VOICE OVER: This is the Moment for the Top 12 on The Voice

VOICE OVER: This is the Moment for the Top 12 on The Voice

The Top Twelve Live Rounds began tonight after last week, which was the first week of voting. On Monday and Wednesday, America voted for their favorite singers on NBC's The Voice, which allowed the top two from each of the four teams to automatically advance. However, after all eight were chosen, each coach got to save one more. So at the end of last Thursday night there were only three contestants on each team. The top twelve contestants from Teams CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton sang tonight, allowing fans to yet again vote for their favorites after the show ended. But this time, the coaches don't get to save anyone. It's completely up to the people now.

If you missed any earlier episodes on The Voice, or need to get a reminder on exactly who is still in the show, click here to read the past recaps!

To start off the night, Michaela Paige, who Blake saved last week, sang P!nk’s recent hit, “Blow Me One Last Kiss.” Her coach said, “This is exactly what she needs to do as an artist, but it’s not gonna be easy.” Michaela took the stage without her signature mohawk, and though she sounded a little off, she put her heart into what may have not been the best song choice. Nonetheless, Chrisitna, Ceelo, and Adam agreed that Michaela was one of their favorites on the show, and her coach Blake was extremely proud of her, not being able to say enough about how well she did. “Earlier, you were talking about making sure I made the right decision to save you. That performance left no doubt in my mind. I want America to know that I never worked with an artist that has the ability to take advice and translate it into what happened on this stage. That’s how hard this girl works. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS GIRL!! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING!”

Fan favorite and simply adorable guy, Christina’s Dez Duron, sang Lauren Hill’s version of The Four Seasons’, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” Through this arrangement, Dez hoped to channel his gospel side. This arrangement was hard to listen to for Frankie Valli fans but even so, Dez executed it well. He kept his pitch flawlessly, even while moving around on stage and walking amid the crowd. It was amazing. From listening to it, he sounded the same standing still as he did pacing. The coaches, not to mention the ecstatic (almost hysterical) girls in the audience, loved him and his performance very much. They all agreed that he had lots of charisma and ridiculous, unteachable stage presence. His coach clearly wanted to distinguish him from the other people on this show with awesome voices, so she told the audience about something they didn’t know, namely, his personality, “How can you guys not love this guy? He’s got a heart of gold too. He’s a sweetheart! He’s the real deal. You definitely have natural charisma, but when you get on the stage, you have the true star quality appeal that some people have. But you really have it. You have this really cool old soul crooner voice. There's more to come for Dez!”

Another member of Team Christina, Adriana Louise went with a bold choice: Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl.” “Adriana has this great energy and great charisma that comes out, which is why this song is so perfect for her.” This sweet girl delivered a very confident, sensual performance, which ended with her going over and singing to Adam, much to his surprise. Vocally, the upper notes were supported, which was undoubtedly hard. Christina was proud of her girl, saying, “That was so cute. Adam loves girls that get up in his face. The thing is, people that aren’t actual singers that sing along on the radio don’t realize how hard that is to sing live. It’s really hard! The best is yet to come to you.”

The first of the night from CeeLo’s team, Cody Belew, said, “I want to be larger than life in personality. I want to be remembered for epic performances.” With that in mind, he sang, “The Best” by Tina Turner.  He handled this song very well, sounded very relaxed, and most importantly, didn’t overdo it. This time, the male coaches really liked him, but Christina wanted more. “I was kind of missing- I’d like to see a little more up-tempo. You were so fun to watch when you did Gaga last week, so I’d like to see more bopping around the stage.” His coach CeeLo gave him some simple remarks, “I enjoy you as a friend, as a comrade. You don’t allow this competition to let you become cold. You keep it fun, and it’s a pleasure.”

Another favorite from last week, Amanda Brown of Team Adam sang “Spectrum,” which Adam called ambitious, saying, “Amanda Brown has an unbelievable voice.” As always, Amanda really brought it tonight, showing America why they kept this powerhouse performer on the show. Christina said she was still waiting to "connect to who Amanda Brown really is," and Adam basically told her that as an imperfect artist himsef, he could appreciate the raw imperfection in her voice. “You epitomize everything this show is about. That’s one of the more ambitious songs you’ve chosen to sing. You have the power to deliver. I know you deserve to be here, and I think you can win this entire thing.”

Another Adam mentee, Bryan Keith sang “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse. Bryan admitted, “Now on The Voice, singing is a real challenge, but it’s also a sign of growth for me. It’s super important that I connect with America.” The coaches all told him that he was special, and with that, he rose to the top of Team Adam, they said. His own coach said, “Once the buttons are pushed at the Blinds, it’s about moments everybody gets to have. You had your moment now, I think Amanda Brown had her moment last week. Congratulations! I’m so happy, and I think you’re so strong. This is your moment.” And with that, every Broadway fan watching this show undoubtedly burst into the Jekyll & Hyde song, “This is the Moment.”

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