VOICE OVER: The Battles End in a 'Musical Pillow Fight'!


Tonight was the final night of Battle Rounds on NBC's The Voice! For the Battles, each contestant pairs up with another contestant from the same team to sing a duet in front of their coach and the other three coaches. After the performance, their coach has to decide which one gets to move on to the Knock Out Rounds, and who gets the boot. This season, a special twist was added in which one of the other coaches can actually "steal" whoever gets eliminated. Each coach only has two steals though, so they have to be pretty stingy. So as it stands coming into the last night of Battles, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and CeeLo Green have all used up their steals, so Christina Aguilera is the only one with a steal still to use.

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Team Christina opened the night Adriana Louise sang "Hot 'n' Cold" with former Disney star Jordan Pruitt. Billy Joe Armstrong helped out advising this team, which made Jordan and Adrianna very excited. While they were practicing the song, Christina thought Jordan was better at attacking it and being aggressive, while Adriana still had to work on that. In light of the fact that Jordan had experience singing on tour with people like The Jonas Brothers, Adriana said, "It's a little nerve-wracking knowing Jordan has all this experience on me." Christina called Jordan a "well-controlled singer," but she wanted to see her venture out more, with which Jordan admitted to having issues because she had worked in the security of Disney for so long. "To be a pop star," Christina advised, "You have to exude power and presence." On stage, it was clear that these two rock stars were having an absolutely wonderful time, as were the coaches. CeeLo had high praise for them, "That's one of the best battles we've had. You're both competitive vocalists; it's like the Olympics up there." Adam told them something similar, "I don't think we've ever had a battle that's this even," and Blake expressed his disappointment about not having any steals left, because he said he wanTed Jordan for his team. Christina called them both superstars, saying, "Jordan, you and I both come from a similar background as far as being Disney kids. You added a lot of ad-libs and soul. Adriana, you were able to hit some crazy notes. That's something you naturally do have, and that's what I connected with. The winner is Adriana." A tearful Jordan left the stage disappointed and a little surprised that she did not win, but Blake said that he hoped she would release a record very soon so he could buy it as soon as possible.

The youngest pair yet- Kelly Crapa (age 15) and Michaela Paige (age 16)- sang "I Hate Myself for Loving You" next. And these girls could not have been more different. Michaela exuded this extremely confident image with her blonde and pink mohawk with a rocker voice, while Kelly was straight-up country. Adviser Michael Bublé said, "Michaela is like a black woman trapped in the body of a 16-year old blonde rocker." Michael and Blake agreed that Kelly needed to work on getting out of her shell and not being so timid. But in their last rehearsal, Kelly really stepped up her game, consistently matching Michaela's power. Since they seemed fairly evenly-matched, a cautious Michaela said, "Kelly is tough competition. I know I don't have this in the bag." Seeing these barely high school-age girls (especially Kelly who really looked young) sing this ridiculously powerful song was just strange and amazing at the same time. Adam seemed to feel like it was an interesting combination too, saying, "That was the cutest thing I've ever seen. It was like a musical pillow fight." And yet, it was also so fierce that Christina said, "I was expecting a fist fight or something!" A proud coach Blake said, "You're the sweetest girls ever. Y'all did exactly what I asked y'all to do. But I think when you're in your mid-teens like you girls are, a year can make a huge difference, and I think Michaela just had a little more of an edge. So I'm gonna go with her." No steal for Kelly, but she seems to have a bright future ahead of her. 

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