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X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!

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Paige Thomas sings "Last Dance" by Donna Summer, and it's definitely one of her better performances, though she hasn't really done anything extraordinary yet. The song has been amped up and the costume toned down a little - the biggest avante garde touch is that her lips match her sparkly red dress, which is actually pretty awesome.

Mariah Carey's "Hero" is Fifth Harmony's selection for the week. I'm not ashamed to admit that this song is still on my iPod (I mean, I am a little, but not enough to skip it. Ever.) With the inclusion of a chorus in the background in addition to the girls, it comes together really well toward the end. "I think Simon is doing amazing with you guys," Britney says.

Carly Rose Sonenclar will take on the worst possible song that anybody can sing in a singing competition: "My Heart Will Go On." Nobody can sing this song like Celine Dion did - not even Celine, anymore - but Carly (obligatory reminder: she's thirteen), brings a lot of soul to it and delivers the best performance of the song that I've heard in a long time. "I don't believe you're a human being, because you can't do that when you're thirteen," Simon says. "Incredible."

Vino Alan chooses "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green - and it's the perfect choice for him. It doesn't sound like he's imitating someone else and it doesn't sound like he's trying to be something he's not. It also showcases his voice and the beautiful tone behind it. "There's no doubt about it that you have an incredible, soulful voice," Demi says, and then
reiterates that she was bored for like the fifth time tonight. 

Emblem3, who were shocked to be sixth because they've been "getting so many compliments," perform Alicia Keys' "No One." I kind of don't want to like it because they look like fools with their quote on quote dance moves, but it's actually not that bad. "On the back of that performance, we're going to see you right at the top." Simon says.

Cece Frey will close out the show with "All By Myself." Although I haven't really been impressed with Cece (and I think some of the things she's done are waaaay too over the top), I feel kind of badly saying that it was super pitchy and pretty bad. It just kind of feels like beating up on Cece, because she gets a poor response from the judges as well. "Sorry, I just don't get it," Britney says. In all fairness, Cece looked really nice without her stupid leopard print face paint.

Tune in tomorrow to find out who's headed home and who's one step closer to $5 million!

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