Zachary Quinto 'Probably' Won't be Back for AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 3


In an interview with The Huffington Post, the ever-busy Zachary Quinto confirmed that he would 'probably' not be returning for the third season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story once his stint as 'Dr. Oliver Thredson/Bloody Face' is over.

"I haven't had any conversations about coming back," he said. "So at this point I don't think I will be part of the third season as no one has mentioned it to me and I know that they have been making other announcements for the cast. Which is fine, when I signed on for the second season, Ryan [Murphy] and I talked about it being a one year commitment and I think just where I am in my work and what I want to accomplish I think it is good to have a little flexibility and a little bit of freedom. So, at this point I don't really have any plans to go back, but from what I've heard and what I know is maybe going to happen a little bit, I am really excited to see the characters that Lily [Rabe], Sarah [Paulson], Jessica [Lange] and Evan [Peters] all play. I know Frances Conroy is coming back, which I think is amazing and I think it is going to be a different world all together and knowing Ryan as I do I think that it's only going to be more exciting and more surprising than anything we have seen so far. I look forward to watching it."

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