VOICE OVER: Each Performer Takes a Risk for NBC's The Voice!

VOICE OVER: Each Performer Takes a Risk for NBC's The Voice!

The Knock-Out Rounds on NBC's The Voice continued tonight as the last performers from Teams Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera took the stage, hoping to be passed on to next week's Live Playoff Rounds. Tonight, it seemed like every single contestant had thought before choosing their songs, "What do you say to taking chances?"

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For the first hour of the night, Christina had to pare her ten down to five. So to kick it off, Devyn Deloera made a daring song choice with, "I Have Nothing," by Whitney Houston. In their rehearsals, Christina said, "That's beautiful. I just wanna hear your powerful voice." She was concerned that Devyn's nerves would interfere with her performance. But when she got on stage, everything else went away. This awesome girl, who actually looks like Amanda Seyfried, seemed completely comfortable and carried a commanding presence as she sang. This was a magnificent performance. Laura Vivas clearly had a hard act to follow, but she chose, "I Need to Know," by Marc Anthony.  Her coach thought this was a good song choice, right in her comfort zone, and Laura felt challenged in a good way. She added her own flair by singing a bit in Spanish and throwing some Latin dancing in there too. Following their performances, Christina was very excited about her mentees, "Laura, you surprised me! Bam! You did it! Devyn, you are an ambitious vocalist. I thought it was honest, sincere, and real. I feel like one of you can use my coaching more than the other, and I gotta go with Devyn."

Yet more girls from Team Christina, Adriana Louise and Celica Westbrook, went next. Adriana chose Kelly Clarkson's, "Already Gone." Coach Christina thought Adriana had a great voice, but warned her to not stick too closely to a script. Christina demonstrated exactly what she meant vocally for Adriana, and sweet Adriana was in awe. Right from the get-go, all the audience could think was, "This chick's going to win!" Her incredibly supported voice really sealed the deal. Celica went with the Justin Bieber hit, "Never Say Never." Her reasoning was that it fit her because she, like the Biebs, was young. "Celica needs to lose herself in this song. I think that comes with time," her coach advised. This young, confident girl was fun to watch because she seemed to have a great time in this intense, fierce performance. Christina told Adriana, "Nerves are an issue for you, and you relaxed yourself, and that's the best I've seen you perform. Celica, you gave that feistiness I asked you for, and it shows that you grew. Both of you have showcased such tremendous talent, and I'm so happy for both of you. I'm going to have to go with Adriana."

Christina stole Alessandra Guerico from Adam in the Battle Rounds, so she felt like she definitely had something to prove to show Christina why she stole her. Alessandra sang, "Take a Bow," because she said she could just feel the emotion in the music. Christina said, "I just want to hear that passion in your voice." Yet again, Christina's girl delivered a passionate performance. After her, The Voice's resident male heart-throb, Dez Duron, sang "Stuck on You" by Lionel Ritchie. "It's more about connecting with the song and making people feel something," Dez said. Christina noticed he had some breathing issues, which he would have to really work on. And his hard work showed. His voice was just pure. And it was very evident that all the girls in the audience were falling in love with him as he sang. This knock-out was just unfair, because both of these people were incredibly good and charismatic, that to see either of them go would just be heartbreaking. None of the judges envied Christina's task of deciding between these two. With much deliberation, she made her final decision, "Dez, your runs that start up here and go all the way down are so accurate, and that's really hard to do. This one I'm really torn about, actually. Moving forward, on my team I gotta go with Dez." You could just hear all the girls out in the audience heave a sigh of relief as this ridiculously attractive guy with a beautiful voice left the stage, preparing to return next week on the live rounds.

Christina's one-name singers, Chevonne and De'Borah faced off following what Blake called "the battle of the heart-throbs." Chevonne chose to sing "Dancing with Myself" in celebration of her surviving the Battle Rounds. Christina saw this as a challenge for Chevonne, "She's definitely got her work cut out for her." This wild-card singer just had fun on that stage, went crazy, danced around, and gave it everything. In contrast, De'Borah sang, "You Found Me" by The Fray. "The biggest challenge in the song is to not hit the sky," De'Borah said before getting very into it this performance. When it came time to knock someone out, Christina said, "You guys are natural performers. Chevonne, you're not afraid to go to that ledge and just jump off. De'Borah, you controlled it, and I think you rehearsed finding your parts and sticking with it. I have to move on with De'Borah."

Christina's last duo was Aquile and Sylvia Yacoub, who respecitvely selected a Bruno Mars hit, "Grenade," and took a huge risk by singing a Christina's own "Fighter." Christina said, "Aquile's song choice is full of emotion, and he needs us to feel the passion. Get a little Michael Jackson on it." He got very into it, and did his best to get his Michael Jackson on. Sylvia admitted, "It was definitely nerve-wracking going up and singing 'Fighter' in front of her." But one advantage was that her coach could identify with the difficulty of the song, "'Fighter' is an intense song to sing live. She runs the risk of blowing her pipes." When commenting on their performances, CeeLo channeled his inner Randy Jackson and naturally addressed the performers as, "Dog," much to everyone's amusement. But Christina had to make the final judgment for real, "These were very ambitious songs to sing. Aquile, you were asking for a challenge. You did a great job. Sylvia, I know that 'Fighter' is very hard to sing live, but man, when you got down on that knee, it was a hard thing to execute live. It's very difficult; I have to go with Sylvia on this one."

After Christina's team was complete, Team Blake Shelton's performers took the stage for the last hour of the show. Gracia Harrison competed against fellow country singer Liz Davis. Gracia took a big risk and strayed from her country roots singing, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. This worried Blake, and he guided her, "Keep a good grip on your pitch. Be sure you hit it with as much power as you can." Liz Davis also took a risk by singing a Miranda Lambert hit, "Gunpowder and Lead." Blake coached her, saying, "Make sure you're singing those lyrics with a punch. Liz has big shoes to fill. I'll have my expectations pretty high." Both of these girls left their mark on these songs and took advantage of the risk they took. Blake seemed a little disappointed, "It's confusing to know the Gracia who auditioned. I'm a little confused by the song choice. Liz, it seems like you have a better grasp on who you are as an artist. No doubt about it. I gotta go with Liz Davis."

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