VOICE OVER: The Top 10 Take Risks & Instigate Change

When CeeLo's Nicholas David saw the guest coach, he endearingly said, "Holy buckets, that woman is Jennifer Hudson!" He sang the classic, "Lean on Me," accompanying himself with the piano, which rendered him very comfortable. Jennifer said, "I love Nicholas; I think he's very original. He sings with his soul." Nicholas realized that while playing piano made him more relaxed, that meant he had to find a new way to connect with the audience without being in their faces. Looking great with straightened hair, he executed this song perfectly, complete with a gospel choir (the "Agape Love Ensemble") in the background. Like so many from tonight, this song was very emotional. CeeLo's listed his reasons to love this performance, and they were numerous, "Let me tell you what I heard: I heard the voice for a generation. Let me tell you what I saw: I saw an immaculate, impassioned performance. It was wonderful. Let me tell you how it makes me feel: My mother and father were both minsters, so the gospel music is my blood type. My father died when I was very young, and Bill Withers is like my godfather, so it was so sweet to me; it made me cry." And this emotional moment had to be followed by a hug from Nick. It was a moral imperative.

The next CeeLo contestant, Trevin Hunte, was also starstruck by Jennifer Hudson. But again, as seemed to be a theme for tonight, this ballad-singer thought this was his time to branch out and sing something other than a ballad, namely, "Scream" by Usher. "I have a funner side to me, and I want everyone to remember I'm 18 years old." Both CeeLo and Jennifer were hesitant to let him do it, but they trusted him. When it counted, Trevin totally went for it, but he sounded a little nervous, and when he was among the crowd, he seemed to lose his focus. This was a great performance, but with so many other brilliant singers out there, he faded and became a mediocre singer. Adam told Trevin he could sing anything, even the dictionary, and sound great, and Christina called this her favorite moment from Trevin so far. CeeLo was absolutely beaming, "A quality of a good coach is to be able to listen. I'm glad that that paid off. Apparently it paid off. It was good see you alive and happy and free and confident, dude."

Cassadee Pope, of Team Blake, was another contestant who took a risk tonight, singing Blake and his wife Miranda's own, "Over You." This was an emotional journey for both Blake and Cassadee, because he had written this about his brother's death, and Cassadee connected her own emotion to the song, relating it to when her grandfather died. She said, "This song means a lot to Blake; I'm nervous I'm going to cry when I sing it," and Blake likewise told her, "I'm nervous I'm gonna cry when you sing it!" Looking radiant in a white floor-length formal dress with white pants, Cassadee just looked so comfortable on stage, displaying some raw, genuine emotion. The best part about her performance was that she was not trying to over-do it, but she sang as if this were really her song she'd written about her life. This was the sweetest performance of the night, because both singer and coach seemed to silently bond over this song, even while she was singing it. Not surprisingly, she received a standing ovation from Blake. Adam thought Cassadee was embracing her country side with this song, so he encouraged her to explore that more. Blake told her, "You sang easily the most important and most personal song that I've ever been a part of writing in my life, but you made me feel like I was hearing it for the first time, and words can't express what that means. Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at an artist standing right up there."

The highly-anticipated, adorable, Dez Duron from team Christina, who is the one who draws the biggest crowd, consisting entirely of teenage girls, sang last tonight. "I wanted him to dig a little deeper this time," he said, talking about how much he had studied Frank Sinatra and Billy Holiday when he was younger and wanted to emulate them. As he sang, "Feeling Good" and really sounded like Bublé, with his own flare. When he came on stage, he looked ridiculously classy in a white sport coat with a black lapel. And the addition of trumpets and saxophone were just perfect. The only word I can think of for this performance is flawless. Following his performance, all of the screaming in the audience really sounded like Beatlemania all over again. Christina semi-awkwardly shifted the spotlight from just Dez to her whole team, saying, "That standing ovation was for both you and Sylvia tonight. I'm so happy that you brought not only your stage presence to the table, but you really rehearsed that and made everyone's heart melt tonight. Everybody, vote for my team!" 

Ginge's Picks for the Top 10 are yet again Amanda, Terry, Dez, Cassadee, and a new one this week: Nicholas. All of the Top 10 tonight were amazing, but two have to go home. Tune in tomorrow night at 8/7c to NBC to find out which two go home!

Visit www.nbc.com/the-voice/artists/ to view the full list of Season 3 contestants (those eliminated and those still in the competition) plus their stories, videos, and more. You can download your favorites from tonight's performances at www.iTunes.com/thevoice, or watch them on The Voice's YouTube channel: www.Youtube.com/NBCthevoiceKeep up with The Voice through the week and during the show on Twitter: @NBCTheVoice, #TheVoice.

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