VOICE OVER: Week 4 Concludes With the Best of the Blind Auditions!


NBC's The Voice was slightly unusual tonight because it was almost a recap in and of itself. The purpose of the show tonight was to refresh the audience on who the contestants were, what they sang, and of course on whose team they are now. Having seen what feels like a zillion people get up there, sing, and either be rejected or take sides, it was really good to watch an overview of the people who will be part of the show this season. And this was a chance to go ahead and start picking favorites from Team Blake, Team Adam, Team Christina, or Team CeeLo.

For a recap of the past singers from the blind auditions this season, click here

Reflecting on who has joined The Voice season three, Christina said, "I like creating a team of diverse individuals, and the blind auditions are exciting for that reason." Blake added, "For all of these people, I can see them going to the end." Besides winning the competition and potentially getting eternal fame and glory, the winner of The Voice gets a much-coveted recording contract with Universal. As those who watched last season may remember, Team Blake won with Jermaine Paul, and on the very first season, Team Adam's Javier Colon won. Naturally, both of these judges are set on- nay, convinced of winning this season. It's a brand new year; anything could happen. So let's take a look at each team for season three.

Adam Levine likes to win, and he's not afraid to show it. In the least. He exudes a very confident demeanor, and it is obvious that he is ready to get back on top. Cee Lo described him as a car salesman who's very competitive. "There is no coach too difficult to crush," said Adam about his seemingly over-the-top, sleazy approach to winning over contestants. "The team's looking tough. I'm very excited. I can't wait for the battle rounds. I'm the most excited I've ever been about a team." And here is Adam's team made up of what he considers to be all-stars:

1.    BrIan Keith's goal was to step out from his Grammy-winning father's shadow. His performance made all four chairs turn around. During the intense fight for him, Adam told him, "More than anyone I've seen, I'm dying to have you on my team!"

2.    Caitlin Michele

3.    Samuel Mouton

4.    Joe Kirkland

5.    Melanie Martinez

6.    Benji

7.    Brian Scartocci

8.    Michele Brooks-Thompson

9.    Loren Allred

10.  Nicole Nelson was another four-chair turn-around. This time Adam said, "That's one of my favorite renditions of this song... It just kept getting better."

11.  Collin McLoughlin

12.  Brandon Mahone

13.  Alessandra Guerico

14.  Kayla Nevarez

15.  Sam James

16.  Adanna Duru

Country guy Blake Shelton is known for his more subtle and personal tactics to convince the singers to join his team. This season, he has tried to win singers over by saying all the usual, "You're just plain awesome," but also throwing in things like, "You should join my team because I wear that kind of outfit all the time." Blake's strategy is less straightforward than Adam's, but that makes him very entertaining and lovable. So as Blake goes for a repeat this season, will he get it with one of these sixteen performers?

1.    Terry McDermott

2.    Gracia Harrison was told by Adam, "I want you so bad." However, Blake's comment won her over, "Country music is full of people who can't do what you just did." Later he said, "Gracia has serious potential to win this whole thing."

3.    2 Steel Girls, a mother-daughter duo

4.    LIz Davis

5.    Nicole Johnson sang Kelly Clarkson's "Mr. Know-it-All" and on the chorus, distinctly said, "thang." Blake told her that that was what got him, "You had me at 'thang.'"

6.    Rudy Parris

7.    Casey Muessigman

8.    Cassadee Pope of the band Hey Monday was an obvious four-chair turn-around, but really seemed more like a Christina pick. In fact, that she even chose Blake was the biggest surprise of the blind auditions. Although, if Blake said this to you, how could you resist? "An artist isn't an artist unless there's no one else like them. There's no one else like you, and I believe with 200% of my heart that you are a star."

9.    Julio Caesar Castillo

10.  Terisa Griffin

11.  Suzanna Chofel

12.  Kelly Crapa

13.  Charlie Rey

14.  Ryan Jirovec

15.  Lelia Broussard

16.  Michaela Paige

CeeLo Green is without a doubt the absolute wildcard among the coaches, and it thus takes a truly unique artist to get on his team. "Different is what I do." When you see the variety in not only the genres each singer represents, but the sound of each person's voice, you'll see that he is completely right. Team CeeLo's sixteen are looking great.

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