VIDEO: Sneak Peek - 'Surrender' Episode of ABC's REVENGE

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On the next episode of ABC's REVENGE titled "Surrender", Victoria finds out about Emily's pregnancy. The episode airs Sunday, December 8th at 9/8c on ABC. Get a sneak peek below!

When Emily Thorne (Emily Vancamp) was the newest arrival in the Hamptons, she was, by all appearances, a sophisticated and friendly "girl next door." But the exclusive world in which she has immersed herself is tied to a dark family history and Emily is anything but what she seems. After her father was framed for a horrific crime by people he trusted and sentenced to a life in prison, Emily never saw him again. Having spent her childhood consumed by rage, loss and betrayal, Emily has returned to the Hamptons under an assumed identity with one endgame - REVENGE - and her every social overture has been carefully planned to chip at the foundation of her sworn enemies until their lives come crashing down around them. Now she must face the consequences of her actions and the havoc she has wreaked on those around her while she continues to avenge her father's death.

"Revenge" stars Emily Vancamp ("Brothers & Sisters," "Everwood") as Emily Thorne, Madeleine Stowe ("We Were Soldiers," "The Last of the Mohicans") as Victoria Grayson, Henry Czerny ("Mission: Impossible," "Clear and Present Danger") as Conrad Grayson, Josh Bowman ("Prowl") as Daniel Grayson, Nick Wechsler ("Roswell") as Jack Porter, Gabriel Mann ("The Bourne Identity") as Nolan Ross, Christa B. Allen ("13 Going on 30") as Charlotte Clarke and Barry Sloane as Aiden Mathis.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - 'Surrender' Episode of ABC's REVENGE

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