VIDEO: THE CHILDREN NEXT DOOR Documentary to Be Screened at Denver Film Festival

THE CHILDREN NEXT DOOR, a documentary short about domestic violence as seen through the eyes of a child, will be screened at the Starz Denver Film Festival on November 4th at 1:30 P.M. Get a first look below.

The Starz Denver Film Festival, well known for promoting film as both an art form and a civic forum, is also hosting a panel session on Childhood Domestic Violence, a largely unaddressed social issue that affects 40 million American adults and five million children each year. This documentary is the first of its kind, as it recounts the fear and pain of domestic violence through the eyes of a child. The film was sponsored by Children of Domestic Violence, a nonprofit organization focused on building awareness and helping those who experience domestic violence as children reach their full potential and break the cycle of violence.

The Children Next Door takes us on a young family’s journey to discover the solution to end a reoccurring cycle of violence and the truth that lies beneath. Raised in Tennessee households fraught with domestic violence, Penny and Brad vowed when they fell in love to end the cycle. A ten-year marriage plagued by waves of mounting violence, all in front of their four children, culminated on one horrific day. The film opens five and a half years later, as the family continues to struggle with the impact of the violence that shaped their lives. Within three short months, an astonishing turn of events forces Chelsea, the oldest child, and her mother to confront some tough truths about the past. In facing them, Chelsea begins to find an inner strength and see her true potential. The documentary has been selected for several prominent film festivals including The Hamptons International Film Festival and DOC NYC. View the trailer here.

Childhood domestic violence is domestic violence that takes place when children are present.UNICEF calls it, “one of the most damaging unaddressed human rights violations in the world today.” 40 million U.S. adults experienced childhood domestic violence and the five million children who experience it each year are three times more likely to repeat what they learned as adults. More than half of all children who experience domestic violence are being raised by a parent who was a child of domestic violence.

VIDEO: THE CHILDREN NEXT DOOR Documentary to Be Screened at Denver Film Festival

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