

The Ranch

NASCAR America (01x63) [NBCSN]

Season 1, Episode 63

5:30 PM

Pro Football Talk (03x183) [NBCSN]

Season 3, Episode 183 (LIVE)

Hot Bench (01x02) [Syndicated]

Turn Lane Collision!; Tiny Toilet Turmoil

6:00 PM

106 and Park (15x03) [BET]

Season 15, Episode 3

Rome (2012) (03x172) [CBS SPORTS NETWORK]

Season 3, Episode 172 (LIVE)

NRA News Cam & Co (02x190) [SPORTSMAN CHANNEL]

Season 2, Episode 190

America's Pregame (01x111) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 1, Episode 111 (LIVE)

Bow Madness (07x12) [Outdoor Channel]

Late Season: Part 2 Highscraper

PoliticsNation (04x183) [msnbc]

Season 4, Episode 183

Boogie Oogie (01x38) [Rede Globo]

Season 1, Episode 38

6:30 PM

NBC Nightly News (45x44) [NBC]

Season 45, Episode 44

CBS Evening News (67x32) [CBS]

Season 67, Episode 32

ABC World News (62x09) [ABC]

Season 62, Episode 9

Archer's Choice with Ralph & Vicki (14x12) [Outdoor Channel]

Hometown Bucks kicking our butts

7:00 PM

Entertainment Tonight (33x01) [Syndicated]

Season 33, Episode 1

The Insider (US) (11x01) [Syndicated]

Season 11, Episode 1

Wheel of Fortune (US) (32x01) [Syndicated]

Teacher's Week - 1

E! News (24x13) [E!]

September 15 2014

Extra (21x07) [Syndicated]

Season 21, Episode 7

Headhunters TV (04x12) [Outdoor Channel]

Arkansas Waterfowl

PBS Newshour (39x380) [PBS]

Season 39, Episode 380

Erin Burnett OutFront (03x271) [CNN]

Season 3, Episode 271

Real Money with Ali Velshi (01x280) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 1, Episode 280


Season 1, Episode 23

World Team Tennis on Tennis Channel (S02-Special) [TENNIS CHANNEL]

Davis Cup Highlights: Italy vs. Switzerland (Tape delay)

USA Basketball (04x07) [ESPN 2]

Women’s Exhibition: USA Basketball: Canada vs USA from Bridgeport, CT (LIVE)

7:30 PM

Jeopardy! (31x01) [Syndicated]

Season 31, Episode 1

Red Bull Air Race World Series (09x04) [SPORTS TIME OHIO]

Air Race from Fort Worth, Texas (Tape delay) FS1

WWE Monday Night RAW Pre-Show (01x30) [WWE Network]

Season 1, Episode 30

8:00 PM

Dancing With the Stars (19x01) [ABC]

Season 19, Episode 1

Nancy Grace (10x146) [Headline News]

2000th Episode

WWE Monday Night RAW (23x02) [USA Network]

Episode 1113 (Lafayette, LA) LIVE

The O'Reilly Factor (19x183) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 19, Episode 183

Anderson Cooper 360° (11x271) [CNN]

Season 11, Episode 271

Charlie Rose (23x265) [Bloomberg TELEVISION]

Season 23, Episode 265

American Ninja Warrior (06x15) [NBC]

USA vs. the World

Masterchef (US) (05x18) [FOX]

Top 3 Compete

Fast N' Loud (S05-Special) [Discovery Channel]

Revved Up: Super Sonic Camaro, Part II

Live From E! (01x43) [E!]

Season 1, Episode 43

Rewrapped (02x02) [food network]

Lay's It all on the Line

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History (01x02) [PBS]

In the Arena (1901-1910)

All In With Chris Hayes (02x183) [msnbc]

Season 2, Episode 183

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (01x01) [VH1]

La La Land (Pilot)

8:15 PM

Monday Night Football (45x03) [ESPN]

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

8:30 PM

Mighty Med (01x25) [DiSNEY XD]

There's a Storm Coming

The Mixtape by SoulPancake (01x05) [pivot]

Love & Fun-Draising

9:00 PM

America's Next Top Model (21x05) [CW]

The Guy Who Starts a Fight

The Rachel Maddow Show (07x184) [msnbc]

Season 7, Episode 184

Masterchef (US) (05x19) [FOX]

Winner Chosen

Dallas (2012) (03x13) [TNT]

