VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Visits NBC's MEET THE PRESS

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Funnyman Stephen Colbert visited NBC's MEET THE PRESS with Host David Gregory yesterday. The Comedy Central star explained "satire is parody with a point, and if I was doing satire and didn’t have a point of view, then that would be truly, like, schizophrenic. That would be, like, trying to establish patterns that aren’t really there." He went on to say, "I always have a point of view. I care about the news. … I do not imagine that I’m a newsman. I really admire newsmen. I really enjoy good news. And I’m not a politician. But I like playing political games to see what really happens in them. Like, that’s why I formed a Super PAC or that’s why I ran for president or formed an exploratory committee." Check out the interview below!

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Visits NBC's MEET THE PRESS

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