VOICE OVER: Week 3 Turns Out to Be a Night of Surprises!

Tonight, the coaches saw possibly the most experienced performer this show has ever had. Having been singing for forty years, 55-year-old Yolanda told Carson Daly, "This is The Most Amazing thing that's happened to me in years... I worked on cruise ships until a few years ago when I was let go. Then I started school bus driving." She brought everything she had when she sang a powerhouse rendition of "Get Here." There was so much emotion in that song; it was amazing. Christina kept looking like she was going to push the button to take Yolanda onto her team, but she pulled her hand away, looking regretful as the song ended. Adam told a disappointed Yolanda, "You're amazing," Christina said, "There were numerous times when I almost kind of pushed the button... With that voice, you should not be driving a bus!" and Cee Lo called her a "seasoned vocalist." With all of that, Yolanda went home having showed America that you can never be too old to audition for The Voice.

Fans may remember 22-year-old Cassadee Pope from the band Hey Monday, which toured the world with numerous hit bands like Fall Out Boy and others until just recently. After the group broke up, Cassadee decided to try to go solo, but she felt like making it on The Voice would help accelerate her career. From the moment she opened her mouth to sing, it was obvious that she would be a much fought-over singer. She rocked "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia, which got all of the judges to push the red button and turn around. In their classic way, the coaches argued over who would get this amazing girl. Blake told her, "I believe with 200% of my heart that you are a superstar," and to everyone's- especially his- surprise, the rockstar chose Team Blake. In his excitement, Blake got up out of his chair and celebrated, pointing and laughing jeeringly at the other envious coaches.

So on September 25, Adam shockingly got no additions to his team, while Blake gained two, Cee Lo got one, and Christina got one. Now the stakes are even higher than before, as each coach has fourteen mentees each. Tune in next week to NBC on Monday and Tuesday at 8pm to see how all the final teams pan out!

Visit www.nbc.com/the-voice/artists/ to view the full list of mentees as of the end of week two. You can download your favorites from tonight's performances at www.iTunes.com/thevoice. Keep up with The Voice through the week on Twitter: @NBCTheVoice.

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