VIDEO: State Sen Creigh Deeds Discusses Son's Mental Illness on CBS


Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds discussed his son's mental illness and death, and vowed to improve mental healthcare in the U.S., in an interview with CBS This Morning (7:00-9:00AM) that was broadcast live, today, January 27, 2014 on the CBS Television Network. Watch the appearance in full below

"There's a lack of information, there's a lack of communications, and frankly my concern is that because there's such a stigma attached to mental health, there's a lack of overall awareness," Deeds told Co-Hosts Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell. "There's an inequity in the way that we treat people with mental illness."

Deeds' son battled mental health issues before attacking Deeds and then later committing suicide. Deeds told CBS This Morning that while he's experienced "unbelievable support" for his family and his cause from across the country, "Legislators are at this point still talking the talk."

Even so, he added, "But I'm confident that we're going to work through this and we're going to get the votes to get this done."

Excerpts of the interview are below.

CHARLIE ROSE: Tell us what the likelihood is that because of what happened, the loss of your son and this incident, that it will change. That people will be able to have time to find a bed, so this kind of thing will not happen again.

SEN. CREIGH DEEDS: For too long, we've been shoving problems with respect to the mentally ill under the table. We need to take a good long look at fundamental changes in our system of care. I've introduced legislation this year to allow more time in an emergency situation to evaluate people, to make sure the hospital registry is on board, and to create in Virginia a study to take a look at both short term care, emergency situations, and long term care.

VIDEO: State Sen Creigh Deeds Discusses Son's Mental Illness on CBS

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