VOICE OVER: This is the Moment for the Top 12 on The Voice

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Blake’s former band star Cassadee Pope had big shoes to fill when she sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” In rehearsals, she hit that hard “anymore!” note really solidly, and both she and Blake were really surprised. Playing the guitar up there on stage, she very much channeled her old band days, and landed the high notes quite definitively. This was a great song choice for her voice, and she nailed it. Blake said, “There’s no limits to what Cassadee can do. But most importantly, you have that special thing that people love you, and that is so important.”

Trevin Hunte of Team CeeLo chose a favorite which also carried with it a lot of pressure: “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Fortunately, he lived up to that pressure, sounding very strong and all-around wonderful, despite having some doubts during rehearsals as he frequently does. Adam, addressing the fact that Trevin said he had been told before that he couldn’t do this, said, “It would have been a travesty if you had just stopped.” CeeLo told his mentee, “I believe that you’re going to be a blessing to so many lives. I’m humbled by your voice. You encourage me in such a profound way.”

The girl whom Adam called the most unique person on the show, Melanie Martinez, chose to sing “Concert,” to show off a slightly dark, sad side to her. This seemingly confident girl got real on camera for a minute, “I’m very scared. I hope they like this performance and that they vote for me.” As usual, she delivered her own style, both in music and looks to her performance, though her articulation was still wanting. The other coaches seemed to concur that this was Melanie’s personal best, and that most of all, she really connected more than ever with the audience. Adam said, “Ok, here’s what makes you really special: there’s all these show-stopping moments in this show, but what you have to offer is you have something that’s all your own. There’s only one Melanie in this competition. You are so spectacular and you’re the only one like you in this competition.”

Nicholas David, another Team CeeLo guy, sang “Power of Love.” Regarding the song choice, he said, “I’m putting a lot of trust in my coach that he’s making the right decision.” The coaches had fun watching him sing this, especially since it was a favorite song choice anyway. “There’s no better success than realization of self,” CeeLo told him, “You do what you do naturally, sincerely, genuinely; there’s no denying that.”

Christina’s save from last week, Sylvia Yacoub tackled possibly the most challenging song of the night, “The Heart Will Go On.” The problem with this song is that the original was Celine Dion. And no one can come close to her, nor is it fair for anyone to be compared to her. Nevertheless, when people hear that song, they think of not only Celine’s amazing voice, but all the stigma that goes with that song and the movie: Jack, Rose, love, and sheer emotion. Because of this, it seemed that she had a lot of expectations to live up to, more so than should be on any contestant of this nature. Christina wanted her to channel Beyoncé, which definitely changed the feel of the song. With so much pressure, it seemed like the coaches were having difficulty complimenting Sylvia, because they had Celine in the back of their heads. However much they stumbled over their rhetoric, they were able to convey that she did very well with what she had. Christina was able to actually voice something that didn’t sound like a back-handed compliment, “You are tried and true, fearless. It was extremely fearless. You had a really hard song to do, but no one can argue the fact that you made it your own. You truly did your soulful thing and added your own inflections.”

It seemed like they purposely saved the projected best for last, because Terry McDermott, of Team Blake, who sang a show-stopping, "Don't Stop Believing" closed out the night with, “More Than a Feeling.” Terry admitted, “This song is the single biggest challenge I’ve done.” His performance was mostly awesome, except for one unfortunate botched note. Even still, this Scottish rocker is quite a fan favorite and seems like he will stay on this show for a while. Adam was speechless, stumbling over his words, and could hardly articulate all of the awe he was feeling after that performance. Everyone clearly enjoyed his performance.

So Ginge’s Picks for November 13, are: Amanda Brown, Cassadee Pope, and Terry McDermott for the second week in a row, as well as Dez Duron and Trevin Hunte.


Tune in tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8/7c on NBC, to find out who gets passed through to next week!


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