VOICE OVER: Team CeeLo Faces Off Against Team Blake as the Fab Four Become Three

After all of that fun, they returned to the tense stage where the performers waited to see which of them was safe. Carson announced that Cassadee Pope had been saved by America. As she should be.

The next was a performance of Mariah Carey's tear-jerking hit, "Hero," sung by CeeLo Green's Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David. Unfortunately, this was a strange rendition, because it was a good duet version which sounded like it was supposed to be done by a guy and a girl. So Trevin's part consisted of pretty high notes the whole time. He really just sounded like a girl, making what could have been a brilliant performance mediocre and frankly, just odd. After their song, Adam Levine reflected on them, recalling that he turned around for both of the current Team Blake contestants, but for neither of the Team CeeLo ones. "I've grown to love your talent so much," he told both of CeeLo's mentees; "I was so wrong to not turn around at the blind auditions."

Then the moment of truth came. CeeLo's guys knew that one of them was going home, much to CeeLo's chagrin. One thing that seemed to define Trevin Hunte in the past was that he looked ridiculously nervous as he was standing on stage waiting to see if he was going home. Granted, it is an intense situation, but he was always noticably sweating buckets, and there was what can only be described as uncontrollable anxiety on his face (this right here is a pretty typical Trevin look). It made me stressed out just to watch him. But tonight, he really seemed like he had been coached on that, because he kept smiling and looking relaxed. Anyway, between the young guy with some mighty pipes and confidence issues, Trevin Hunte, and the guy singing for his wife and child, Nicholas David, Nicholas rounded out the top three. As sweet as Trevin is, it was definitely time for him to go. Finally! An elimination that makes sense! There haven't been any of those in weeks. 

A few weeks ago, Ginge's Picks would have included Blake's Terry and Cassadee, Adam's Amanda Brown, and Christina's Dez in the Fab Four, and I might have even pegged Amanda Brown to win the whole thing. Given that my favorite was eliminated, Ginge's Picks for the finals is Cassadee and Terry. Predicting the winner will be hard, becuase while Terry is a crazy-awesome rocker, Cassadee seems more marketable, and she has been on the top of the iTunes charts for weeks. That prediction will come next week.

Tune in to NBC next week on Monday at 8/7c to watch the Top 3 perform and Tuesday at the same time to find out who advances to the finals!

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