WOWOW & TBS to Co-Produce and Broadcast New Series MOZU

WOWOW & TBS  to Co-Produce and Broadcast New Series MOZU

Continuing to ramp up its original production activity and co-production partnerships, WOWOW, Japan's leading premium pay TV broadcaster, is teaming with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), to co-produce and broadcast a new drama series titled "MOZU."

The co-production is the second such collaboration between WOWOW and TBS, following the highly successful drama "Double Face," an award-winning series based on the Hong Kong thriller "Internal Affairs" (later adapted into Academy Award winning film "The Departed"), co-produced by the two companies.

Created by the same team that produced "Double Face," "MOZU" is based on the popular novel Mozu no Sakebu Yoru by acclaimed Japanese author Go Osaka.

The legendary hardboiled novel is now taking the form of a drama series by the two networks. Director Eiichiro Hasumi, who directed "Double Face" and "UMIZARU" ("Sea Monkey"), will direct all of the episodes of "MOZU" himself.

Much like "Double Face," "Infernal Affairs," and "The Departed," "MOZU" is centered on two main characters in a thrilling and intense game of cat and mouse.

Employing a unique broadcast model that lends itself to significant, mutually beneficial cross-promotion, the first season of "MOZU" will air on TBS in Japan in April 2014, while the second season will air on WOWOW Prime in summer 2014.

Season 1 of "MOZU" will go beyond traditional TV drama in its scale. Kuraki (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is the ace of public security, who lost his wife in a bomb incident. Kuraki, Detective Osugi (Teruyuki Kagawa) and Miki (Yoko Maki) are also from the police security team and have a key to solve the mystery of the bombing incident. The three of them have investigated the mystery of a contract Killer named Mozu (meaning Butcher-bird) - a tragedy ignited by a secret mission by police security, and a trick which shakes the nation.

Season 2 will be a nonstop action suspense under the frame of theatrical movie. The story progresses with depth and psychology. As Kuraki challenges crimes, he faces conspiracy beyond the borders. As they fight against international terrorist, a shocking truth hidden behind peaceful society is revealed.