Boxed In

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle (04x14) [VH1]


Fast N' Loud (05x09) [Discovery Channel]

Pikes Peak or Bust, Part I

Dr. Drew On Call (04x146) [Headline News]

Season 4, Episode 146

EyeWitness War (S01-Special) [National Geographic Channel]

Frontline Stories

High Moon () [Syfy]

High Moon

America Tonight (2013) (02x21) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 2, Episode 21

The Kelly File (02x183) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 2, Episode 183

Bloodlands (01x06) [Investigation Discovery]

Lieutenant in the Lake

Ridge Reaper (02x12) [Outdoor Channel]

The Colonel and the Corporeal

Terror at the Mall (S01-Special) [HBO]

Terror at the Mall

Hurricane 360 (01x05) [Weather Channel]

Nightmare in New York

9:30 PM

Heartland Bowhunter (07x02) [Outdoor Channel]

All In

Atlanta Exes (01x06) [VH1]

Episode 6

Ruger Inside & Out (02x12) [SPORTSMAN CHANNEL]

Ruger Piston System

10:00 PM

House Hunters (54x41) [HGTV]

Army Staff Sergeant Wants it All in the DC Area

Hannity (19x183) [FOX NEWS channel]

Season 19, Episode 183

Under the Dome (02x12) [CBS]


Twisted (2010) (06x01) [Investigation Discovery]

Sex Slave Killers

Celebrity Crime Files (03x02) [TV one]

Lady Gangster

TakePart Live (03x80) [pivot]

Season 3, Episode 80

Consider This (02x193) [Al Jazeera America]

Season 2, Episode 193

MLB Whiparound (01x89) [FOX SPORTS 1]

Season 1, Episode 89 (LIVE)

Jersey Belle (01x07) [Bravo]

The Primak Attack

Love Prison (01x02) [A&E]

Rosie & Chris

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (05x146) [msnbc]

Season 5, Episode 146

Highway To Sell (01x03) [Discovery Channel]

Surf Wagon Wipeout

10:30 PM

House Hunters International (36x122) [HGTV]

Putting Down Roots in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Eating America With Anthony Anderson (01x08) [food network]

Ice Cream Festival

Carnival Eats (01x05) [Cooking Channel]

Meadowlands State Fair/Gardendale Magnolia Festival

11:00 PM

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (19x152) [Comedy Central]

Ken Burns

Watch What Happens: Live (11x144) [Bravo]

Connie Britton & Justin Long

Big Brother After Dark (09x82) [TVGN]

Season 9, Episode 82

Bath Crashers (10x03) [diy network]

Fabulous Flip

Conan (04x134) [tbs]

Timothy Olyphant, Nasim Pedrad, Passenger

Approval Matrix (01x06) [SUNDANCE TV]

Do's & Don'ts

Olbermann (02x16) [ESPN 2]

Season 2, Episode 16

Undercover Cupid (01x06) [nick jr.]

Michael & Kilia

World Team Tennis on Tennis Channel (02x14) [TENNIS CHANNEL]

Davis Cup Tennis, 2014 World Group Semfinal #2: Italy vs. Switzerland Rubber 5 (Tape delay)

Red Hot Design (01x06) [fyi,]

Quit Wine-ing!

11:05 PM

WWE Monday Night RAW Backstage Pass (01x30) [WWE Network]

Season 1, Episode 30

11:30 PM

The Colbert Report (10x153) [Comedy Central]

Mindy Kaling

Bath Crashers (10x04) [diy network]

Mile High Ceiling

11:35 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Live (12x184) [ABC]

Jane Fonda, Ike Barinholtz, Mastodon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (01x124) [NBC]

Barbra Streisand

11:55 PM

Tavis Smiley (11x165) [PBS]

Judith Jamison, Robert Battle, Alicia Graf Mack

12:00 AM

@Midnight (02x113) [Comedy Central]

Paul Scheer | Nick Kroll | Jon Lajoie

12:30 AM

AXS TV Concerts (02x84) [AXStv]

Chris Brown: Video Collection

12:35 AM

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (10x149) [CBS]

Kevin Bacon, the Bacon Brothers

Late Night with Seth Meyers (01x96) [NBC]

Bill Hader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Walk the Moon

1:00 AM

ABC World News Now (23x184) [ABC]

Season 23, Episode 184

2:00 AM

Up To The Minute (23x183) [CBS]

Season 23, Episode 183

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