X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 8 Tackle Chart Topping Hits - All the Performances!

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Mario Lopez makes an awkward transition before a commercial break, and next to hit the stage is Carly Rose Sonenclar with Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." The beginning is a little rough, but the end more than makes up for it because - as always - her voice is incredible. "Even your second best is better than everybody else's first best," LA says. I'm totally sticking by my early prediction: Carly's got this one in the bag, and she's a genuinely nice young lady to boot.

Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You" is Tate Stevens' song. He's gunning for number one, saying that he needs the five million or else he goes back to paving roads. I mean, not to say that $5 million is pocket change, but I doubt that he's going to return to his job regardless - plenty of people have done plenty with their singing careers with a lot less exposure than Tate's had on The X Factor. Even though it's very likable, I don't know if Tate's performance this week will put him back in that number one spot. The judges certainly like it. "I'm sure we'll be seeing you accepting a Country Music Award someday," Britney predicts.

Tired of being in the bottom two, Cece Frey says that she's going to make "Lady Marmalade" her best performance performance. This week, she's encrusted her forehead in gems and enlisted a bunch of backup dancers who are dressed like rejects from a Japanese game show, but might be her best performance yet. "I hate that I'm going to say this, but I actually enjoyed that circus," LA says.

Emblem3 will close out the show with "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees. Sorry, but I just don't like these guys - like, seriously, why is that one guy always wearing a tank top? And why couldn't they just sound terrible so that they could've gone home awhile ago? Because, all said, this isn't bad at all. There are cheesy background dancers in flag-print denim shorts, the one guy's wearing camouflage pants and another keeps going back for more high fives from the audience - and this isn't even a bad performance. "I just don't understand what Simon's doing with you guys," Demi says.

What did you think of this week's performances? Who rose to the top and who fell flat? Tune in tomorrow to see if your opinion matches America's as more contestants head home!

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